“Their Messaging Is More Attractive!” – Could Islam Ever Take Over The World?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick discuss if Islam could take over the world.

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Tate became the most viral person on the Internet him and I were speaking when he Got out of jail and you know they're now On house arrest and we're having a Conversation about some of the things That's going on uh he went from evolve From being a guy that was an atheist as A young guy coming up okay then he Started seeing what the Christian you Know Christian denomination was doing And what they stood for said these are Interesting principles kind of welcomed It then he partially lost respect in the Christian religion the denomination that Started compromising and saying yeah We'll accept this we'll accept that We'll accept this what about this and Then he says the only religion that Seems to not break when it comes down to Their values as Muslim and then he went And became a Muslim and that's what he Supports now that may be extreme to you But the part that when I talked to a lot Of the youngins who are following him And following what he's saying that Argument is a good argument to say if You are going to to be conservative if You are going to be a Christian well Your church is starting to say yeah it's Okay Pope it's okay you can come in as Long as you bring money you can come and You can come in versus the Muslims Saying hey you can't so what what do you Say to the criticism the West is getting

By a lot of people saying the West is no Longer what it once was and it's past The Tipping Point meaning there's no Longer a saving of the West what do you Say the first part you're probably right I mean we're in a complete terminal Decline And it's hard to disagree with that a Moral decline economic decline Financial Decline fiscal decline I don't think We're past the Tipping Point to the Andrew Tate part I think that's a bad Reason to convert to Islam I don't think There's a good reason to convert to Islam but because there's plenty of Uncompromising Christian churches but Generally yes it is true that a lot of Christian denominations are becoming More like the world than not following The word happy to talk more about that If you want but that that is the Question is where is the West and you Kind of gotta have to take a pulse There's plenty of reasons for optimism I'm seeing a kind of renewed sense of Patriotism and certain sex I'm seeing What we're doing at Turning Point USA I'm seeing parents get more involved in School boards at the same time we're Living through what Nietzsche predicted In the 1860s 1870s and 1880s where he Did not Proclaim it but he stated God is Dead and the next and again that's it's Misquoted because people think he was

Celebrating the death of God he was not But he he was saying is that hey you in The west if you are going to replace god With consumerism and the Industrial Revolution and Hyper individualism be Careful what's going to take its place And we're kind of living through the Kind of mixture of synthetic worldviews That take its place when Christianity or A cogent Western morality uh Deteriorates so what do I say to the Compromising Christians well stop Compromising and then I I wouldn't also Necessarily say that Islam is attractive As a substitute of that but I'm happy to Explore that it's not about it's not About the substitute of that because They uh there's some stats we looked at A couple months ago on a podcast we had This guy that was talking about how deep You know underpopulation is the problem Not overpopulation how the world can Handle and you know and then we looked Up the numbers on the podcast and we saw I'm going to be wrong by a couple Percentage points but pretty close Within a couple percent out of a hundred People that are born in the world 33 Were Christians 31 were Muslims but out Of a hundred people that die in the World 32 were Christians only 10 were Muslims Which means the young you know Muslims Are having more kids and they're a lot

Younger which means by 2035 the world Will be led by Muslims having more Muslims in the world than Christians and Why do you think that message because a Lot of times you see that message and All you think about is well the first Thing we think about is also Muslim Extremists I mean every Muslim is a Muslim extremist which is not it's a Smaller sect of the majority but if if The if the messaging what are they doing That they're messaging is more Attractive for NBA players football Players Hollywood some people are Starting to say well I'm kind of going To lean towards this then Christianity Today I don't think we have to speculate I don't know if you have Cassius Clay up There which was his name before Muhammad Ali yes or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Sunday up There yeah the idea of Is that right I didn't know that Tyson What Tyson yeah the idea especially Black men being drawn to the Muslim Faith is not new because it really does It's Unapologetic in the patriarchy Right so in a hyper feminist World it Seems attractive and again I mean Malcolm X wrote extensively about this I I mean I don't subscribe to a lot of the Appeal of it because Islam is not true In my world view but that's we could Discuss that I don't think it's actually Useful of our time today but you're

You're hitting on something really Important Patrick in a world that has Gone mad in chaos people you're in for Order Now you could be too far in the order Direction which I think Islam goes too Far I do not want to live in a Theocratic fascist country I like have Freedom of speech I like having dialogue I like private property rights I like Entrepreneurship that's why I think the West is the best because you balance Order with spontaneity and Unpredictability if you just want order You can live in Saudi Arabia but that's Not a free Society And but I think the West has gone way Too far away from having order as a Bedrock principle what the founders Tried to establish in the Constitution Especially because of the world that They built it in is how do we have Liberty but also we have the rootedness Of Eternal wisdom so that Liberty does Not become licentiousness And that's exactly what we're living Through is that it's no longer the Pursuit of what is good it's the pursuit Of what makes me feel good and those are Two different things so people like Tate Or people previously in the 60s or 70s I Mean you could list a lot of people that Convert to Islam because it's very Attractive because the strong man

