“They Are Lying To You!” – Peter Navarro SLAMS Fox For Trying To Destroy Tucker Carlson

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Peter Navarro, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Fox trying to destroy Tucker Carlson.

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What are your thoughts one with what's Going on at Fox And as well as any thoughts you may have With Tucker not not related to Abby just Tucker himself Well again a little breaking news for Your show Um In terms of my cancellation with Tucker I was on Tucker every once in a while he Had you know but Um he had scheduled me twice To come down to his Florida Fox Nation Studio to do the hour-long special got a Lot kind of like this and both times Those got canceled And at the time I I was I was wondering whether it was part of The broader cancellation of fox But now I'm sure that so I'm kind of Wondering How he let that happen in some sense I Mean I got pulled on my way to the the Video truck from Janine's show twice so So I think Tucker I I know I think Tucker was was really pissed off At the restraints that Fox was trying to Put on him and I think That probably led him to to even fight Harder for what he wanted to say which Which kind of escalated the whole thing But but look Fox I think Fox will be just more than happy To let Fox News kind of fade sorta into

The sunset they'll have like a steady Thing cable TV is I mean this is the Future right here right it's a streaming Model uh the fox audience demo is is a Is a cable news very old demographically It's like the Chinese population is it's You know it's it's kind of literally Dying off And they'll make all their money off Fox Sports which is a which is a bonanza and Fox Entertainment all the other kind of Stuff they do but the politics of Fox News is quite quite simple you have Um the never Trump traditional Rhino Republican and name only Wing in control Of the network right now with the help Of Lachlan and James Murdock who are Effectively Democrats Roger Ailes is gone so he no longer Pleases that And fox Is never Trump and and adopts that Persona strictly for business purposes That's where the money is that's where The the Wall Street globalist money Uh the Pfizer money that runs all the Big farmer ads and they just as soon Have Trump Go away so they stop televising his Rallies they don't have him on very Often surrogates like me Rudy Mike Flynn Don Jr you know it's like we're we're Persona non grotta Laura Trump left There and I think it's important you

Know like I urge people now to cut the Cord there's there's a frequent guest Host and on Steve bannon's War Room Pandemic uh there's there's Newsmax Which is just up the road from here There's the one America News Network Um and then there's just a wealth of Podcasts out there that uh you know the The the real America's voice which is The one bannon's on also has like the Young Generation Charlie Kirk John Solomon Um at six with kind of the inside scoop So my point is that that don't watch Fox And you they're they're lying to you That they're lying to you until they Change their ways there's no reason to Watch Fox Tucker was pretty much the Only reason why Fox is lying to you oh Yes yeah so so let's define that Identity Look I feel people that are sobriety The whole election issue they they Bullied Hannity and Laura Ingram into Kind of like oh it's like leave it alone Let's look at the net that was the spin That all came from the second floor came From the murdochs Um but the but the LIE look Fox will Still throw red meat on the traditional Issues but at the end of the day they're Not going to tell you the truth about Everything from from communist China the Real truth to the Jan 6 to November 3rd

And any of that they're just not and and You know the Karl roves I mean you look At Karl Rove right he's like he's like The most powerful person on the air and Paul Ryan the ex-speaker of the house on The board of directors is the most Powerful person at Fox off the air Besides the the Family itself so do you Think do you think do you think Fox and Murdoch's There's a lot of talk they're like oh We're gonna they're gonna silence uh Tucker the next 18 months and they're Going to keep paying them on the Contract and they're not going to Release him because they're worried he's Going to be able to influence the Election a lot so they're going to have To silence him there do you think if Let's just say that that theory is Correct do you think Fox and Murdoch's Are for DeSantis to help anybody but Trump so But is it anybody but Trump yes or is it A liberal then DeSantis then Trump no no It's it's anybody about Trump DeSantis look Maga right at the first and foremost What Maga is is the strong American Manufacturer base achieved by being Savvy and tough in the international Global trading Arena DeSantis has no Experience in that so he's and he's Getting a lot of big money from from The

