“They Manipulated You!” – Reaction To Elon Musk Exposing The Biden Administration

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Have you guys followed the story closely Have you read all the tweets by Matt Tabi I have I have seen a I've seen a Bunch of what the Matt Tybee has posted In a sub stack right should we just get Into that first yeah I feel like we're Already in it all right so if you can Pull up the Tweet thread so we can read It while you're doing that I want to Read the article from Wall Street Journal uh musk's release of internal Emails uh relating to uh Twitter's 2020 Censorship and news by any definition Even if the mainstream media dismisses It there will be many threats to unspool As more is released by a couple of Points are already worth making the First is that musk would do the country A favor by releasing the documents out All at once for everyone to inspect a Second point is who's uh for rep rokana The California Progressive Democrat who Warned Twitter in 2020 about the Free Speech implications and political Backlash of censoring New York Post Story uh about Hunter Biden's laptop a Third point is the confirm confirmation Of the central role that former spies Played in October 2020 in framing the Hunter Biden story in a way that made it Easier for Twitter and Facebook to Justify their censorship recall that Former Democratic intelligence officials James Clapper and John Brennan let the

Spooks in issuing a public statement Suggesting that the laptop may have been Hacked and its content was Russian Disinformation okay so do you guys know How many days it took for CBS to admit That the hunter Biden story was a real Story do you guys know the exact date I Have they done it yet they have do you Know how long it took 769 days It took them 769 days to say the story About Hunter Biden is real it took him a Half a second to say Russian collusion Was real and it was fake okay so think About why people don't trust all the Stuff that's taking place with media so Let's go through this threat together if You want to zoom in And folks if you haven't read it I'm Going to read it uh zoom in a little bit More if you could there you go should we Explain up front Who Matt taibi go ahead Tell the audience no he's just Rolling Stones he's a Rolling Stones a Journalist journalist you're not a Republican not a republican by far Um but you know I would put him in more In the common sense Camp he's not I Think he's more left than he is right And he said he and he got a legitimate Investigative report actual reporter Which yeah that that word is so loose These days but in fact he got access Through Elon yeah to get all this Information so what Elon is doing he's

Going and getting a bunch of these guys To come join the team which is great Someone love what he's doing so let's Read through it okay so thread the Twitter files Um look how many likes I got by the way 373 000 likes 155 000 retweets what You're about to read is the first Installment in a series based upon Thousands of internal documents obtained By sources at Twitter the Twitter files Tell an incredible story from one side Of the world's largest and more most Influential social media platform it is A Frankenstein tale of a human built Mechanism grown out of control of a Design of its designer Twitter and its Conception was a brilliant tool for Enabling soap mass communication Making a true real Global conversation Possible for the first time in an early Conception Twitter more than lived up to Its mission statement giving people the Power to create and share ideas and Information instantly without barriers As time progressed however the company Was slowly forced to add those barriers Some of the first tools for controlling Speech were designed to combat the likes Of spam and financial fraudsters makes Sense it's important to point out There's no question about that slowly Over time Twitter staff and Executives Began to find more and more users for

These tools Outsiders began petitioning The company to manipulate speech as well First a little then more often than Consistently by 2020 requesting requests From the connected actors to delete Tweets were routine one executive would Write to another more to review from the Biden team the reply would come back Handled if you look at that email There's five of them right there Pat What's the date October 24 2020 a week before election Yep One very good point number nine Celebrities and unknowns alike could be Removed and reviewed at the behest of a Political party again this is another One to click on it click on that picture Uh you zoomed in a little bit too much I Grabbed the first one under SI defer to Safety on the high profile second one Okay an additional report from DNC this Is now the 25th they're replying back to It okay let's go back to the email uh Number eight go to number nine and the High profile second one was James Woods This was I saw that go number 10 go Number ten both parties had access to These tools for instance in 2020 request From both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored However the system wasn't balanced it Was based on contacts because Twitter Was and is overwhelmingly staffed by

