“They Get Away With LIES!” – Why Leftist Media Will Never Be Held Accountable

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, @TimcastNews, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about why leftist media will never be held accountable.

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Fox is now paying what 787 to a Dominion Whatever the number is that's a big Number the biggest ever 20 their savings Four billion in the bank they're paying 787 there's a lot of different stories Why Tim all of these things that they got Wrong on the left Russia collusion you Know he did this see I mean one after Another after another impeaching them Twice just trying to publicly humiliate Him non-stop right The vaccine comes two days after Election you know everything was timed In such a weird way to want to hurt the Guy if Fox is paying 787 and CNN MSNBC ABC CBS all of these guys kept talking Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia isn't That a case to sue them for fake news And make them do similar thing that Happened with Fox and if yes why don't They do it oh I mean they're so much Better at this than conservatives in the Right if you come out and you make a Statement that is opinion about Donald Trump who's gonna what are you gonna Sue He got time to be Sullivan you're not Going to get anywhere Fox News made statements about a massive Multinational corporation Well a massive multinational corporation Is going to fire back with all of their Resources and they're going to win you Mean Dominion in this opinion right and

Not not to mention I think there's also The smartmatic lawsuit that's happening Right behind them it These these uh these Fox personalities Who who came out and and made these Claims or or pushed them or brought People on it's just It's it's it's a these are these are Fact statements about companies that had Limited basis in reality right Limited In that they'll take a mortal truth They'll stretch it out I think Fox was Interested in fanning the Flames of Their base to to tell the story and it Backfires You get a similar thing with CNN MSNBC But but these people are very clever in How they've how they do it now they've Always done it selectively editing a Video and targeting Donald Trump okay Donald Trump as an individual is gonna Have a lot harder of a Time suing 17 News organizations but here's the best Part Fox has the only news organization or The principal in this organization that Was having these conversations about Dominion puts them in a particularly Weak State there was a story that NBC News wrote about me that was fabricated They then deleted the source from the Article however too late several other Articles copied the story and reposted It creating a circular news reference

Where Hey look man we didn't say it we Reported that news organization a said It you can't sue us Then and they'll say it's a fact Statement it's it is a it you know if I File a lawsuit against them it's going To cost me 100 grand for for just Launching the suit against all these Different organizations 17 of them and Then all they have to do is set your Honor we are simply reporting what the New York Times said it is not our Statement in the New York Times to take Your honor we're simply reporting what Washington Post said and the Washington Post say what NBC said in NBC NBC will Say what the New York Times said Creating a circular Loop of of lies that You're you're it's impossible to fight Against are you using it as a metaphors Basically that's what happened with if Trump tried to do a lawsuit against the Mainstream media they would basically do Exactly what you just said the gist of It it gets more complicated these are uh It it'll it'll come down to uh Individual circumstance I'll give you One example of right now Tucker Carlson What CNN did they're very clever of These people uh Tucker Carlson has that Viral text message where he said this is Not how white men fight the text message Was in its entirety Tucker Carlson

Saying he was watching a video of a guy Being beaten and he found himself Cheering for it until he realized this Horrible thing to think people shouldn't Think these things and that I you know I Don't want to be this CNN did a very clever thing where they Took the first half which sounds very Very horrible put at the top of the Article Filled the rest of the article with Regurgitated facts about Dominion the Lawsuit statements that nobody wants to Reread for the 18th time and then the Conclusion of Tucker's statement at the Bottom I think this might actually be There is this the article so You see the first quote right there in The second paragraph a couple of weeks Ago I was watching of people fighting on The street in Washington you then they Stop it I could taste it they stop the Quote the next up you'll notice the next Several hundred words are just old news Nobody wants to reread you then scroll To the bottom and see the conclusion Look how far down you got it the Conclusion somewhere deep in my brain an Alarm went off isn't good for me the Reason is these news organizations know The percentage to which people will read These articles I believe there's a Possibility this is intentionally Formatted in such a strange way to break

Apart Tucker Carlson's quotes put old News in between so the average person Stops reading and says I already know This and leaves the only impression in Their mind Tucker Carlson cheered Carlson cheered for the death of an Individual This is how the media gets away with Lying but you can't sue them over it Like look what media matter said about Me Tim pool says an evil you know evil People are ruling the world or whatever Yeah if I went to Greta tunberg and said Do you think oil companies are in Control of the world she'd say Absolutely they have politicians do you Think they're evil yes of course they Are okay but you see how they do it [Laughter] Frequently controlling the world They made the media for you they are They are factual but not truthful so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Thank you [Applause] [Music] Foreign

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