Archetype is not just president Islam it Is demanded in Islam that the man is the Not just the head of the home the head Of the society and so it's very Attractive in a world that's gone mad I Think that's the wrong answer to be just To be clear but I can understand why Certain people would be gravitated Towards so who who would you say today Is the most famous Non-pastor Christian in the world that's Getting others to say I also want to be A Christian I don't mean Joel Osteen I Don't mean if you go to some of the big Pastors that we have I'm not talking About that I'm talking about a guy That's in Hollywood that's in the NBA That's in the MLB that's in music who Are some of the biggest ones that are Converting that are converting I mean I Maybe Tim Tebow but he's not exactly as Successful but you're pinpointing Something really powerful here which I Totally agree with first of all if you Find I mean Justin Bieber is not exactly Someone I would consider theologically Sound right but at least he says good Things about Jesus but the Christian World is lacking in the cultural figures That embrace the world view whereas in The 50s or 60s you had John Wayne You had every major act not every but You had Joe DiMaggio you had before that Babe Ruth that were outspoken Christians

And now you look in the world it's Either secularism or just kind of as Agnosticism and any Christian celebrity That might be outspoken they have to Always preface it with social liberalism I would say maybe Mark Wahlberg he's Done a person who's gonna say Wahlberg You saw what he did on I think that's Beautiful what he's done with it you Know the Catholic faith move to Nevada Explain why he moved out of L.A to go to Nevada with his family and he's thinking About turning Vegas into the next Hollywood he even just caught some heat Of course he did he's just doing this Wednesday they say he's a gay hater or Whatever but but that but this is Exactly where I'm going with this yeah So where I'm going with this is the Following is so uh so that image right There whereas a lot of people who are uh Um Christians will go and they'll go in a Community that's safe and they'll talk To one another where it's a safe place Whereas Muslims will go out there and They'll baptize and they'll convert Where you know if you if you look at the Two and you'll say well one is staying Quiet about it the other one's being Bold about it one is advertising why he Is the other one is not but at the same Time the media will defend Muslim but The media will not defend Christianity

The the sports teams will say Hey you Have to be a little bit more Understanding about the Muslim religion About Christianity they can get shots so How did that happen the evolution of Where Christianity went hey the Judeo-christian the Christian great Nation America look at the values and Principles that we have where did the Fall happen boy that that's a powerful Question it's hard to pinpoint a certain Year but they're certainly an era in the 60s or 70s these revolutionaries took Control of a lot of Institutions and the Zeitgeists the spirit of the times got Perverted and changed I encourage anybody to find me a Netflix Amazon or Hulu documentary or film in The last 10 years that portrays someone That is a Christian in a positive light And in fact this was pinpointed recently I can't remember who an actor came out Um and he said hey guys why is it the Pastor always has to be like the abuser Or the embezzler or the and you think About the archetype right the archetype Is if you see a Bible in an Amazon film You almost can assure that that person Is going to be a villain or at the very Least a hypocrite rarely is that the Person that is going to be acting Ethically acting morally and that's a Complete change and it's done rather Subversibly right in our in our culture

And so but here's the thing kind of the Post post 60s world view the moral view That came in in the post 60s and it Didn't really set in until now it took 60 years is hyper individualism and I'm All for entrepreneurship and for people To succeed but you must balance that you Must counterbalance it with Duty and Obligations if it's all about just the Pursuit of your own pleasures and your Own Delights you will be not just empty I think you're going to be miserable and So we build an entire Society I think on This very dangerous moral pretext and we Wonder why we have the most depressed Suicidal anxious generation in history I I totally sympathize with every Accusation of American Christianity that You could imagine they could be Hypocritical their churches are too big They don't give enough to the poor I Think some of that is a little silly but It is a fact that as we have turned our Back on American Christianity with the Roots of it that we are less free we are More confused and we are filling it with These other fake religions that we could Talk about the religion of anti-racism The religion of scientism right even Earth worship at times which is hyper You know global warming yeah Environmentalism and so there's a great Book by Tom Holland he calls it Dominion It's not a great title but he it Holland