People of one political orientation There were more channels more ways to Complain open to the left well Democrats Than the right by the way people need to Know 99 of employees at Twitter donate To the Democratic party it's not it went From 96 it's at 99 remember after the Midterms we broke down yeah you know Each of the big Tech Silicon Valley uh The way that they sway politically and It was Yeah all the big actors right Facebook Meta this that yeah it was all 90 plus Resulting slant in content moderation uh Decision is visible in documents you're About to read however it's also Suspended up multiple current and former High-level executive okay there are more Control the Twitter files part one how And why Twitter blocked the hunter Biden Laptop story in October 14 2020 New York Post published Biden's secret emails and Expose based on the contents of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop okay Twitter Took extraordinary steps to suppress the Story removing links and posting Warnings that it may be unsafe they even Blocked its transmission via direct Message a tool Um hither too That's how you know he's a real Journalist he uses words like hitherto Hitherto White House White House Spokespur spokeswoman Kelly McCann

Confusing was locked out of her account For tweeting about the story prompting a Few serious letter from Trump campaign After Mike Khan was seated at least Pretend to care for the next 20 days by The way she wasn't just the White House Spokeswoman she was the press secretary That is insane to me kellyanne McCann Haley mcinerney I'm sorry sorry She has been locked out from her account For simply talking about the New York Post story all she did was cite the Story and firsthand report it has that Has been reported by other outlets and Not disputed by the campaign uh uh Biden Campaign I need an answer immediately on When and how she will be unlocked I also Don't appreciate how nobody on his team Called me regarding the news that you'll Be censoring news articles like I said At least pretend to care for the next 20 Days okay let's go to the next one Request on October 14th yeah so Twitter Uh okay there you go this led the Publicly public policy executive Caroline Strom to send out a polite to WTF query several employees note that Noted that there was tension between the Comps policy teams who had little less Control over moderation and the safety Trust teams can you click on and see What that one says so safety and Trust As a team had more power than Communication it's in the same time okay

Go back to it let's wrap it up there's Only four more interesting folks I'm Reading this assuming some of you guys Maybe haven't read all of them uh number 21 strom's notes returned the answer That the laptop story had been removed For violation of the company's hacked Material policy okay keep going down Although several sources recalled Hearing about a general warning from Federal law enforcement that's uh that Summer about possible foreign hacks There's no evidence that I've seen of Any government involvement in the laptop Story in fact that might have been the Problem the decision was made at the Highest level of the company but without The knowledge of Jack Dorsey wow with Former head of legal policy and Trust Vijaya got a plank a key role Interesting that they're skipping Jack Dorsey to even ask the CEO founder of The company they just freelanced it is How one made one former employee Characterize a decision hacking was the Excuse but within a few hours pretty Much everyone realized that wasn't going To hold but no one had the guts to Reverse it And last but not least you can see the Confusion and the following lengthy Exchange which ends up including Gad and Former trust and safety Chief Joel Roth Comes official Trenton Kennedy writes

I'm struggling to understand a policy Basis for making this unsafe can you Click on that can you click on that zoom Out a little bit okay Trenton I'm Struggling to understand the policy Basis for making this unsafe and uh I Think the best explainability argument For this externally would be were Waiting to understand if the story is The result of hacked materials we'll Face hard questions A bunch of people on the bottom okay Keep going go to the next one if there's Any I think uh maybe one or two left 25 26. by this point everyone knew this was said one former employee but the Response was essentially uh to ER on the Side of continuing to ER okay keep going Down Former VP of global comms Brandon Borman Asks can we truthfully claim that this Is part of the policy go a little lower To which former deputy General Jim Baker Seems to advise staying the non-course Because caution is warranted A fundamental problem with tech Companies and condom moderation many People in charge of free speech of Speech no care little about speech and Have to be told the basics of Outsiders And one humorous exchange on day one Democratic Congressman rocana reaches Out to God to gently suggest she she hop On the phone to talk about the backlash