Steve schwartzman's the Larry Finks of This world who own Wall Street and all The hedge fund money who make all their Money from that so it's anybody But Trump and and that's that's the way The coverage is going to go I mean I Look at uh I look at for example Um uh the Sunday show on Fox you know They have ASA Hutchinson on these are Guys like Poland at less than one Percent they give them a platform but But to your point uh about Tucker you Know what's their strategy I I was on Eric bowling last night bowling is a Former Fox Alum who got the same Treatment Tucker's getting you know he Pushed him out the door and then the Next thing you know they're leaking all Sorts of to try to but pardon me There the reputation stuff and here's Here's the strategy with Tucker it's Very simple what they're going to do With Tucker they're going to keep him on The payroll For a for a while until a couple of Things happen one is that he signs the Non-disclosure agreement So he won't be dumping on Fox when he Leaves okay that's one of the things They'd like to get and in the meantime They're going to use the leak machine to Degrade his brand so that his his Options will be less whatever they are Now they'll be less by the time it gets

Out and if you don't believe me just Look at the Lou Dobbs model that's what They did with Lou Lou was the Tucker of Fox Business okay he was the guy with The highest ratings on Fox Business Tucker's eyes guy with the highest rate In Fox News what they did with Lou now He was a sacrificial lamb they fired him They kept him on the payroll I think it Was for over a year And now he's you know he's doing a Podcast and he you know he's I love Lou But he's you know struggling to stay in The top 100. they degraded his brand and So that's the strategy and and the only Issue with Lou Dobbs is what almost 80 Tuckers in his early 50s he's not Talking about right now what he's saying Is what they did to him right after yeah That was a few years ago yeah but it's The same personality he's talking about Contract strategy yeah I get it but Tucker's a fighter whereas Lou Dobbs is A little bit older it's it's going to be Harder to silence someone that's way More mainstream than what was Lou's sin Patriotism yeah I mean Tucker look Tucker's you you write on Tucker is a Bigger bigger performance because you're Talking about his 77 you know Tucker's 53 or 54. yeah we do respect to Lou Dobbs I watched Fox Business all the Time Charles Payne and Neil Cavuto I Think they're great bartiroma Tucker's

Way bigger than Lou dubs no no I'm just Saying yeah What if somebody offers to buy Tucker's Current remaining contract with Fox Release them and selling no they they Did look the big thing is the Non-disclosure okay they don't want Tucker going off and and talking about The inner workings of fox it goes he Goes over to like I don't know Newsmax Or one America's news uh those things Like immediately they their whole Viewership jumps dramatically real America's voice brings him in I mean They don't They have to They have to shut him down they have to Keep him quiet you know that's what they Do if you look at what they did with Megyn Kelly whoever it's like they get Them they force them to sign Non-disclosure deals and they leak That's the big thing they're leaking all Sorts of stuff right now to kind of make Tucker a little certain comments look Like a story you know whatever yeah they Do the same thing that Trump gets he's a Misogynist he's a racist he's a this he Said that you can't believe any of that Correct there's a Playbook here as well Yeah there's a Playbook and they're Following the Playbook it's just Business and it's scurrilous business It's Business Without ethics or morals

And that's why I say the people who Watch Fox News Cannot trust Fox news to tell them the Truth Well isn't that politics in general Business Without morals and ethics That's just I mean that's probably yeah But when did politics become the same Principles for journalism okay well the Last time I looked it's called Fox News It's not called Fox propaganda although It should be well right yeah well we can Have a whole two-hour podcast about that I got two chapters in the in the uh Taking back Trump's America book on the Uh the Fall From Grace of the fourth Estate but you know I mean I it's like We're Ari Fleischer I wrote a whole book About that he was here a handful of Months ago and said exactly that yes and And I mentioned Ari in my taking back Trump's America book because one of the Problems we had early on was we lost the Guy who would have been a good press Secretary and Jason Miller to his own Kind of personal troubles and then we Had a succession of people that never Met the standard of of the Airy flashes Of this world or Pierre salinger's Um or you know some of those uh really Good press secretaries who could handle The media we we just got handled but That's another story

I don't know we're gonna see what's Gonna happen there I mean obviously you Know there is a massive need for Something right now and if they're not Going to release the guy because they're Trying to hurt him the next 18 months And Spread all these rumors the text the White man you saw what they said about You know Tucker's exchange was that how White men fight and all this other stuff I I don't know if it's gonna work and I Think it could potentially also backfire On them but we will see we're gonna see What's gonna happen so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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