“They Want To Kill Us!” – Are We Close To a War With China?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Peter Navarro, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick discuss whether the US is close to a war with China.

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What's your biggest concern with China On where they were before where they are Now are they becoming more powerful are They getting weaker because there's a Community of people that are saying Behind closed doors China's not doing as Good as people think this whole concept Of the one child family that they did They did backfired on them because They're getting older people are leaving They're not even sticking around anymore Billionaires are leaving job creators Are leaving that thing's about to Collapse is it a real threat as it was Before are they getting weaker what are Your thoughts on China it's the greatest Existential threat Um this country in the world faces that That that that is clear let me let me Let me let your folks know it's like I started writing about this back in 2006 I wrote a Trilogy of books that Come in China Wars Um in 06 death by China which was both a Book and a film in 2011 and just before I went in the Trump Administration Crouching Tiger the first two books were About the economic threat the last book Was about the military threat now the Punch line here is that as bad as I said It was in those three books as much crap I took from the Legacy Media and all uh Kind of like oh no no Um

I'm the guy who had a top level on like Hunter Biden uh I got a top level Security clearance I get to see the Highest level stuff without giving any Secrets away I can tell you that Whatever I said about China In my books is far worse Far worse and if you just here's the Thing it's like I was with President Trump by his side When he went face to face with the Dictator Xi Jinping right and one of the One of the advantages they have is that That that that they don't have elections Right so their their team right their Team is the same team when we faced them As as it was with Biden right I sat face To face with these guys and what what Trump tried to do and I think it was a Was was a uh the right thing to do given The political climate at the time yeah I Wanted to come in hard it's like you Know these people you can't trust them Just put the tariffs on them and make Them stop doing what I called the seven Deadly sins all the crap they do to Steal our jobs and factories and then he Said no no no we're gonna we're gonna Sally put on some tariffs but we're Gonna try to cut a deal with them and You know in Buenos Aires we sat face to Face you know Osaka Japan we sat face to Face at the G20 And all we learned my friend is all we

Learned is that they're just stringing Us along that uh whenever you sit to Negotiate with them they'll agree pretty Much to anything and then at the end of The day they just wait you out and they Break every agreement you set so you Can't so the policy needs to be and I Think president Trump was clearly going To adopt this as soon as that second Term began is what we call decoupling Decoupling the U.S economy I don't know If you know this but the trade deficit We have with communist China never call It China it's communist China let's be Clear about what it is About roughly equal to their defense Budget so in effect every time we go Into Walmart Target and buy that crap Which usually is stolen designs from American Designers We're funding what is an incredible Arsenal pointed at our Navy in Particular in the South and East China Sea And they look the threats are many and Very but you just start with asymmetric Warfare what is that that's being able To sink a five billion dollar aircraft Carrier with a one million dollar Missile okay they've got there's a Chapter in my my uh Crouching Tiger book You know missiles are us I mean they got

More missiles than any country in the World you know they're they're they're Just they it's like as Stalin said Quantity has a quality of its own they Can hit the palace in Taiwan in seven Minutes from the mainland and you know What they you know what they call Aircraft carriers American aircraft carriers in China Communist China targets right it's just It's like a stupid wave it's a stupid Way to conduct Warfare with communist China you you don't put big aircraft Carriers in this Taiwan Straits and not Expect those things not to get shot down I mean we should be putting all our Money into Um sea mines ringed around Taiwan if we Want to take that democracy seriously And and and submarines Just quiet submarines so let me ask you So you you said a lot of different Things you said it's a lot worse than You think it is when we went and Negotiated with them I was in those Rooms and we're sitting with these guys And we're talking to them they would Make all the promises they would come Back they would literally break every Single one of the promises and the Negotiation outside of that they got More missiles than anybody else they can Sink a five billion dollar with a one Million dollar missile and they can

Within seven minutes attack the Taiwan You know Palace all of that stuff is Public stuff that we know okay what I Want to know is if you're saying if You're saying it's worse than what you Know right yeah what do we not know that Is worse than what we know well the the Broad Strokes have to do with Um the elements of for example China 2025 which Um the made in China 2025 yes and and The idea was that strategically they Want to Uh take over uh the key strategic Tech sectors that are going to determine The future so AI is certainly one of Them blockchain let's talk about Blockchain technology okay Um what what we need to know okay and I I there's certain things that can and Cannot say but but the question is Blockchain technology is the technology Which you is used to encrypt things like Bitcoin and and all our banking system And if you Um have the key to unlock That Blockchain technology As a weapon of Warfare when the time Comes you can bring down the entire Financial system Of the United States in in nanosec when The time comes when the time comes and When would that time come for example