Re-speech kind of was the only Democratic official I could find in a Files who expressed concern okay I mean We can go more and more you can unstop It at this point we've gone through all Of them Tom what are your thoughts when You see something like this so this is An organization that doesn't know what Free speech is and basically they had Become politicized and that's an Objective statement just by reading this Uh and Kana was correct he said listen Free speech is the ability to to Peacefully assemble and present your Um your point of view you know it used To bother me terribly when I was in College and I would see and I think it Was in hot in Ohio these Nazi groups Um like a club you know more than a club In their little brown shirts will come Out and get together and hold a little Bit of a rally and speak and I just just Think it's just so wrong to hear that But it was free speech each so you would See that with your own eyes you'd see Knots no no I was I was watching the Coverage I was watching the coverage and I would say wow I don't like what They're saying this is really terrible This is this a lot of people feel hurt By this but it's like but the price of Free speech is Free Speech they're not Armed they weren't tearing up towns and I think what has happened here is is

Companies have become politicized and It's becomes a communication Army and I Find this to be really Illuminating Especially when they get down they start Talking about free speech and then they Start talking about external Defensibility that tells you that adults In the room knew that they had trouble With what they were doing Tom what what Is the not telling the CEO this is the Biggest like imagine like oh we didn't Think we need to share this with you Something small happened yesterday I'm Like how come I didn't know about it but On a situation like this do you think Dorsey wants to know something like this This is the biggest story that's going To go out you don't call the CEO the Company look Dorsey if you take a look at Dorsey over The last year he's had extended periods Of absence didn't he wasn't he like on An extended Retreat somewhere very Focused on crypto square that was he was Correct Things going on but he was also out of The country for a while and there is Something to be said about being walking Around your own organization Pat you Fled and been investor in several Organizations at the same time What is The difference for you to be on site Walking around versus like emails and Zooms and everything else it's different

When it's on site you can kind of sense Things you get the little side Conversations and I don't think Dorsey Was getting any of that and they even Said uh we kind of freelance this and Didn't tell the boss they openly said it Yeah to me I first of all I don't Understand the concept of a CEO being on Vacation for three four months and you Not you shouldn't be a CEO if you want To do that That's not something you should be doing But anyways if that's story what are Your thoughts about this when you see This so you know there's a couple Different things that I'm kind of Ruminating in my head number one they're Using the term bombshell I don't think it's a bomb show meaning Was anybody shocked that the people at Twitter were limiting free speech I Don't think anybody is completely Shocked by that I think that's the Reason that Elon and we all understand Why Elon said all right I gotta kind of Step in and be Um a freedom of speech Advocate and That's the reason he bought Twitter Let's not forget that Elon Musk voted For who in 2020 Voted for Joe Biden I'll repeat that Elon Musk voted for Joe Biden so it Should it almost shows the independence And the the good nature of Elon he could

Say hey look I could not support Trump And not support what he stands for but At the same time I can be sort of an Equal opportunist and an Umpire and say This was wrong Right that because it's ultimately this Comes down to Elon Musk I think we all Would agree would this story have leaked Or what Matt tybe had access to these Twitter files if not for Elon Musk would You agree with that Pat Well you said of course you said Bombshell it was it's merely an Accusation subject for debate that's Spinning around the view and everything Else that are not really news Organizations but maybe it's not a Bombshell but it certainly is a Validation don't you agree I I agree I Think it's something that this is Essentially the reason why Elon Musk Bought Twitter one of the reasons it's Freedom of speech you saw that he's Brought back Trump but Trump didn't want To go back on there he's brought back Kanye who has now sort of canceled Himself at this point he brought back Tate he's bringing people back that Should have never left Twitter I guess My question is If everything would have played out and Freedom of speech would have been you Know allowed how much would that have Moved the needle of the election talking

About it's a question about making a Point how about you ask yourself what do You think well I there what I'm trying To distinguish is freedom of speech Information circulation I think we can All agree upon that versus a totally Separate topic election fraud election Deniers freedom of speech this is part Of Elections you don't surprise that Information but that's that's what I'm That's what I'm I'm stating is that Freedom of speech disinformation is not Actual election fraud does it is it Limiting information yes we're on the Same page there but the two are separate That's what I think wait wait wait no no But stay there so you asked a wonderful Question why don't you answer your own Wonderful question what's your question I said how much of this actually played Part of the election yeah I mean we all Saw what happened with Hillary when James Comey came out and basically said And I agree okay And you know allegedly that could have Swayed the electorate right but I I Don't know I mean it's not like where They're counting the battle can't play That game I'm I'm asking a question but But here's the question if you if you're Asking a question of us you ought to be Able to answer that question yourself so Because I'll give you my answer okay but But here's what I'm saying yeah tell me

