“They Own Both” – Ice Cube Claims Record Labels Own Private Prisons

Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by economic and Harvard University professor Roland Fryer as they discuss the history of gangster rap and whether it’s a CIA psyop.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Were you protected were you protected From a clotting gay that tried to get You to lose your tenure so they could Fire you were you protected do you feel Protected that they can't touch you and Do anything to you because you came up With a study that goes against claing Gay and maybe you know her connection to Former president Barack Obama who's Loved by uh uh uh folks like claing gay Or the Democratic party where she may Loose favor there why would you write a Paper like this this goes against our Agenda Of us being able to do this we can't Come up with do do you feel safe today Like meaning if you do the next thing And you come up with like for example Right now let just say the next thing Inspires you do you believe words have Power I do do you believe affirmations You know daily affirmations I you give Me The Vibes of somebody that believes In Daily Affirmations not at all are you Are you meaning are but but meaning Meaning do you believe that when you Said I am never going to pout I am never I've never been that guy that's a little Bit of Like you believe that's who you are Right so words have power so you know Let's say next thing you get obsessed With you're like you know what I want to Find out if the CIA was involved in

Bringing hip hop rap to the African-American community and writing a Song called F the police you know you Know and that goes viral and we pin the African-American community Community Against cops and words have a lot of Power you and I can probably I don't Know you I can recite a lot of songs by Tupac I can recite a lot of songs by you Know Bone Thugs and Harmony by you know RB alasi probably by a lot of those Rappers from my time right and when you Say some of the words you're like oh Shoot I just go Easy E you know and You're wow I what what am I saying M come come again or what are we talking About here right now what if you all of A sudden are inspired to do that and you Do the Study and it comes out it's True hip-hop used to be not gangster rap 80s hip-hop is different than '90s Hip-hop right and today it's Mumble Hip-hop and you know you've seen Snoop Say m m it's a very different rap right So what if you get inspired to want to Investigate that and all of a sudden you Find out dude these guys freaking try to Do this to us to put in jail our Communities would be hurt with social Economics that's dirty would you feel Safe doing that investigation and that Research Today well first I'm going to answer

That directly it's a great question um First if you take out the CIA angle Which I hadn't heard about I'm doing Exactly that study right now oh Fantastic so we'll get to that sick it's Great so the I'm fascinated with the Impact of of not just hip-hop generally On inequality but the specific Um words and language because I do Believe that words matter and AI has now Come out and allowed us to do this in a Much more serious way and scalable way We can talk about that later do would I Feel safe no but I've never felt safe And I'm not going to but you got to buy Breed cheese you got to get breed cheese You better get all dude you got to be Careful with that cheese that's Expensive you know I'm stocking it Up I'm the only black person with Bri Freezer so I got Bri on layway and So you're a every week I put something On It so you're serious and you're a Prepper right my God you're getting Ready post scarcity world give me this C Te on oh my God on lay oh my God okay so you're you're afraid and I Appreciate that but so you're you're Afraid but you're like you're still Going to do it no I didn't say I was Afraid I said I don't feel safe they're Different don't feel safe you no I don't Right like and and it's okay um I don't

Remember the last time I felt safe I Went to a friend of mine I only have a Couple of them from from school Days and I went to him and I said man I Just I there's so much uncertainty what Do I Do he lives uh right outside of Dallas and he said to me but you love Uncertainty I was like no I don't he Said well it seems like you do right cuz You've lived in it for so long sure so Yes I'm I'm I don't feel safe I'm not Going to feel safe uh after you know our Uh uh back and forth between Harvard and I'm never going to feel safe that's just Not an option but I'm going to keep Going because I'm willing to die on this Hill now why are you why are you Investigating this though link with hip Hop and it's the biggest cultural Revolution that I've seen in my Uh uh in my lifetime and we have no idea What the impacts of it are on economic Mobility Inequality um teen pregnancy all sorts Of other social factors so how I would Ask you the question how can I not yep Listen I I admire that you're doing it Because respect you because again uh Rob F what was the first gangster rap song What was the first one oh man what's the First gangster rap song like the first One the pop like a popular one I don't Care if it's okay so IC had been mcing

Since the early 80s but his F he first Turned to gangster rap themes after Being introduced to schoolie uh D's Self-titled debut album and especially The song psk what does it mean which is Regarded to the first gangster rap song Schooly d schoolly d had am I black Enough for you in the album of 1989 so That's the first one right Rob can you Go to the lyrics of of uh after police Can you go to uh uh uh uh let me see This here if we go to Lyrics and let's see if there's okay Right number 10 Full police Straight From The Underground young got a bad cuz I'm down And brown and not the other color since Police so police think they have the Authority to kill a Minority cuz I one uh for a punk mother With a badge and a gun to be beaten on Thrown in jail we can go Toe to Toe and Middle of a cell so so this when you When you read this obviously it was a Hit I mean the beat was great first of All I play I'm I'm I listen to it my mom Would sing this I my mom was like like She'd hear a siren she'd be like the Police I'm like Mom so I tell you I'm 14 Years old you should ask this question Of my dad I said dad can you stop by a Warehouse my parents are divorced I see Him every other week I'm like buy me a Tape 99 Cents you go to Warehouse you

