These 3 Things Will Make You Better At Sales #shorts

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The values of rise at 7 is actually Built off sales and even a dirtier story Which is funny so if you've seen wolf or Wall Street you know Jordan Belfort well He listed three traits of a good Salesperson sharp as attack enthusiastic As hell an expert in their field you Have to take all three boxes to be able To be a good salesperson and that's how I sell I need to be sharp and sharp is Basically know the room know what their Problems are and read the room as fast As possible so that's the first one Enthusiasm is be passionate about what You're talking about you're not going to Sell anything if you don't look that Bothered about it and then expert in Your field look like an expert you don't Need to be an expert at everything but You need to want to be an expert be Curious ask questions or at least show That you're an expert or could be an Expert in some sort of way and they're The three traits of a good salesperson

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