With an e but yeah it's how the how Christians remade uh revolutionize the World I encourage everyone to read it And he's actually a secular agnostic who Argues that what we consider to be Common sense what we consider to be Normal is a traditional inheritance from The Christian History and you might not like Christianity you might not believe Jesus Is the king of the world I do but you Should at least accept that if you Remove Christianity as the Bedrock of Your civilization be careful what you Fill it with because currently we're Filling it with garbage yeah so so a Couple things based on what you just Said one I I saw Andrew Schultz the Other day you know Andrew Schultz the Comedian I don't know if you're familiar With Andrew Schultz yeah he's he's to me I think he's one of the most talented Comedians I can watch his Clips on Replay and the guy makes me laugh over And over again there's only a couple Guys that make me do that I've probably Seen this club you know who he is he's He's incredible he said the other day he Went to church yeah he's great and he Says he went to church the other day he Says in the first three minutes of being In church he started crying this isn't That's not his brand at all Andrew Schultz's brand is not to this was an

Attack no this was not a joke he was Being serious about it right now if you Go to the Justin Bieber story and we can Go to to Hillsdale you know not Hillsdale but uh Hillsong and all that Stuff Australia yeah I saw a lot of it Yeah so a lot of that the challenge then Becomes also to say sometimes the you Know it's overly judgmental on who's Going to be the Christian to help bring The brand and you know bring others Towards it there's a challenge with that As well but you know for me I saw Wall Street journal's article recently came Out with values I'm sure you saw that as Well yeah the collapse of the American Values patriotism that's right Involvement having children and going to Church have just descended in meaning But money is uh money is up yeah and That's that hyper individualism that's What you were talking about and again I Am a capitalist I think that markets Work but they must be in harmony with Other duties that make the money meaning Meaningful otherwise it's just nothing More than pleasure or things that will Erode in dust so it must Point towards Something you must aim high that was the Western ideal right and that's why the Declaration is such a beautiful document It mentions God four times and in fact Fact in the end of The Declaration it's Basically a prayer we don't teach this

To our kids it's an appeal it says we Appeal to the Supreme judge of the world And they're pointing High to something Larger than themselves it's very Platonic to use a phrase that was Earlier that there's things that we Can't quite feel that cannot be looked At in a you know cannot be looked at in A microscope but we know they're real we Know love we know Justice we know Mercy We know kindness we know compassion is Real and in fact we need to build a Society around that with the Post-modernists and the Post-structuralists have done post 1960s Is they basically say if it's not Material if you can't see it and cause An effect it's not real And that's that's a that's a tragedy to Believe and so yes the the byproduct to That is so you have two things happening At once America pulls back from its Values that wants to find can you go to The uh it's very powerful but then the They kind of buried the lead in fact They didn't incorporate it which I just Want to reiterate it is a fact that we Are the most depressed most suicidal Most anxious most medicated most alcohol Addicted in history now you might say Well Charlie that's causation and Correlation hard to say that they aren't Connected hard to say that if patriotism Religion Community involvement having

Kids collapses and all the negative Indicators Skyrocket that there isn't Some sort of relationship there what Tom What do you think needs to happen for uh Uh a man to get on his knees and say I Need God what do you think needs to Happen for that to take place to a Nation great crisis builds great Response in the heart of any man after 9 11 you saw the unification of America in An amazing way because whenever you have A great crisis you you will inherently Point back to a great tenet or a great Truth and what happened on 9 11 the Great truth was Nobody messes with the Greatest country in the world and I'm Part of that and I'm proud to be part of That and I'm coming together with my Neighbors and I'm upset about this and I'm healing together and I'm mourning Together and I'm angry together together The word together keeps coming and age Of moral relativism as we see here Everybody's truth is okay so starting in 1968 69 if you were to study that there Were about four things that came Together that make it very Understandable for a crack in the heart Of the populace in the population one is You know you have the death of Bobby Kennedy the death of Martin Luther King You've Got The Summer of Love you've got The senseless these people that believe The senseless sending to war of

Um of our young men if you if you didn't Get into college you're going to war Tough you know if you manage to get into College oh so if your family could get You into college you don't have to go to War well you know talk to algor and W About that they both took advantage of That privilege to stay out of the war And there was this crack that happened There you had the loss of these leaders You had the also the loss of faith in The in the in the Elders of the time Because what was happening there and the Great Summer of Love where everybody Thought well then all your truths will Be okay that was well intended but what Happened in the middle of that is if Everybody's truth is okay pbd then There's no one ruler for standard for Morals there's no one ruler for Standards of what is patriotism what is Faith in America or what is good or what Do we do for our community and suddenly Everybody's truth is okay and you can't Judge me becomes the the boomerang that Comes back the unintended consequences Is you lose control of the whole thing And so I think great crisis is needed What will bring America back together And unfortunately great crises are Usually very painful in their own right Can I say of course that was really Beautifully put I'm you I didn't even Think about the college enrollment draft