Pick something up he says which one I Say just this new jazz song that came Out by this guy name easy e she a jazz Song yeah it's called real mother you Know he like well you know how yeah of Course so he says okay let's go we go Buy it and we get in the car I'm like Freaking awesome this great H you know This is finally I can play something While I'm working out when I'm going to YMCA and he says you know I want to hear This jazz song so you don't want to hear It's not your Type Gabriel Gabriel you should ask I'm Going to he's listening to it when I put It in and he says yeah no we went back For 90 9 C returned it back to Warehouse He says you're not going to listen to That I said I listened to it anyways but Back in the days it was a different Story so I admire you for wanting to Pursue this to see you know what kind of Do you believe without even doing the Research that it did have Major Impact In the community yeah but probably Different than you imagine you think so Wow my hypothesis is that it had Different effects depending upon where You were living I don't know if this is True or not now I'm on record saying I'm Completely wrong about I was completely Wrong about the police But my view is for inner city for people Who live in the inner cities is going to

Have very little effect I think because I think it's already this type of Language is already already out there People are already having these Discussions that's where the songs come From now the question is for the kid in The suburb who those discussions were Not having right so imagine you move Your kids out to the suburb right and Then you're trying to get away from some Of these things and then now they can Just tune in on radio and get the same And and and log in and tap into that Type of identity that might be dangerous So that's my that's my hypothesis is That yes it's going to have big effects But not where you imagine and music I Mean if you think about it music is so Powerful we always talked about it Especially with like putting a trance on People like if you listen to gangster Rap you like be honest you feel like That when you listen to Jazz your your Mood changes you're happy like and easy Like you said you go you take somebody Out of the hood and now they're in the In the suburbs and stuff and then they Hear the police when they get Pulled over what do you think their Attitude's going to be what what what I Do you have a clip of what Ice Cube said About this he didn't say do you have the Other clip with the CIA guy or no uh Well I don't I don't have the clip but

His name is John homested he's a retired CIA agent he Clip okay let's take let's take rap Music let take it same people who on the Labels on the Prisons so wow literally the same people Literally the same people who Own the labels on Private Prisons So So you Know it it seems really kind of Suspicious if you want to say that word That you know the records that come Out are really Geared to Push people towards that prison industry W but they didn't make you you write Those lyrics it's not about making it's Not about making somebody write the Lyrics it's About Um being there as guard rails to make Sure certain songs make it through and Certain songs Don't wow certain flavors Are Exposed on the record you know some Records are made by Committee meaning record company guys Sit around and tell the artists This is hot say that do this we're gonna Have this guy write the lyrics we're Gonna have that so the The Narrative is Really kind

Of you know structured and and and and And really made into what the record Company want the record to be you know a Lot of artists are you should make a Song called hug the police just to flip It around love the police hug the police You remember that one Reverend they Better have a real good Beat like fantastic fantastic beat yeah Yeah they have to get like Scott SCAR or Somebody really good to make a sick be But by the way if there's anybody that Is qualified to speak on that it's Ice Cube 1,00% is there anybody bigger than Him I I just right now we came up with The first you know Ice Cube's name is Linked to it so he has the moral Authority to talk about that Tom you Were talking about a a man earlier uh George I think it's wacken hot or Whatever his name was can you can you Unpack the story you were telling us Before yeah so there's there a bit of a Rabbit hole here but um we love those But um no no no it's it's real so George Wackin Hut you know uh pioneered Privatized prisons uh where rather than Government's building prisons it's like Hey you need a prison how about we build It for you and it'll be you know the State of California Correctional Facility or whatever it is and uh you Know know you just send your customers Your criminals here we'll take care of

Them and you just pay us by the person And then we'll take it that way you Don't have to build it you know cuz you Have to get these big bonds to build Schools water infrastructure prisons They come up on ballots all the time and People say need another prison they used To say yes oh my goodness we need we got We to we're going to reduce crime or Build a prison never mind if they do the Real re research on reiv rates it's a Fallacy most prisons are crime college And they back out and go back in uh Unfortunately and it wacken Hut was then Acquired by GS4 G4 whatever it was and What's interesting is the privatization Of American prisons was like Turbocharged um and I think it's Rob I Think it's a uh a prison now GS4 G4 um That bought wacken Hut and it's it's a Major International conglomerate now and What was interesting is they needed Customers and the private prison Industry in California lobbied for the Three strikes law and the three strikes Law that you know now here comes rabbit Hole that attorney general kamla Harris In California you know she green lit and Modified the POS the um the weight based Possession implies distribution you know What I'm talking about that over a Certain weight like over an to marijuana Oh you're intending to distribute and