What is the actual Hunter Biden laptop Story meaning I I personally don't think That Hunter Biden is his evil henchman That's making all these deals behind Around the bush bro answer your own Question you just asked I'm your answer To your own question I'm saying that Whatever happened with Hunter Biden okay And Twitter was wrong and should have Not been suppressed at the same time That was not election fraud bro you you Still are not answering so you do you Realize what it is to ask somebody a Question that you're not willing to Answer yourself I asked let me question Go ahead let me put the question you Said do we need to go back and show you What you asked how much of this would Have impacted the election answer your Own question I don't know that's the Whole point but you can't say I don't Know could it have moved the needle Would it have moved the needle in Arizona would it means I don't know honestly Adam I think I Think you you have a belief under there And you just don't want to say it you Started to talk about James Comey in the Emails and we can also go back at Bush Versus Gore bush had a drunk driving Conviction and it came out less than two Weeks ahead polls moved you've been you Didn't just turn 18 yesterday and just Start voting you've been around several

Elections and you see how these things Move voters they do you can answer your Question and you brought up you guys are Missing my point I'm saying that Information should have been circulated Agreed could that have moved the needle Yes possibly definitely but that is not Election fraud election fraud is a Separate topic all these elections all The lawsuits that Trump went to to each And every single Court okay we're struck Down and lost okay so you guys are Trying to conflate Hunter Biden with the Election so a conspiracy yeah let me Keeps information from the voter that's Not from yeah so let's let's uh let's uh No that's suppression it's not fraud It's voter suppression so your Suppression the vote let's unpack let's Unpack this a little bit okay let's Unpack this a lyrical what you just said You open up a can of worms you asked the Question that maybe I should have asked The question but you asked the question So if you ask that's a question you got To own the question so no I don't I'm Asking you guys a question you answer The question but but no if you if you do Ask a question like that you have to be Able to also answer the question you're Asking so let's let's let me give you The answer to the question to say you Know would it have really and I love Because you know I watch so much CNN the

Last couple days okay the last two three Days Can you do me a favor go on CNN's YouTube channel and then go on msnbc's YouTube channel go on CNN's YouTube Channel just go to YouTube and go to CNN I want to show you hey John Malone you Say you no no you're right there right You're fine so hey John Malone or Chris And Lucio click on videos for me and Zoom in a little bit so we can all see It all right so that's four hours zoom Out a little bit so all the videos are On the same page okay so first one is About what she's signing off last one How sweet yeah chasing a life Yeah so your Chihuahua so watch this Reporter shows how China's zero covet Policy no problem Trump uh Russia Another story Pence about Trump keep Going another story where's Twitter keep Going keep going still no Twitter story Keep going keep going keep going no Twitter story keep going keep going keep Going no Twitter story keep going keep Going keep going no Twitter story we're At two days in the we're outside a Sunday night keep going keep there's no Story on everything by the way the only Reason you don't talk about it is Because you know it has that kind of Influence so let's I can do the same Thing with MSNBC CBS ABC everybody fine Let me let me go to the other part

About would it have had any impact it Was on its way for being the most viral Tweet ever on Twitter that's how crazy This Twitter Twitter was tweet was by New York Post before they shut it down It was on fire going viral the only Reason it was going viral is because Everybody was interested to see if this Man who's about to be our president is Using his card of presidency to steal Money or get money from others that is a Valid concern for people to ask people Who go into politics for a long time and Become rich concerns everybody from both Sides left right or the middle a Politician shouldn't go from making 140 Grand year to being worth 140 million Dollars or 20 million dollars or 50 Million dollars there's something that Happened there now so to answer the Question did it have an impact everybody Who has Common Sense knows it had an Impact could it have flipped of course It could have flipped now let's talk About the uh the war that you're saying Election fraud let's let's unpack what Election fraud really means what is Election fraud I think I think the the Part that you're thinking about election Fraud is ballots and stuff ballots Correct that's no no but that's not just Election fraud election fraud is Multifaceted betrayal is betrayal One-dimensional or is betrayal have 20