Xi Jinping okay you mentioned okay some People are saying China's not that that That doing that great and they got Trouble and this that and the other Thing well that's that's dangerous Because if Xi Jinping gets into domestic Trouble the first thing he's going to do Is what you know the expression Wag the Dog Wag the Dog is going to mean A run on Taiwan we're going to have to Have some kind of reaction and you know What do you do do you send carriers into The South China Sea as soon as one of Those sinks Will gets game on or do you blockade Um the the the routes the China or that Oil comes from the Persian Gulf to China I mean they they're 70 of their oil Comes from the person I mean as soon as That kind of stuff happens Than the asymmetric Warfare what they call the unrestricted Warfare kicks in that's like knocking I Mean they have the capability right now They can knock our satellites out of the Sky they can use Viruses Probably to take out our electric power Grid and all these balloons that you've Seen floating over the United States That's part of their information Gathering process to execute their Unrestricted Warfare techniques when the I mean it's just it's just the only

Thing holding them back is the fact that That we're their Cash Cow we're the tit They suck on right we're we're it we're Uncle sucker and and the way they lifted 250 million peasants at least up into Statuses sweatshops was by running big Trade surpluses with the United States So this I mean this is like it goes on And on and on I just I wrote this in 2006 it reads like a pentagon report Today and we all we get is all we get is Rhetoric and so BS from the corporate Media and the Congress so let's so let's Stay on that so these these Double D's That China keeps sucking our nipples off Of right yeah they're very they've been Doing it for a while and they're Flattened a little bit okay the last Couple years so you know because now uh Or especially when Trump was there and You were there and you tariff after Tariff after tariff after tariff hey Huawei CFO was in Canada doing a deal With Iran and we found out guess what Why you're out boom Huawei loses a third Of their valuation a that person's doing What they're doing boom I was in Monaco And I'm sitting there talking to a Pretty connected guy in politics from Lebanon who was doing a lot of the Things for the uh countries there and he Says you don't even understand the Tariffs Trump put in Iran how much he's Hurting Iran's economy right now how

Much they're being affected I'm in this On a daily basis I'm having these types Of conversations you see what's going on So Let's look at both sides so the only Reason why they haven't yet they can They can they can they can attack Taiwan They can do this to the you know Financial system they can do a Cyber Attack they can do all these different Sorts of things right and hey the fact That they are going through the bad Thing we got to be careful because all Right the dark concept you know what's Going to happen next Okay cool so why Don't they well because they're sucking On our nipples so if we do put the Tariffs And we keep it there And we make them drown To the point of catastrophe happening There then it's definite that they're Going to do something no yeah and that's Not look that's not that's not the goal The goal The gold is a strong America and the way You get to that is simply wean yourself From The factory floor of communist China and Their supply chains we if we've learned Anything from the pandemic we will be a Stronger more resilient country if we Have our manufacturing Basin or Supply Chains here or at least much closer

To here and China look if we totally Decoupled from communist China they'd Still grow I mean that that Genie's out Of the bottle they they're in Africa They're in all South America uh the Europeans welcome them with open arms But this is not about that this is about Defending ourselves peace through Strength and it's peace through economic Strength it's peace through National Security and this whole thing look These folks you talk to oh well they're Hurting everyone this that and the other Thing the problem is since we've gone at It with half measures it's actually Strengthening communist China's hand in Places like Iran why because they are Using this American sanctions right what Are Financial sanctions sanctions are Like you can't trade in U.S dollars if You do X right right so if if if the Iran gives weapons or whatever to the Russians in the ukrainians sanctions Whatever But the problem is that if you are able To create a Yuan Ruble based currency System Then you don't have to worry about Sanctions and so every time we've Imposed sanctions in a half measured way It's given Russia Iran and communist China the incentive to create this Alternative currency world and right now They're going hard at it I mean Brazil

And Lula that's like Brazil under Lula Is like a colony of the Communist Chinese Peru is it very much at risk as Well and the reason is what they call The debt trap diplomacy that's where China will come in and they'll they'll Just shower these these countries with Money in order to get infrastructure in There and and there's there's so much Grift associated with it that the Leaders will skim off the top and put Their Swiss bags again you turn around And next thing you know China Forecloses on the port in Sri Lanka and Now they own it and that's like a Strategic Naval Hub so I mean this is a Big three-dimensional chess game and We're playing checkers I want to ask you One one more question and then Tom I Want you if you and I think you got some Thoughts you want to share so here's a Question on this so Um In in in a competitive environment which We are right now it's a competitive Climate that we have but it's from Ideology competitive environments Different than capitalism capitalism You're trying to get a market share here Market share their region you know all This other stuff politics is the way you Think as well as some resources right And they're doing a very good job with Getting the right resources you know

Iran Africa they're doing the right Things from the competitive standpoint But If If we go back and look at the case study Of tariffs because I am for tariffs in Many cases the part that was for me uh a Bit strange is China not letting any of Our media companies being in China Facebook YouTube all this stuff but we Have to use your stuff here That to me is is is a dumb negotiation Tactics I'll lift the tariffs if you Allow all our social media companies in Your country because we got to know what You got going on and I'm not lifting These tariffs until you do that because My concern is we need to know what the Hell your people are happy about not Happy about you can find out about our People you can go on Facebook and see All these videos with George Floyd you Know the video it's oh my god look What's going on in USA look what's going On in the streets look what's going on With antifa let's what's going on great You have you have that access to all That data we don't have access to all That data so I do think We have to use tariffs in a way for us To get more citizen journalism in China For us to say that's how you treat People we're not for that's how you do This we're not for it and then we can

