“They Lied To The Public!” – Reaction To Tucker Carlson Leaking January 6 Footage

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshan react to Tucker Carlson leaking January 6 footage.

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Tucker Carlson releases exclusive January 6 footage saves politicians Media light about signic cunan shamanan Shaman Tucker Carlson released this Pushed by he says uh in January 6 20 21 Rise that challenges various narratives Pushed by the Democratic control house Select committee on mainstream media the Footage shows Trump's supporters Peacefully touring the building Contradicting the news coverage of January 6 that likened the event of 9 11 And the attacks on Pearl Harbor Capitol Police officers were seen escorting Jacob chansley the Q Anon Shaman around The building without incident Carlson Reported that officers were seen showing Chance Lee Iran even trying to open lock Doors for him the footage also Challenges The Narrative that the events Of January 6 were a deadly Insurrection Officer Brian cisnick was seen walking Normally while guiding Trump supporters Out of the building while wearing a Helmet which contradicts the media Narrative that he died of a hidden jury So this is this now everyone's saying Stuff about Tucker negatively yeah I Mean blowing up I can't believe he said This I can't believe he said that did You get the clip I sent you about what Kevin McCarthy said I don't have it do You have it if you don't have it let me Just send it to you so you have I texted

It to myself if you go to uh let me send This to you you have to see this while We're pulling this up Vinnie why don't You give us your thoughts and then I'll Go to Kevin so and I want to ask Everybody I want to ask you Pat Rob all The you know everybody everybody in chat Uh what was the reason for the January 6th situation and mind you I call it a Situation because it wasn't an Insurrection Insurrection is a violent Uprising against the government or Authority let me explain something Everybody that saw what's happening Especially with Tucker it was none of That all right so and when I asked why Pat why why did the people go to the to The Capitol it's a rhetorical question Why why they go because those people That the election was stolen from them And my question is Pat is that such a Far-fetched idea for them to think that The left would do something like that All right and you know what the answer Is no Pat they've lied the left and the Government they lied about Russia they Lied about covid they lied about Vaccines they lied about Hunter Biden They lied about the Border they lied About China The audacity to be like how how dare you Guys question us it's like bro shut the Shut the hell up and then you have Um Schumer it's left and right Schumer

And Mitch McConnell the alien going hey Fox don't you dare show this and Pat why Not let us see the truth and you know The people that died Pat it was the Ashley Babbitt was one of the ones that Was murdered she was a United States Air Force veteran Air Force veteran unarmed She was shot and murdered by a capital Police that's one and that Brian Sicknick who was wearing a helmet they Said was killed with blunt blunt floors Trauma he had a stroke okay so it wasn't What they tried to say that it was these People were there because you know what They don't believe the government and This is my thing I'm actually not proud But impressed you know what when you Have a problem and you think the Government is effing with you that's What you go to the government you don't Burn down your city you don't kill your Own people you don't burn down Businesses in your town like remember With the riots people are burning down BLM antifa they burn down their own City If you have a problem with authority go To the authority and from what I saw Tom That Shaman was walking around smiling Taking uh selfies talking to people they Had ropes escorting people everywhere And what about working slowly and they Would touch him on the shoulder to say No this way and they would open the door For him he was waiting at doors and

They're like hang on a second open this For you and you're looking at it says Wait a minute because he was wearing That headdress and the fur it they the Media used that as there's a psycho Person this is part of the Insurrection But the truth was yeah he was wearing a Headdress with the fur but he was Walking around it looked like a guided Tour field trip and uh uh Ray Epps who Christy one of our writers in here wrote About a pet she said Insurrection or fed Selection or one of those things uh Everybody thought the guy was the FBI Agent and in court they showed his text You when he told his his nephew he goes I orchestrated the protests at the Capitol he goes I help people get there That's that guy that was wearing the Trump hat and was yelling at people to Go this is when we're gonna go and we're Gonna attack the capital and why isn't That guy in jail if you give four years To the shaman guy that was on a tour of The capital but Ray Epps the guy that Was inciting violence and guess what I Don't trust them so good for them they Should have you know what it shouldn't Have happened on January 6th when they Found out these people with Russian Collusion it was all the hoax with Hitler in the government light that's When they were late y'all you guys Should have gone there a year earlier

