“They are Using Fear Tactics!” – Is Climate Change The Next COVID-19 Scare Tactic

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bjorn Lomborg, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick discuss if climate change is the next COVID-19 scare tactic.

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Numax analysis reveals 300 000 excess U.S debts 147 billion dollars in Damages We are living in one of the most Revealing years of our lifetime Particularly when it comes down to Glorious life-savings covid-19 vaccine But just how life-saving is it or was it Time Reveals All as research Continuously points to the vaccines and Effectiveness especially how it was Initially sold to Americans recent data Keeps exposing its uh fallacies and Fatality according to researchers behind A new analysis by human projects a wing Of portugal-based research from Finance Technologies and the us9 covid-19 Vaccines injured 26.6 million people Disabled 1.36 million people and cost 300 000 excess debts the economic cost Of Damages resulted 147 billion dollars In 2022 alone researchers behind vaccine Damage projects said they ought to Estimate the human costs including That's cause or haste hastened by the Vaccines as well as the impact of the Overall economy of each aspect of the Vaccine damage so if you go a little This is from Edward Dowd we had him on a Couple weeks what is a couple months ago Two months ago a dowed so he shows the Numbers at the top estimated human cost Estimated economic cost injuries 89.9 Billion disabilities 52.2 billion excess Death 5.6 billion but go all the way to

The bottom all the way to the bottom all The way to the bottom all the way to the Right there okay right there on that Tweet right there Pfizer moderna in 2020 to combine Covid-19 vaccine Revenue in the U.S of 11.5 billion dollars so for every one Dollar they made it cost the U.S economy 13 quite the negative social societal Roi largest crime scene in history Multiplied this across the globe numbers Now you have to know that this research Is coming from this organization you Have to go test the research you have to Go do your own due diligence on this to See where it's at but at doubt is also a Data guy he's done very well for himself And he went from being a financial guy To wanting to study all the statistics Wrote a book about it and boom everybody Wants to talk about it and read about it But here's the question I asked this Because We went down this rabbit hole with kovid And we thought oh my God it's going to Be amazing it's going to be great a New York Post story came up that said with The expert covid uh view blown up green Terror must be next okay this just came Up a month ago I'm sure you've seen the Story it is necessary to consider with The arguments of courageous Skeptics Like Bjorn lomberg And others who have long documented the

Disconnects from reality in the climate Change discourse despite the alarm Predictions of climate catastrophes many Of these forecasts have been Consistently Off the Mark for example at The 2021 Glasgow U.N climate Summit John Kerry claimed we have now only nine Years left to stop global warming that's Pathetic to even say something like that This followed Prince now King Charles 2019 claimed that we had only 18 months Left and AOC claimed the same year that We had only 12 years left at least she's More optimistic these predictions Conflict with the 2004 prediction with The British greens that climate change Would destroy all human Civilization by 2020. thank God we're still around Additionally the climate refugees Prediction has Been repeatedly overblown in 2005 the United Nations environment environment Program forecasted that 50 million Climate refugees would be created by 2010 but this massive migration flow Failed to materialize the proposed Solutions such as Banning gas stoves Mandating Teslas and eating mealworms Are non-sensual nonsensical and cater to The emotions of Rich progressives rather Than addressing the actual risk of Climate change so this is the part where The average person is sitting there who Doesn't have all day all night doesn't

Get paid to do research to have a family They have a wife they have kids they Have a husband they have a job they have Responsibilities they have things they Want to do they want to take care of Their health they want to increase their Financial situation in a better place But they're trying to reason and say Okay Mr expert Mrs expert okay Government you're here to help us every Time you do I'm a little bit worried I'm Paranoid why was it that covet that was Supposed to be so beneficial for us for Us to go do all this stuff with vaccines Now everybody's turning around and not Looking good especially the experts if That's the case you ask for all this Money why should we trust you with you Know climate change maybe you're using The same you know method to get money Out of us and use fear tactics to get us To fall for this crap do you see The Credibility why the same people that Don't trust the covet argument now are Having a hard time saying is this the Next thing oh absolutely uh so Patrick I'm again I'm the kind of guy that will Read the UN climate panel report and Actually mostly believe that the climate Scientists are doing good work but some Of their uh policy recommendations are Not very good I would probably do the Same with the covet I'm I'm not I should Just say I'm not a covet expert

Whatsoever but you know I know a lot of These people you know fundamentally I I Probably don't I would tend to not agree With the with the whole idea that Vaccines were a terrible sort of scam But It was very clear that we were being Told in the covet conversation that this Is going to be the end of mankind we Need to do drastic things and one of the DraStic things we did which a lot of People were already skeptical about when We did them was to close our schools we Now know that that was a terribly bad Idea in so many different ways so the World Bank has shown that you know it Basically costs a lot of kids you know a Year or more of their education around The world and this makes kids everywhere Poor uh the World Bank estimate it will Cost the world about 1.4 trillion Dollars per year starting in 2040 Because these kids will now be out in The employment market and they will be Less productive because they just lost The year of schooling around the world This is terrible and we knew back then What that tells you is we need to have a Less biased conversation we need to have An a conversation where it's allowed to Say wait a minute is that a good idea And that was not allowed because we're So panicked in the covet conversation And likewise we seem to be so panicked