Now they can turn what was possession For my birthday party into a Distribution a felony distribution Charge and you get three strikes and now The customers are filling the prisons And there's a big cycle there but there It is G4S and now they are a giant Operator of privatized prisons and they Needed customers and then the three Strikes law it's always good to be a Politician running to be tough on crime Yeah and now you have this big cycle That comes around have you have you You're nodding a little bit have you Looking back into you you were looking Into crime statistics and looking thing Have you dove into that and had thoughts On that I have it at all I'm not an Expert at all on private prisons and Didn't know wagon Hut until you just Just mentioned it but um obviously I've Heard of him and and and the viewpoints About uh the issues with private prisons I'm I'm aware of but I don't you know I I didn't look into it in terms research No and the street the three strikes law Certainly California had a very bad Effect yeah of course because you took Um young men that probably should have Been in and out for a minor charge and Suddenly three strikes they're in and Now they're in crime college right and It's it's horrible what was interesting To me about all this we were talking

Also also about music and how you know There are these social triggers it' be Really interesting to see the depth of Your research that comes out of that Tom Was a big raping Forte guy back in the Days he's a oh Tom was a Bigg e Tupac n when I look at Tom I say I think the police that's what I think That's what we're talking about that's What he was singing in the way here Today yeah he doesn't play games bro he Was hey uh um not to be proud of but uh We go go here we go April of my senior Year and um at in college I found myself In back of a police car at 10:15 in the Morning uh six moving violations and 2 Miles and attempting to evade Pursuit That last one really gets him going by The way um and I was pulled over and I'm Wearing a a tie and a white shirt I was Late for work driving like a complete Idiot and when I had my hands on the Back of my car and I'm answering Questions and they then emptied out my Car they were looking for a seat or a Rolling paper anything there's nothing In my car but they the back of my head He gave me a push and they bounced my Chin and my nose on the back of my car Oh my God motive Tom no I didn't get Blood I didn't get blooded up but the Point is there's a different world out There and if you want to cross over into The world of law enforcement it's a

Different world and that's when you Drove away and you played the police Loud like yeah like I know what You did I got to go to ride I got to Ride in the police car and I got get but Roland you you you don't talk the talk You walk the walk when you said you were Doing your research you went with cops On on the ride alongs and you said your Attitude kind of changed cuz you were Like yo this is not an easy job you know What I'm saying like what what and I Remember the story that you said Roland About showing up in somebody olded and You were like yo let's go get drinks on Me and they're like what are you talking About bro we still got to finish your Job out of all the ride alongs what was Like the craziest thing that you saw That you're like oh my God cuz you went You went through simulation too corre Yeah it was it was the busting in the Rowh house and watching someone o yeah Man that's that you know it's not every Day you see that up in Cambridge thank Goodness so yeah that was that was crazy But it did I I think because um given What's happened with with uh in in the Relationship with Police we're not really people aren't Talking enough about their own me the Police mental health that's something I'm very very interested in we have all This data out there from body cam

Footage and other data we should be Developing predictive models that say Hey this thing is going to escalate Because in the past this is what it Looked like before someone did something That was against you know policy so can We have predictive models to figure that Stuff out I mean I think it's it's a Really really hard job and it's hard not To I'm embarrassed but it's hard not to See everyone I mean you're as a criminal You're out there like an Uber driver Just just chasing around going what are You doing what is that person doing and On the other side when you roll down the Street people just stop and start Scattering right what do so it it it's Two sides to it and um that was probably The best education I've gotten since my Grandmother taught me how to read was Going around with the police and Understanding um their what they see Relative to what uh I thought was going On long term what are you solving for Long term like are you uh aspirational Is it you know hey man just leave me Alone let me teach let me write some Papers let me do my thing let me be a Father let me be a husband let me do my Thing and I'm enjoying my life I have no Aspiration for anything else outside for Being a professor and getting to bottom Of certain articles and you know issues That I'm interested in what what's

Longterm what are you solving for long Term no I'm I'm I'm bad at all those Things you mentioned because of my real Aspiration which is to fundamentally Change the trajectory for minorities in America maybe that's too aspirational But that's it it is my grandmother used To say why do you work so hard you're Killing yourself you know Etc and I said When when we believe that the market for Talent is perfect I'll stop I don't take Days off I haven't had a vacation in Little more than a Decade I work Christmas Day because I am Absolutely on a Mission uh to ensure that everyone's got A fair shot at this thing I can no Longer remain in today's Democratic Party Tulsi gabard says she is no longer A Democrat a potential Tulsi gabber VP Where we are being told that we just Have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an [Applause] Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to

Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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