“They Are Idiots!” – Mark Cuban SLAMS People Who Say College Is Not Important

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A lot of people that Say forget about school you know drop Out of school so you think they're ready Tell me why if you're going to have them Run a business if you don't understand Accounting you're already behind the Eight ball can't you hire a guy that's That knows but then they still have to Communicate to you right I mean there's People that don't understand the the Concept of you know the difference Between profits and cash you know oh Your account might tell you you're Profitable but your cash is going down You know not understanding Um a breakdown and and when you don't You think you need college to learn that Yeah I think you do right because it may Not for some people look if you're so Self-motivated that you can take an Online course in accounting and teach Yourself everything you're way ahead of The game anyways but most people aren't Foreign

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