Different dimensions to it betrayal has I can you can betray me 20 different Ways it's not just one way to betray me Betrayal is not just about talking Behind my back and telling me stuff that I betrayal doesn't mean you steal from Me betrayal doesn't mean you flirt with My girl but Trail has 20 different Dimensions to it right okay Electro Fraud has election fraud has multi Different dimensions to it electoral Fraud sometimes referred to as election Manipulation voter fraud or vote rigging Dr election manipulation which happened Voter fraud or vote rigging involves Illegal interference which they did with The process of an election which they Did either by increasing the vote share Of a favorite candidate which they did Depressing the voucher of a rival Candidate which they did according to This definition there is electron Coral Front so now You get involved in Twitter and you're Telling an organization that's 99 Funding one side how to protect you and This guy becomes president let me tell You why a guy in mar-lago is furious Sitting there saying what the hell am I Doing wasting four years of my life in The in my 70s where I should be the President today finish up my second term Love or hate me I could have gotten my Job done but you guys got this other guy

Because there was election fraud through Social media company I didn't say Ballots I didn't say any of that stuff this is Proof so for people to say ah it is what It is it's just a non-story every CBS ABS anything that I see anybody talking About it onto any it's not a story from The past it's just this it's not a big Deal yeah this is the kind of stuff why Today do you know who's the number one Journalist in the world today it's a guy Named Elon Musk do you know who's the Number one journalistic organization in The world effectively today in just six Weeks of him running it it's called Twitter the way he's running it we're About to drop some news they're doing More journalism than CNN CBS ABC NBC all Of those cats including Fox all of them Combined Twitter's doing more Investigative journalism than any of Those five cats combined and it's ran by Citizen journalists Shout out goes to them and for people Who were frustrated and upset for Something to be this if you're about to Marry a girl that I've known for a while And you're about to propose to her and You and I are boys I'm talking boys from Second grade okay I know this girl And you ask me Pat I'm about to propose Is there anything I need to know and I Know some stuff that you need to know

About her okay and I really really and This is the kind of stuff you should Know okay legit stuff Imagine I don't keep that I keep that From you and I don't tell you Six years later two years later you find Out from somebody else but you're Already married it's too late we're Married to Joe Biden right now we don't Have a choice And then I tell you and he said you say Pat what the f why would you not tell me This I said bro this was two years it's An old story man it's what she did 13 Years ago it's what was seven years ago Who cares who makes it different anyways Right now you're married she's pregnant And you guys are having a ton of fights At night you said if I would have known I would have never married her that's How America feels right now that's Exactly how America feels right now they Feel like somebody had Intel on a girl That were getting ready to marry but They didn't want to tell him until after They were married and they were pregnant Already great Point that's the Frustration people have and it's very Painful and I understand their Frustration and at the same time We still have to be leaders responsible And move on every it's it's a very weird Dynamic like living in the past we got The information now we know who's

now we know who's dirty now we Know who's playing the games great we Know who the actors are let's move on And make sure this doesn't happen to us Again how do we do that that's my Interest my interest isn't sitting here Bitching and complaining and whining and Let's change the Constitutional and I'm Not I'm not that guy all I'm saying is This matters this is important they Effed up they lie to you they Manipulated they backstabbed you and They laughed at your face and said who Cares anyways it's too late let's move On you don't play those games With people especially not in a country Called United States of America so what All the craziness taking place I believe Future looks right if you believe future Looks bright get your latest Future Looks bright hat of valuetainment it Says future looks bright here future Looks bright here we got them in white We got them in Black we got them in red Are black on black sold out these are About to sell out if you haven't ordered One yet we had a person in Michigan but One then he bought three then when those Three people weren't in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks bright hat Especially during times like this Because ain't nobody's saying future Looks bright toward your future looks

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