Two years earlier and gone and talked so I'm I'm not for violence but I'm For if you have a problem with the Government go talk to the Government don't burn down your own City That's my point Tom thoughts uh I'm just listening to this and I'm Vinnie I thank you for your passion I Mean thank you I was disappointed and Shocked and what came to my mind was They freaking lied to the public about This guy and they railroaded him this Guy is throwing three years four four Actually and apparently he's got uh A couple psychomedical issues you know And real issues and so this guy got Railroaded all the footage that we see Now I understand why all the committee Members didn't want Fox to put this up Because it immediately shows that Capitol Police and the prosecution took This guy and put him in jail because he Looked funny and was walking around with A headdress and it fit the narrative I was incredibly disappointed when I When I saw this yesterday there he is Look he's on a tour where's the Insurrection where is him stop he's Gonna come back yeah and like dude the Guy was on a freaking field trip that Was with roped off and guided around Like yes guess what there were some Hooligans every every time you get Hundreds of people together look at this

Two cops in the call let them go in and They said that security detail in the Orange vest look at that now he's gonna Walk through here look the cop behind Them where's the violence this guy dude You know how many people are in solitary Confinement right now you know how many People are not going to see the light of Day so so let me let me show this can You show me what Chuck Schumer's Reaction was to this it's very different Than what Vinnie said I just texted it To you if you can play Chuck Schumer's Reaction here's Schumer's reaction These lies shall continue tonight Rupert Murdoch who has admitted they Were lies and said he regretted it has a Special obligation To stop Tucker Carlson from going on Tonight now that he's seen how he is Perverted and slime through truth yeah And from letting him go on again and Again and again Not because their views deserve such a Program But because our democracy depends on it Let me guess our democracy depends on Tucker not showing this let me explain Something to you the threat does maybe There's going to be a real Insurrection When the people see what's up Tom here's My question what is wrong Pat would just Let me see I guess the 40 000 hours they Picked just those type of moments what

Are you what are you so scared of what Is the fear and letting me see like What's happening it's like there's a Pruder for him well they're like like Out of everybody one guy recorded it People the government was like no no They tried not to show it let me see it So I can make my own decision I don't Need Chuck Schumer I don't need Mitch McConnell to tell me what I can and what I can't see can you play can you play Kevin McCarthy's video Can you play Kevin McCarthy what his Reaction because of the footage that you Gave Him last night you went on so this is a Mostly peaceful chaos as you Says he finds sickness said it was not Related January 6th so this was not an Insurrection do you regret giving him This footage so he could whitewash the Events on that day like no Um I I said at the very beginning Transparency and so what I wanted to Produce for everybody is exactly what I Said that people could actually look at It and see what's good for you good for You but Mr Speaker Portrayal of what happened look each Person come up with their own Conclusions make sure as I had Transparency because I know in CNN I Mean I had here where you guys actually Broke where we were this was a secret

Location for wow I don't know if you got Concerned by that I don't even know from Uh point of view of security if we could Ever be taken there again but when you Broke that CNN that was a real concern To a lot of people I had a real concern Also when I wanted to make sure Transparency look Um the officer's death Is tragically Anytime an officer is passed in this Situation I want to make sure either Protected I want to make sure the Transparency is goes forward Was this in any way part of the deal That you made doing this specifically Give the content I'm not sure if you were there the times Before I got asked the question Um in a press what I would do in the Process I've watched on January 6 Committee how it was only politicism now On the January 6 committee you couldn't Open much the minority side you wasn't Allowed to put people on and I just Thought it was fair if someone asked me The question just transparency so what I Tried to do is be able to release the Information which we'll do for everybody It's good I worked that's like I mean Pat do you know you know what that is You know why the left is so pissed off It's like how dare you change our Narrative that we've been sitting on to Try to get Trump not to run again that's

