They Tried To Medicate My Kids

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School brought me and Jen to the school In this and we need to talk to you your Kid has a hard time paying attention I Know where they're going but just Because I wanted to know how they're Going to lead me into prescribing my Kids uh medication so I said let me let You lead me because I want to learn okay Well we think we need to recommend you To see this doctor I said no problem We'd love to see her so we go to her is It okay if we do the assessment with Your kid without you guys being in a Room is there a camera you can do it as Long as there's a camera and I can see It it comes out Your kid has a hard time paying Attention and this is going to really Help him with his grades so what are you Suggesting we think we need to suggest Such and such and such and such I said Do you by any chance think maybe Extremely creative people are like that And have been like that for many years And they never took anything I mean Beethoven Mozart all these artists all These folks that we buy and admire if You think this kid has his shoes he's Like his dad his dad was just like that As well he's gonna be all right

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