In the climate conversation that we Often don't ask the same question so I Absolutely agree with you we need to ask These questions and I think a lot of Experts seem to just jump on this one Solution know the solution no matter What the problem is the solution is Always solar panels and wind turbines no Matter what you ask and that's probably Not correct it's a little part of the Solution but it's not a very large part Of it can I can I challenge something You said respectfully you just said Let's go let's do it unrespected no damn Well with an Arm's Reach of you I'll do It respectfully Um you say let's have a less biased you Know discussion how do you do that when So many of these scientific things Inevitably become political and Political has policy and policies Usually got two sides of the aisle Regardless of the the country you're in Because in in politics I think we can Agree Boogie men get created each side Creates the Boogeyman and then they can Control the outcome which leads to Policies and benefactors in the case of Covid kovid was a boogeyman the control Was masking and Civic controls policies Got put in place for Education the Benefactor and now we turn out billions And billions of dollars went to Pharmaceutical companies and others

That's always where it is how do you Have a less biased discussion on this This is my question for you my challenge To you because you yourself have twice Been part of a good Good not good natured but good logical Attempts to create like the Copenhagen Consensus the Australian consensus and Both of those failed how do we have a Less biased conversation on this I Should just say Copenhagen consensus Hasn't actually failed yet at least Okay so should I say that yes they Didn't come to consensus there's an Awful lot of shouting oh God yes so Anyway you're absolutely right and look I may be a little Um uh Pollyanna yeah well or naive or or Who hopeful I tend to believe that when You work with people who disagree with You a lot it's worthwhile to be polite And it's worthwhile to try to sort of You know engage them in in uh in polite Conversation because it also makes all The people who listen in much more Likely to say oh maybe he has an Argument and and so I I agree with you That that it is hard to get people Especially you know sort of in the very Religious uh environmental movement to Get them to move but I think and and That's back to you Patrick your point of Saying you know most most people have Kids to pick up from school you know

They have other and more important Things to do and and and and so in some Sense it's about convincing them that There is a problem for instance with Climate change but it's not as big as It's been promoted it's not the end of The world it's a problem and many of the Solutions are actually quite expensive And will deliver quite little and having That conversation and having Respectfully I think can help make it More likely that many people are going To say all right I actually I I think That that makes some sense maybe we Should start looking more for where can We get the biggest bang for our buck What can we actually do and that of Course goes back to the whole idea of Saying this is all about research this Is about making sure that we find these Innovations that'll make the world able To to do this at an affordable cost Right because you go back to Al Gore he Created the boogeyman Inconvenient Truth And you will jump to Pat in less than 10 Seconds here but we just read here that The Great Barrier Reef the pictures he Showed was a natural life cycle Happening on one side and there's Actually a monstrous Bloom Simultaneously having on the on the Other side and now the Great Barrier Reef is actually bigger so what what you Know Gore would be accused of not

Accused of but proven rather selective Imagery and editing in building that and Then the polar bears have come back and Everything so it people go oh well you Said this about covid you said this About Inconvenient Truth and you were Wrong and you were wrong and you were Were wrong yeah he won an Oscar for that Correct and now we look back in 2006 won An Oscar for this well let's just say no Opinion we can actually say not the best Scientific indicator right but the point Is but to you you said we understand That I stopped watching the Oscars a Long time ago but I mean this year the Movie that one or do you anyways I don't Even want to get into it it's very weird What things they do there but you know To the average person being an Oscar Award-winning documentary means you kind Of know what you're talking about you Know the whole film created media critic Collective rating Rotten Tomatoes was 51 And 61 for Metacritic if you can go to The article you were just shown a minute Prior to this uh Rob which you had on uh You had a right there says don't forget The helpless Critters uh greens love to Hype up remember the vanishing polar Bear Keystone is Al Gore's moral Panic Masterpiece and inconvenience true turns Out their numbers are up From Two and a half to five times since The 60s allegedly dying Coral of the

Great Barrier Reef now holds more than More Coral than any time since record Keeping began yeah this is where they Lose credibility thus and and they Should uh because they're not telling us The full story now remember again the Polar bears and I've been pointing this Out for quite a while uh we have more Polar bears than we've had since 1960s Uh with much more and this is mostly not Anything to do with climate change but Because we stopped shooting polar bears You know we actually enacted a a global Treaty back in 1976 where we Dramatically reduced the number of polar Bears we shoot which has led happily to The fact that we now have many many more Polar bears and again one of the points I try to emphasize is if you actually Cared about polar bears and if you Wanted to protect them even more Shouldn't we be a little concerned about The fact that we this year and every Year we shoot about 700 polar bears out Of the 26 500 polar bears there are if You want to do something to help polar Bears instead of you know not driving Tomorrow maybe you should enact not Shooting 700 polar bears again this is Not rocket science and if we can stop Having this very very polarized Conversation we can actually get Somewhere with you know smart simple Policies it's interesting who what

You're talking about the agreement on The conservation of polar bears came Into effect in uh May 26 of 1974 in an Effort to protect the species through a Coordinated approach by the five polar Bear range States Soviet what is that Russia Norway Greenland Denmark And U.S and Canada 700 a year twenty six thousand and now Uh now it's what no sorry we used to uh Shoot about 15 14 1500 and then it went Down to 700 guys and remember 700 is is Mostly in Canada because they're uh it's Inuit they're allowed to catch them so It's both caught by into it and it's Also uh sold as a trophy uh hunting and A way to bring in uh money to the uh Local community so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Thank you foreign

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