Exactly what the hell you're seeing and Good from I don't give a damn about what Deal he did that's ballsing I love the Fact that he had an article right in Front of your face CNN giving our Location because you guys wanted us to Get hurt so kiss my ass Adam Um all right Vinnie thank you for your Passion we appreciate that yeah I Actually spent a lot of time watching Tucker last night watching Hannity last Night I was watching uh CNN last night Just to kind of see different Perspectives here and what is clearer Than ever is that both sides are just Going to just deliver news that just Feeds their base that just drive their Narrative both sides uh we all know how Easy it is to edit things and that's not A political statement so whatever Tucker Shows on his show Can be edited same thing goes for CNN so I think January 6th from an overall Standpoint was a very sad and disgusting Day in a staying on America with that Being said I think the majority of People there were just then generally There to protest uh the shaman and Whatever clowns broke into the capital They should be held to the highest Extent of the law period And if they're In jail for two years three years two Two months whatever it is it's deserved

Period Um what I what what I'm finding Interesting now is that like that you Can say the January 6 committee sham Nobody on there Lich Chaney Adam Kinzinger you know a bunch of Democrats It's it's you know people are losing Trust in what the government is and each Media narrative from each side of the Narrative is just gonna basically say What people want to say like so I Believe and I'm just going to use uh Tucker's words Uh Trumper uh Tucker doesn't like Trump Behind closed doors but he loves his Base so he's trying to thread the needle Of Genuinely appeasing the base but at the Same times distancing himself from Trump His words you're seeing what's going on With this whole Dominion lawsuit like Let's not forget that fox is going to be Dealing with some with this Dominion lawsuit and Murdoch and Everything they said and essentially They knew that Trump lost the election But they they kept perpetuating the Story Carlson his words passionately Hates Trump okay and a number of text Messages in November 2020 Carlson said That Trump's decision to snub Joe Biden's inauguration was quote unquote So destructive Tucker Carlson added that Trump's post-election Behavior was quote

Unquote disgusting and that he was Trying to look away from Trump in Another text in a conversation two days Before the January 6 attack Tucker Carlson said we are very very Close to being able to ignore Trump on Most nights I truly can't wait these are Tucker's texts last but not least Tucker Added I hate him passionately okay I Actually didn't know this about Tucker I Actually thought that he genuinely liked Trump but again I think Trump there it Is right there I hate him passionately These are Tucker Carlson words don't Believe Sal's over here look it up Yourself okay he can't wait for Trump to Be out there but who he does respect and He does appreciate it Trump's base so Tucker's trying to thread the needle Distancing himself from Trump and at the Same time appeasing the base and that's Exactly what foxes seems to be doing at This point but so so Adam you're so January 6 you're saying one of the most Disgusting you're not on the uh AOC and All comma and all them saying it was Compared to 911 and pearl hold on Because I want to make because I Definitely you don't think it was where Thousands and thousands of people died And burned and jumped off of buildings It's took a I hope you're not trying to Say because it was disgusting in your Eyes it was nowhere near that because

That's what they're saying so what's Your question so Mike my question is I Don't I can care less about the Tucker Text and all that stuff we're going I Don't care about editing you're seeing You just saw it because you could watch All these videos it wasn't what they an Insurrection of trying to take over Whatever people were just walking around And hold on I'm trying to get to your Question yeah so who died like what was The the are you asking do I think January 6th is equal to 9 11 is that Your question no I'm just saying well You you think it was disgusting why do You think it was so disgusting because People were thought that what's your Question like you think was it going too Much to go there and just protest and a Couple of got out of line That's what it was are you mad about That okay so let's I don't understand Anything hold on hang on so let me go Through some of the questions yeah so do You compare the January 6 to 911 on Pearl Harbor not even close Okay no he's Not there just so you know no no no the Thousands of people died in these things it's not even close let's Now let's go let's go to the same okay Go ahead sorry at the same time finish Your point go ahead yeah I mean at the Same time it wasn't a proud moment in American history these are these are

