“They Suck!” – Has DeSantis Lost The Will To Fight?

In this short clip PBD, Lauren Chen, Adam, and Vinny discuss how the DeSantis campaign team sucks and asks if DeSantis Lost The Will To Fight?

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Maria Bartiromo let me just read this to You okay and this this is kind of Mario Bartorama confronts DeSantis on 2024 Campaign what happened right this is a Newsweek story and if you want to pull Up the clip if you actually have the Clip I don't know if you got it or not If you can just go to that part where he Asks she asked the question uh uh is This yeah this is the part go ahead and Play it watch this Back against woke we know that but I'm Wondering what's going on with your Campaign there was a lot of optimism About you running for president earlier In the year but here's this weekend's Headline from the Politico Playbook Failure to Launch Florida Governor Ron Desantis's campaign to topple Donald Trump has stalled we are way behind says A top DeSantis pack official sounding The alarm what happened Um Maria these are narratives the media Does not want me to be the nominee I Think that's very very clear why because They know I'll beat Biden but even more Importantly they know I will actually Deliver on all these things we will stop The Invasion at the border we'll take on The drug cartels we'll curtail the Administrative State we'll get spending Under control we'll do all the things That they don't want uh to see done and So they're going to continue doing the

Type of narrative I can tell you we Understand this as a state-by-state Process we've had incredible support in The early states building an Organization signing up the key people That you need to be able to compete in a Place like Iowa we just launched our Model okay you can pause it right there Here's the thing by the way he ain't Lying meaning He wouldn't make one hell of a president I agree he would have incredible Policies he would do all of those things But you're going up against a guy that's A marketer and your marketing team sucks Absolutely sucks since the book came out The Razzle Dazzle of trump he needs to Throw in some horse faces Like a comments Some excitement You need some attention I hooked up with the Santa 17 years ago The point I'm trying to make is yeah you Know So there's one you have an incredible Resume check you have it two is You're going into the interview okay The person you already got the interview Like you got the people you're being Considered for the job you're a finalist You're in the top three finalists to be Considered for the job so the resume got You into the interview Then you have to crush the interview

And you ruin the interview if Trump goes In with the resume And then he goes in the interview that's Where he shines he's shining when the Interview begins this guy's like here's My resume let me tell you what I've done This is why you should pick me that's Not how America works well it's funny Because for so long people have been Critical of trump being unpredictable Kind of brash and abrasive but it turns Out that maybe you need a candidate with At least a little bit of that because You have someone like Rhonda Sanders I Like Trump I like Rhonda santis I don't Think it needs to be either or but he Doesn't have the same star power the Same Charisma which in politics let's be Real of course That Matters by the way Okay so let's let's do this let's do This uh the star power by the way his Team I've communicated with both teams With Trump's team with his team with our Case team with vivex team we're in Communication with every one of the Teams Suarez do you know which team Sucks in follow-up or getting back to us They text in a text and then boom okay I'm available this afternoon great no Follow-up for two weeks they're the Worst in follow-up it's a reflection of The brand it's not a good look and this Is not like it's a small podcast we got 17 subscribers and you're doing this

With we got a platform to say this to The market your follow-up sucks with People that are reaching out to you and We communicate with every campaign so You're talking about the an FYI I keep Saying this we came here because of this Guy We're in Florida because of this guy I've moved I don't know how many people We've moved on if I tell you in the last 26 months 28 months if I told tell you 1500 people have moved to Florida Because of what we've done that would be A small number we've moved a couple Thousand people to Florida with the Amount of times we've raved about him Raved about the state we've moved people To the state and these are high quality People that we move to the state these Are not non-performing people these are Job creators entrepreneurs that we have Moved to this state there is support There You're saying that you have to be able To sell yourself right okay Let me give you another example of Somebody That I think campaign to campaign Campaign to campaign vivec is crushing Their campaign and Vivek had nothing who Was Vivek well I mean he was a Best-selling author multi-millionaire Entrepreneur no but but the difference Is but but the difference is let me let

Me put it to you this way day one when Vivek announced his running for office Do you know what his Twitter account was At forty thousand followers sixty Thousand followers I'm sorry even the Woke book he wrote it didn't blow up can You go to Amazon go to Amazon and type In vivec go to Amazon and type in Vivek We had him on and he and I we spoke Yesterday go go online and put his name There okay when he first came out with His walk book just type in Vivek Ramazwani and go to his book uh uh okay How many uh what is that that's vivec What year 2023 how many months ago uh Yeah this book came out April of 2023 it Has uh 47 reviews okay go to the next Book that by the way 57 reviews to be Fair guys and I like this guy that's Nothing nation of victims how many Reviews is that 372 reviews a year ago That's barely selling 30 000 copies by The way just so you know that that Number on Amazon that's nothing but what Has this guy done here's what he's done He went on Charlemagne the God The Breakfast Club you know what they try to Do to him destroy him you know what he Did he stood his ground he went on new CNN same with CNN you went on CNN he Went on he's gone everywhere he's not Said no to anything and he stood his Ground when Don Lemon tried to embarrass Him he stood his ground he says that's

