There’s No Such Thing As A Zero Sum Game 🎲 #shorts

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In reality there's no such thing as an Actual zero-sum game if we play a game Of chess yes technically one of us will Win one will lose but in practicality We'll both get better at chess maybe We'll become better friends maybe we'll Actually hate each other have a big Argument so there's always externalities Even to these zero-sum games that we Might play it's I think an error to not Truly Factor those in we can expand the Definition of games as well like Technically any kind of interaction that You do you could consider it as a game You know so if you are a Trader Technically you're playing the trading Game if you're a scientist you're Playing the science game certainly some Industries are more like inclined to be Positive some or negative some but it's Important that we sort of just take a Step back and really ask ourselves Whether the career path we are choosing Is actually going to benefit the world Are we just optimizing for what's the Short-term win game for us

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