Thing prior the issue though Patrick is That if you have moral chaos tyranny Comes next and there's a totalitarian Impulse that is running through our Country we call it identity politics Political correctness is that the the The the answer to this will not be more Freedom or more Liberty in the short Term it's that it's going we're going to Need instruments of meaning so then We're going to need somebody to tell you What to do which is one of the reasons Why I think this covidian fascism was Accepted by so many Americans for so Long and so you get strong leaders quote Unquote strong leaders if the moral Fiber of your country decays if I can Just add to that I I believe everything you're saying is Accurate I also think that there's sort Of a messaging problem because You talked about the Joel Osteen's of The world or even the Mark Wahlberg's of The world Who do you think is more likely to Convert the everyday person to love America and to fear God again Joel Osteen or a Mark Wahlberg type I would Argue that you need this in the pop Culture Zeitgeist it's not going to take A religious leader or some sort of Apostle that's going to convert everyday Americans and start loving Americans Again or go to church more often it's

Not going to be a religious leader you See the fastest growing religion in America these days is atheism and Agnosticism right non-denominational or Just non-believer yes Um so we need to kind of like what You're saying we need to make loving America again and American values and Judeo Christian values pop culture and Cool again and until that's done I think We're going to have the same Conversation for years and years ago my Argument is that the American founding Is the great rallying point I think that It's so beautiful it's so exceptional It's so rare in human history and it Also I think people yearn to actually Love the place they live in I know That's an unusual thing to say I think People actually want an excuse to love America and so I think the promise of The founding can be that great unifying That you could disagree on tax policy Disagreeing immigration but let's at Least agree that these Founders were Onto something very big bold and Beautiful and we're recipients from and Then understand what that is we got a Real conversation about that if I can Give you one thing for that if that's The answer which it might okay which it Is so you remember the movie The Patriot Yeah Mel Gibson by the way is a Christian that would you put it okay I

Mean talk about what happened to him After passion to the Christ yeah well He's doing number two now yeah but that Movie I don't know if that uh preceded Passion of the Christ and Braveheart are You kidding me yeah but that guy made Loving America and fighting for America Cool and in the pop culture so it's Gonna take something like that kind of What I was saying in the pop culture to Make Young Americans 16 is not proud to Be American you're not going to get him To start loving America by saying hey Read the Declaration of Independence Buddy I acknowledge that yeah I'm not Even trust me try to get them to read The the preamble to the Constitutions Let alone the first paragraph of one of The course human events that comes Necessary when people dissolve the Political bans that have time to another To get them to even read that like what Does that even mean I'm talking about The Eternal compelling truth behind it Right that maybe and if not then we're a Lot farther gone than I would like to Believe but I totally agree I mean Tom Cruise's top gun Maverick praise God That that was the number one movie in The last year and a half yeah I think That is evidence in my favor that people Enjoyed kind of the pro Americana Vibe Right the kind of you know we're gonna Go up against the bad guys there was no

Bad guy who named the bad guy no that's What it was interesting there was no Country they didn't identify it almost It was just about America intentionally Abstract almost right and it was about Rallying behind a team and it really Didn't Pander that much to Identity Politics I mean it was a little bit Throughout but it was largely a movie That could have been made in the 80s or 90s which is why it was so successful You know you know you know what I think Needs to happen this is my ideas okay on This first of all for me uh uh the enemy If you study enemy how it did whatever It did it always divided if I if a if a Person today we're having a meeting Upstairs we're having a managers meeting And I said the biggest challenge in a in A marriage who's the biggest enemy in a Marriage the biggest enemy is when the Spouse becomes the marriage it's always Better to have an external enemy than an Internal enemy the worst type of enemy Is the internal enemy we have internal Enemies right now and the way they're Doing it is they they're going they're So brilliant dark but brilliant they're Going straight to the top of influence And they're crippling them Straight to the top but did you see what He did but did you see what she did but Your parents they don't know what They're doing your parents don't care

About you if your parents came out they Would probably judge you you know what This is how we are we are a little bit More desperate so they're dividing to The point of influence okay whatever the Influence is now Mel Gibson may be a guy Who I can watch all day his movies I Think is fantastic I think it's funny he Can do funny I think he can do you know Drama he can do anything put him Anywhere he's going to do great right But I think you need to get somebody Like the face of the NBA the face of the NFL the face of Hollywood like it needs To be a rock type it needs to be a Michael type a LeBron type A Brady type A person like that that's willing to Talk so if they're gonna work that way To come and take the influence from the Top you got to go get some of the guys At the top so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign

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