People that should not been in the Capital again if you want to go and and Protest and you want to be out there Waving flags God bless you do it America Do everything but let's stop pretending That these people were up to no good Okay like the this guy the shaman should Have not been in the capital that day Why was he in there none of these guys Should have been in there Adam Adam okay So the opposite argument to that would Be during the BLM protests how many People died 20 to 30 I think more than That what what have we heard about it You're right yeah two things can be true No but the January 6th was disgusting no It's the doors but that's my point That's what I'm saying I get that but Your point can be your opinion but it's Not the truth because you have to give It to data meaning do you know how I Said earlier the four day work week you Have to have a definition of success Let's define success Define give me a specific definition of Which crisis was bigger Based on data Not opinion data comparing three Different crises if we have how do we Define which crisis is worse than the Other based on what data We have deaths hang on I'm asking you Know I'm not asking you guys I'm asking Him I'm sorry so this I I'll answer any Question you ask but I don't feel like

They even need to be compared they're Both shitty situations but that's not How life works okay listen but that's January 6 can be a disgusting thing and The protest could also be discuss the Question though that's not the question Though the question is the following I'm Gonna ask a question one more time it's A very logical question there's no Emotion behind this thing here okay when People compare compare LeBron and Michael and Kobe okay statistically Where does the argument win for LeBron Where does the argument lose for it Kobe What does the argument lose for MJ so I'll give you mine Kobe's field goal Percentage was the lowest it's terrible Okay Kobe's field goal percentage is not Good uh to me he is a good Top five best player of all time I don't Put him as a number one or two or three Or four but I have them in the top five That's my opinion Based on data field Goal percentage takes a hit okay LeBron James the greatest human specimen In the history of the league ever ever Did he make the NBA product better or Worse like Michael made I don't know What did he do to the league the career In this what do you call it finals is What he's four and one what's his record Four and six some record like that in The finals right okay but statistically Most points ever most assist more

Rebounds than any of those guys field Goal percentage over 50 percent better Three-point shooter Great right Michael Jordan 6-0 All Defensive Player of the Year Defensive player of the year I mean I Can give you a bunch of different things With him he played 82 games in a season I think 10 times or eight times in his Career his last year when he played he Played 1882 games I don't know if LeBron's ever played 82 games in a year Maybe he won okay those are data I'm Asking data again question from you Again what specific data makes a crisis Worse than the other Data Deaths okay good I agree okay what else Damage to the city property property Damage okay uh what else can we do we're Coming I I didn't know death is one Property damage what else uh death Property damage Would you add anything else or those Those times I would add to I would call It casualties so death and injured People people that were absolutely Injured so I would call it casualties But yes I agree with property I mean Those are those are those are how much It affects democracy How much it affects the market that was Sounded like a political it's trying to Get hit no but no no but but hang on if

If we go Based on data If we go Based on data the BLM riots and What they did Supersedes January 6th In death 25 30 to 1. yes damage to the City it's not 20 to 1. it's a million to One yeah because the Insurrection wasn't Any damage to the local businesses or Anything the damage in BLM protest riots In the streets fires local businesses Getting hit it's not a thousand to one It's more like to be honest with you it Could be a billion to one it could be 10 Billion to one the damage to the local Business owners this is data so for for One to be more uh fanatical to pin one Being bigger than the other that is Propaganda that is manipulative that is Deceptive that's the part the two in Regards to Tucker not liking Trump Uh I'm not surprised that Tucker doesn't Like Trump I'm not surprised that you Think it's like saying does Anderson Cooper love Joe Biden are you kidding me I don't know do you think they like Joe Biden now you think any of these left People you think Rachel Maddow goes to Sleep saying oh my God I can't wait to Correct the way that my picture of Joe Biden is in my office when I walk in no They don't like Joe Biden they can't Stand me for every one text of Tucker Carlson saying I hate Trump there's Thousands of texts on the other side

