“They Want To BLOCK Your Transactions!” – Will CBDC Be The End of Privacy?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Maajid Nawaz, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana discuss whether CBDC will be the end of privacy.

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I believe there will be some relief for Us all we've had a very difficult last Three or four years I I think it's about To get harder and uh you think it's About to get harder yeah yeah financial Situation isn't very good um and I think They want to bring in Central Bank Digital currencies and I think they will Concerned with that uh Central Bank Digital currencies are essentially a Tracking tool so when we were discussing Earlier about the fact that um it's my Data is valuable and wherever I check my Wherever I um tap my contactless card Leaves a mark that I bought the bottle Of water at that time and you said Tracking of course so Central Bank Digital currencies are tracking that's What they are so in in a sense I you Take paper money Roy Um because it's we ended up printing so Much of it quantitative easing uh that It's become pretty much worthless the Dollar standard globally is no longer uh Being respected uh China and Russia are Trading oil uh in Rubles and no longer In dollars uh again it's unprecedented Saudi Arabia considering the same thing Uh just four years ago this would be Considered impossible to do so paper and The reason it's happening is because the Federal Reserve has made a mess of of Money and the money system so what they Want to bring in instead is Central Bank

Digital currencies and what you can do Is if all of our currency is digital and It's run by the Central Bank you can Program it and so you could say right Imagine you know you've had a this was a Coffee I spilled it on the way in there Um Yeah they're white as well but um uh you Could say right Majid you've had this is My second coffee today because I'm jet Lag from the travel uh you've had two Coffees today and so next time you try And buy a coffee that's your quota map And and you can't you won't visit be Able to buy it now with coffee that Sounds Petty but we know that's what They want to do with red meat we know That they've told us they want us to eat More bugs as opposed to red meat so if You've got a central bank digital Currency that is programmable which we Also know there's an article in the Telegraph um Rob which you may want to Bring up but um It it might be behind a paywall though But uh the the bank of England told us That these Central Bank digital Currencies will be programmable Um you might want to look up the word Bank of England cbdc or digital Currencies programmable and and the Telegraph article with the word Telegraph in there and it should come up As well at the bank of it there you go

In that article there programming you See it Bank of England tells ministers To intervene on digital currency Programming wow digital cash could be Programmed to ensure it is only spent on Essentials or Goods which an employer or Government deems to be sensible you Can't like this is from 21. block you From eating or doing something that they Don't want that they deem wrong so so in Answer to your question I do think so This is how it's going to get harder Right Tom Martin a director at the bank Of England said during a conference on Monday that programming could become a Key feature of any Central Bank digital Currency in which the money would be Programmed to be released only when Something happens yeah so so you've had You've had I had a steak for dinner last Night right you know we in the UK I got I recommend South Asian food but if you Want a steak you have to come to America Yeah it's a it's a Brick Lane yeah who's Been I'd probably give you some Recommendations that are off the beaten Path a bit more for proper good seafood But that's a topic yeah but Um we had too much take this week that's It you can't have enough so they can Program it you've met your quota and This whole carbon right that Eating this piece of steak is bad for

The environment so sorry but you can Literally can't purchase that anymore Because the cbdc is programmed it Recognized that yesterday magic had one So tonight maybe I want another steak Can't buy one you know so that's how I Think it's going to get worse so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign foreign

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