Get more common sense freedom of speech Freedom of assembly freedom of idea Freedom of all this stuff being injected In China and then the Chinese people are Going to say look we don't like the way You're doing this we got to kind of Change so I think the social media Pushing and our media being in China Will be my number one thing that's me Then the other part is we're giving you All this money we're not getting it in Return you're winning from us now you Got 80 percent of chips all our ACS are Pretty much being made in your country When covet happened you shut down your Manufacturing we couldn't do anything With cars car prices went up 45 60 you Know the average car payment today in U.S went from four years ago being 550 To 917 a month when the income hasn't Really increased dramatically that's a Massive increase on what's going on so Americans are now feeling it but that's The question Um how does one based on the years that You were with President Trump What did you learn for the next people That are going to come in and maybe if Trump goes in or maybe you know another Person is in the white house and it's Not Biden's Camp because you say you Have security clearance Hunter Brighton Has the kind of clearance you don't even Have uh and it's a different kind of

Clearance it's called a data clearance And and you don't have that kind of code No I know I know you're very excited About your career but his clearance is More effective than yours because he's Able to make off money off that Clearance and you cannot although you Look nice I'd buy a painting from you That's yeah you look like an artist That's a good point but but going back To it so imagine I paint left-handed by The way just to exercise the other part Of my brain power yeah so much the Better so whoever the next Administration is going to be yeah so Whoever the next Peter Navarro of Trump's Administration is going to be or A DeSantis Administration is going to be Whoever the next person is going to be How would you use tariffs and learn from Mistakes and things we did right so if We had another shot of negotiating with These guys what would we be asking for And where is a pain point with them well They'll move Well well first of all I think the best Ticket is Trump DeSantis where DeSantis Does VP for four years and then gets Eight more years and I wish that they Can come to some kind of agreement on That and I wrote about that in my uh Taking back Trump's America book and Have urged that uh publicly okay so to Your question

Um let's first of all be careful about Using Tariffs as a bargaining chip for example China loves that right they're very Transactional so so you you could Imagine a discussion now with Xi Jinping And Joe Biden hey uh she says the Biden Um you you get rid of the tariffs on us And we won't sell weapons to Russia okay Wait a minute Wait a minute that that leaves us no Better off in terms of the economy than When we when we started Um let's understand the function of Tariffs What we have in this world Writ large and it's just not you Mentioned Germany but it's Europe It's Brazil it's it's India it's Vietnam we Have a world in which Virtually all of the major trading Partners charge systematically hired Tariffs On the United States and we charge on Them so uh I just had a chapter come out In a book that the Heritage Foundation Did which is what are the policies for 2024 for the presidential candidates and In that I dusted off uh from the President's State of the Union speech I Think it was in 2019 the reciprocal Trade Act Right the reciprocal trade act Simply says that hey Will Will lower our tariffs

To yours But if you have higher tariffs than ours And you won't lower yours then we'll Raise those to yours you think that's Effective it would be damn effective you Know as the highest tariffs in the world Relative to us India Call it the Maharaja of Terrors But Having said that the function of tariffs Is basically to offset unfair trade Advantage okay countries in the world They engage in in export subsidies the Vat tax versus the income tax that tax Is like a form of an export subsidy that We that makes it very difficult China Has massive government subsidies they Steal our intellectual property they Force our technology transfer all that The whole function of the Tariff is the Level of playing field for the American Worker now the American worker is the Most productive in the world And can compete on a Level Playing Field But not when other countries cheat I Mean he said all of that with communist China it's got to be decoupling there's No there's no modus vivendi with Communist China they want to kill us They want this country and and you know They they are and every which way till Sunday you know they they inundate our Universities with sons and daughters of The Chinese Communist party they push

Our kids out and while they're there They're wrangled by uh these Chinese Secret police so they don't go off the Reservation and what are they there for To steal our intellectual property so It's just It's just we are so naive I remember Back when I got started on all this I Used to go out and do a lot of public Speaking to corporate audience before I Got canceled that's all another issue Um and I'd go talk to these trade groups And these guys would come up and they Have grown men in tears saying hey I Went over with this great design to have It produced in China and and by the time I got home it was in the Walmart under Their brand no it's like yeah well how Stupid is that right it's like you just They're playing a different game I mean There's no there's no morals there's no Ethics there's no rules of capitalism It's just crush us any way they can so Why would you trade with these people Why would you do that there's no reason Right now to trade with China I mean we Need they've got us you know penicillin We need that there's certain things We're going to need for a while but that Tells you in and of itself you need to Get off that so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here


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