Fine you can believe that but we can Disagree and he was so respectful about It the way ramaswani went out there Saying I'm Not Afraid him and RFK get A's in the way they've gone out talking The scientist's camp is thinking they're Entitled to that to the throne and you Don't get the championship ring given to You you got to go earn that stuff by the Way whether you're injured whether You're not in the mood when you go into The playoffs on Sports what happens During playoffs what does everybody say During playoffs when people do the Interviews like when Joel Embry says Well it was really hurt and I was this You know what Champions say listen when You're in the playoffs everybody is at 50 60 everybody's dealing with an injury You got a finger you got a knee you Gotta you gotta this you gotta that you Don't have a choice you have to show up In the playoffs right It's very disappointing and by the way Yesterday we're having this conversation With a group of people and some of the Guys said he's the modern day Jeb Bush And he's a modern-day Skywalker that's Nothing hang on a second it's a modern Day Jeb Bush and the modern day Scott Walker not because of resume his resume Is possibly the greatest governor in the Last 30 years since I've been in America No one's got a better resume than him

But his campaign is Jeb Bush and Scott Walker 2.0 and Pat you were you you've Been saying this not not to cut you off You've been saying this for how long About the marketing team and everything About him my question is as as being at The candidate being descended how does He not See it are you not hearing like she's She just said it the the people are Seeing your numbers are showing it does He need to just do a complete shift Patent like fire somebody or hire a Better marketing team they are horrible How they not texting somebody back that Is like yo I have this platform Millions Not just I have a platform I'll do a Fundraiser for you yeah we'll raise a Ton of money we'll get you eyeballs We'll have a fair interview with you Because we respect you let's have this Exchange multiple times the team doesn't Get back not one time well I'm not going To give names yet okay but I'm gonna Give names within a year multiple times They don't get back to you multiple Times they don't get back to you and by The way I'm not the only one saying that As well Megan Kelly have you I say Megan Kelly is one of the greatest she's a top Five in the last 10 years what are you Doing not going on Megan Kelly what are You doing not going on any of this stuff What are you doing not going on Lex free

I don't know has Lex done a podcast with The santis yet no I don't think so I Don't believe it can you look it up what Are you doing not going on Lex Lex is a Very very nice guy yeah Lex is a Sweetheart of a guy that's going to ask You questions but he's so respectful About it how come you haven't gone on Legs and it'll be fair to you as well Can I just give some quick numbers just To validate exactly what you're saying In February what month are we in right Now July July so less than six months Ago go up Rob just to the top to the top Left who's the head the Republican Primary polls boom in February between Trump and DeSantis neck and neck yeah Look at that yeah to the left they were One was at 38 one was at 42 percent Anyone's race anyone's race in February Failure to Launch what do they call his Campaign his book came out six months Before he actually announced Pat's Called out his marketing team now go to All the way to the right just look at The numbers Trump said 52 percent DeSantis is plummeted from 38 down to What is that less than 20. 24 what is that Rob Doesn't sit here on the track but it's Hovering right around between 20 like 23. the point is this whatever he's Doing it's fair to say is not working so He should change he should change things

Up even you gotta adjust you gotta adapt Yeah I'm in Florida for two you gotta go Into halftime and say listen guys Someone's got to give a halftime speech Change it up a little bit go ahead yeah I mean I'm in Florida for TP USA and we Have a sister organization Turning Point Action there's a huge conference I mean Trump is speaking Tucker Carlson is Speaking DeSantis isn't speaking I'm not Part of that organization you know it's Just they're they're separate because The Santa's really not speaking he's not Speaking I mean he hasn't been announced Yet and some people there are some People are wondering why he isn't there Is it because he doesn't want to go in The same event be speaking with Trump And I I don't know but I would love to See more of him because he's been one of Like you said the most effective Governors he's been aggressive in his Policy which I love he's not one of These Republicans who is simply trying To be on offense all the time he's Actually saying okay parental rights and Education boom let's do it let's go After Disney we're not just gonna talk Which I love I've been in communication With his administration there was a Video that I shared of uh this topless Trans stripper with a I mean she looked Like four years old it wasn't just talk For the campaign they're actually doing

