“They Publicly Humiliated Him!” – The Trump Family Will NOT Let This Go

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick explain why the Trump family will not let this indictment go.

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Can you play the clip of him walking Into the court 25 second clip can you Just show this Just look at his mannerisms look at his Eyes [Music] Just play this clip on Loop on let me Just tell you If he is sure there's our friend uh Jason Miller over there get from what's A getter what was it called yeah get her If you He's right there with Trump if you if You think Miller about how he's wired if You think about how he's wired okay Which is coming after you do you know What this guy is thinking right now Think about what he's thinking right now Think about what he's thinking right now They publicly humility let me tell you Like for me okay let me tell you for me You may beat this guy he's got five kids He's got five kids he's got grandkids This bloodline of trump is not going Away They just effed up for 80 years is what They just messed up with not 10 years Not 20 years 80 years For 80 years you're going to have have To hear this last name eight years and There's only one strategy you can use to Prevent that name from coming up left And right and you know what that Strategy is so I'm trying to do that

With Kennedy okay with that strategy but This one's not going to go away for a Minute because Trump is more like Joseph Kennedy than he's like John F Kennedy I Don't know if you know the difference Tom you know obviously John Joseph Kennedy was absolutely the guy that you Feared Vengeance I'm coming after you I'm gonna come versus John F Kennedy was A guy that never wanted to be a President he was the younger brother With the back problems and he had he had Health issues and his older brother who Was a pilot who was supposed to be the One that was supposed to be the President and he was the guy that the Day his older son died Joseph Kennedy Went into depression for a few years and Then all of a sudden the younger son is Like I'm on avenge I'm going to come Down boom John F Kennedy and then RFK And boom the difference here is the Father Joseph Kennedy equals Trump Exactly and Trump is the president to Show you how tough it was skip Everything you've heard about Kennedy Conspiracies there were statements that Were made by the mob that said I don't Know who did it I don't know how it got Pulled off talking about the Kennedy Assassination but I'll tell you I Understand it strategically because if You had taken out because one of the one Of the benefits was that Bobby Kennedy

Was no longer attorney general shortly Thereafter and Bobby Kennedy was Prosecuting a ton of organized crime Remember that and the thinking was what If if you were worried about Bobby Kennedy and you're worried about how Kennedy had basically was a mobster had Two sons in the White House Prosecuting The rest of the mob And if if you believe that The thinking was why don't you take out Bobby Kennedy and he said no no don't do That Why because it still leaves Joe Kennedy With his son as president and they would Have flipped this country upside down And I believe that when I read that Assessment I think that's the right Assessment they made that if if Bobby Was really the target why don't you just Kill the Attorney General send a message To family no no no don't do that don't Do that yeah well obviously we're Speculating we're just repeating history Guys we're not saying anything here I Don't want anybody to jump to Conclusions what the mob said if that Was a strategy exactly that they Identified with that because they were Scared of Joe but but here's the thing With this You know I talked to a guy who just had A conversation with Trump earlier today Okay one give the name he says we had a

Call And we we had to talk 14 different Issues together And he's been a friend of his for A long time and that's not Giuliani by The way he's been a friend of his for a Long time and he said It's wild how this guy at this age can Compartmentalize 14 different issues he Says in a 26 minute conversation we Talked about 14 different issues and it Was sharp on every single one of them While he's dealing with this so what are We going to do with are we going to do This call this guy what are we going to Do with it he's like he is so flipping Sharp meaning do you trying to tire this Guy out he's not there yet okay this is A guy that may be living into his 90s Okay the way he is right perfect no Problem but Tom there is a different Maybe maybe maybe it's different with The kid I woke up when somebody called Up my dad I woke up when somebody called on my dad I'm just a party guy you embarrassed my Dad game over for the rest of your life You're gonna have to deal with me right Those five kids and the grandkids are Watching this saying you did that to my Papa you did that to my dad no problem You're gonna have to deal with me for Decades so again You won the battle

But this type of an event first time in The history of America that you're doing This you're humiliating the last name You may have just woke up a giant and it Isn't who you think it is so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign

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