Saying let's get this freaking whatever Whatever leader out of here Biden Because he's making it horrible for us Let's set that part aside they have Opinions about each other and Trump's Not the one that Tucker likes fine all I'm saying here is this was overly Promoted by people calling this worse Than 9 11 terrorists all this stuff to Put fear into people and divide America And they won they did and they wanted to Push this guy out Trump to make sure he Never could run again those are Fanatical things to be saying okay Fanatical things should be saying that's All I'm saying here I'll give you the Final thoughts we'll go to the last Topic here everything you said is Accurate that like no doubt Here's where I would like to at least Draw a line between your argument and my Argument If you're going to compare The riots or the everything that Happened during covid I think it's Unfair to compare them to what happened To January 6 and I'll tell you why Compare those riots to the LA riots in The 90s compare those riots to what Happened in Ferguson Missouri and January 6th different situation compare That to what we just saw happen in Brazil compare that to what we just saw In that coup attempt in Turkey five six

Years ago with erdogan to me those are The comparisons the the the well you did This so you did this that to me is an Unfair this is my opinion okay and you Could have it yeah it's fine so and and To me that's where I'm comparing it and Then and Pat because I know you want to Say what was the worst but but wait I Don't know but you can't say that let me You can say that but that just because You said doesn't make it right okay if You're committing crime robbing still Running out with Louis Vuitton and all These other bags and nobody's doing To you this guy's going to be in jail For four years That's a life-changing thing for this Individual he's going to be there for Four years how many of those guys got Away with it what are they doing to them It's okay you're right on that but but That but that's that's where you You know like for example but when it When crimes when when laws come out Let's just say we're starting a country You and I okay and we're sitting there Saying let's hey guys uh Tom can we get A board and let's get a paper and Pen Let's write the crimes on the board here I'd rape how many years should rape get I pedophile how many years should he get All right selling drugs well weeds I Don't know well how about if you smoke It that's fine how about to distribute

It what's the age hey how about cocaine Oh cocaine how about fentanyl all this How about I'm selling Vicodin boom and Then we how about you kill somebody how About you have a gun that's illegal Underage How about if a 27 year old is Caught with a 16 year old girl how if You go through these things what are we Going to do we as leaders have to decide Which crime Is bigger okay which crime is bigger Okay stealing from property whatever Whatever Did you you caused billions of dollars Of damages to local businesses that are Creating jobs for black communities Black communities your own communities BLM And you're saying this is worse than That really Based on data no there's Levels to Crime here one person one is One too many over there 25 nearly 30 the Damage is not even close yeah there's Ways to measure and it's easy to Gaslight it's easy to confuse it's easy To say now how could you do that how Dare you you're a racist this this that Just because you call somebody racist Bigot whatever doesn't make your Argument stronger Ivory all it does is Gets others to be like oh that guy's Pretty emotional gets the people that Want to say he is you're right that's True no it's not here's data folks you

Effed up okay so who's the bigger damage To America so don't sit here you know Saying this is the worst thing ever Since 9 11 Pearl Harbor which is not you Nothing you said that a lot of the People who voted and said that yeah they Have to they have to realize the Comparison of those two with data Adam Catastrophic difference and Pat and what My one of my points was the FBI and they That's why they're showing the rayab's Guy if Adam the FBI was in there and had Ground agents pushing people to go in Because I saw the rayab's guy broke down The barrier with these people and made Them go if the module the same FBI that lied to us sorry about my Language about Russia and gave us a four Year or four year dude I lost friends I Lost Russia inclusion that same lying Peter strzok Lisa Page FBI all these Corrupt pieces of garbage now they're on The ground telling people put your dog And citing a riot pack you're going to Jail what how is Ray Epps still walking Around but the goddamn guy that's Wearing a ferret on his head that was Walking around is going to jail for four Years so if the FBI by the way FBI has Been dropping the ball forever and They're involved doing like this Good for them bro that's all I'm gonna Say so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right

Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here Yeah Foreign

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