Things about it they're trying to do an Investigation see if they should keep Their liquor license I love how Effective they are but like you said the Campaign it just it's Gotta show up Listen when you get to the interview you Best deliver when you're sitting across The decision maker you know who the Decision maker right now is America and Americans right now are saying no you're Not fit for the job yet maybe never FYI I'll never forget I will never forget When the Pacers are playing to Miami Heat And timeout is called Indiana is up one This is game two game three they're About to go up 2-1 this is 2012. yes yes 11 years ago okay they're up one Coach Vogel takes out Roy Hibbert who Was the center of starter All-Star game Yeah he takes Hibbert out And like what are you doing there's two Seconds left on the shot clock Hibbert's on the sidelines shaking and Said what are you doing taking me out Miami takes the ball gives it to LeBron At the free throw line LeBron goes this Way fakes going with a left hand they Win the game afterwards they're talking TNT and Chuck says well you know with The Frank's got to tell him right now We're so close and this is our chance to Go to the championship and Kenny Smith Says no Charles I disagree he says what

Do you mean you disagree he says this May have been their last chance to ever Win a championship wow These players don't realize when you get An opportunity like this championships Are not handed out you should have kept Hibbert in what are you doing taking Them out guess what he was right he Would win like this after that nobody Ever talked about him again and that Entire team Paul George everybody they Have collapse vocal everybody went all Over the place This idea of thinking well this doesn't Work we'll do 28 if this doesn't run Skywalker this on our jeopard no this is Not how life works you have the sickest Resume today You crushed it under covid you even had MBA like the story talent why are you Not talking about the most liberal BLM Think about the hypocrisy MBA had BLM All over the place and as much as that BLM all over the place they chose to Hold the All-Star Game in your state While you're the governor how the hell Are you not telling that story you Crushed it and you're not telling that Story I don't understand this stuff it's So confusing this should have been like This Trump and DeSantis should have been Like this and by the way that's better For America if it would have been like This because they're pushing issues

There is no issues right now we're not Hearing any issues right now all we're Seeing is this it's over for most people Some people say why should even Trump Get on the stage can you imagine if Trump doesn't even get on the stage Doesn't need to listen to get on the Stage Marie asked him a question are you Going to be on the stage So well yeah of course I'm going to be Doing the debate but this is you have to Win by the state and all this other Stuff no not for for president yes it's By State but not for Republican that's What yep anyways so it's a whole Different story on what's going on here So for me Trump goes on Rogan He's going to put on a show you know What he's going to do he's going to do Flattery Joe you're the greatest you Know this this this that all of that Stuff's gonna happen they're going to Connect they're gonna laugh he's gonna Make Joe laugh his ass off those clips Are going to be put up at the end of it Joe's probably you know Hey sir I got to Tell you my position here but I really Enjoyed you with you hopefully you're Gonna kind of tone it down a little bit With the way you do this this with Tweets it says I'm working on it and Then boom the world's gonna see that and Humanize him and the rest is history These are some of the things that if

Trump gets that opportunity to be on Joe He'll capitalize I think so too can I Just add one thing because I know our Audience isn't a sports audience yeah I'm not gonna lie that was lost on no no No but I like the people I get that but Here's the deal What he's saying is carpe diem sees the Mother freaking day In February that here are the numbers 40 Trump 38 DeSantis now it's 52-21 he Tells this random 2012 NBA playoff story As a metaphor The Indiana Pacers were this close to Dethroning to the Miami Heat and LeBron James what has happened since then since This stupid decision that the coach made Indiana Pacers have barely even made it The playoffs that team has been Dismantled Danny Granger Paul George Roy Edward is out of the league meanwhile LeBron James AKA Trump in this story Has won four NBA championships since Then he's still the face of the league Meanwhile the other players are out of The freaking League he also brought up Scott Walker Jeb Bush these people are In the in the Dustbin of history and That could potentially happen to DeSantis No you don't get a second chance do you Think he should have waited until the Next election cycle no not at all Because a lot of people are saying oh

I'm sorry till the next Solutions oh Yeah I'm sorry I thought you were saying You you should have waited to go on Later oh no you're saying to go 2028. Okay that's a very good question I I Think he should have ran because you're Gonna forget we we forget things very Quickly America as much as America can and complain we're so forgiven so Quickly and we move on you know we we Like to see you fall but we like you Come up even more we love Redemption Stories this is America America is a Place that we're like hey man you're Losing your did you see the juicy Did you just oh I feel bad hey it's Okay yeah it's okay that's America right That's kind of America so that's what's Going to happen with Trump but he had His moment it was so clear so clear Marketing team sucked who wasn't his ear Sucked whoever he hired It's uh it's it's unfortunate and by the Way again this is coming from an Community who are fans who are Supporters who voted Unanimously like in every possible way It's for you and you did this so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign

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