“They Want To Shut You Down!” – Restrict Act Could Be a THREAT To Your Digital Freedom

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Mike Baker, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana explains how restrict act could be a threat to your digital freedom.

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Restrict act establishes a risk-based Process tailored to rapidly changing Technology and threat environment by Directing the Department of Commerce to Identify and mitigate Foreign threats to information and Communications technology products and Services now the key word there says Foreign threats very soon they're going To add an additional word called Domestic threats yeah you know where You're in America you're creating Content on YouTube according to restrict Act we got to shut you down because your Content is this you're doing what you're Doing on you know Instagram or Tick Tock Or Twitter so you know we talked about This with Giuliani to see what his Thoughts were because for me I asked Them a question I said as much as the RICO acted good and you were able to Catch all the bad guys that can also set The tone for us to come up with the Patriot Act and the next Act and the Next ACT which means more and more and More of big brother or somebody you know Watching over what we're doing why Should this be something people should Be concerned about Well because look with the exception I Mean realizing where I came from but so There is a I think a need for uh secrecy On certain things sources and methods And there's a reason why there's a need

To know to some degree but there's also A very important reason why you need as Much transparency in government as Possible right Um and so I part of that is how curious Are the people that you send to Washington to represent you are they Asking the right questions you know are They or is it basically just a Self-interested frat party or actually Well that's Sexist of me to say that isn't it but They would have Bud Light though It's gonna be all right that joke is Never Gonna never gonna get old it's Always always good all right so Yeah I I think that there's You know half the time look there's a There as again I'll speak to what I know Which is the uh the agency there's a Well-worn path between uh agency Headquarters and uh Capitol Hill in Washington DC of briefers going back and Forth and back and forth and talking to The Senate Intel committees and and Congressional Intel companies and and Explaining to them what's going on and Then there's this game that gets played In Washington where when something Breaks and it looks like you know the The Intel Community was engaged in Something that people didn't know about Or oversight didn't know about it's Horseshit of course they knew about it

Right they just but there's a game that Gets played where they can go out in Front of the cameras and express angst And anger over I can't believe this is Going on I'm gonna get to the bottom of This we're gonna start an investigation Of course no investigation ever results In anything in Washington DC but it's an Important point which is you need to Have that communication you need to have Uh your Intel Community your law Enforcement on the particularly on Federal level talking to your Representatives and them asking Questions and trying to ensure that you Know there is to the degree that it's a Possible transparency yeah okay I want To transition to Pentagon Stories the Only reason I'm asking is I thought you Would know more about the restrict act Because this this is a for a lot of Content creators Amongst content creators a lot of people Are talking about this because you know When when you get to move the goal post And you can kind of create guidelines to Target whoever you want during any Season just because something was According to allegedly and all these Guys nowadays that are getting allegedly And their lives are being ruined by Allegedly instead of actually being Convicted or charged it's a very weird Difficult time we're living in so some

People are sitting there saying listen Man all these new acts are coming up we Saw what happened last time you came up With this and it backfired on a lot of Different people here's a guy Giuliani Who his license has been suspended he he Doesn't have a way of making money right Now as a lawyer just because allegedly He was part of something he hasn't lost It yet he's not been this part but his License is not there for him to practice It's it's important to just protect Those people who are doing podcasts and Shows and they're giving their opinions And they're giving their thoughts versus Saying it's one of the reasons why I Love what Rumble is doing we're not not A uh uh we don't I don't even know if we Put our shows on Rumble regularly or not We're not one that promotes rumble or Any of that but the reason why I love What musk did I love what Spotify did I Love what Rumble did what musk did with Twitter scared the crap out of everybody Because they were always United together With Jack Dorsey and all of them the Moment they lost Twitter with musk they All had to check themselves the moment Musk brought Twitter back on Facebook And all those guys brought Trump back on Right so Spotify the moment Spotify did In silence uh Joe Rogan they realized oh there's another place they can go Take their podcast with right so we

Could take a loss even though all those Guys starts I'm gonna take my songs off I'm never going to sell here okay no Problem Spotify said yeah we don't care We're going to be fine yeah Joan Baez oh My God Joan Baez is leaving Spotify That's right that's right hell am I Going to listen and even even Rumble you Know what Rumble is doing right now Rumble is kind of getting YouTube to Realize there's a second option so if You choose to really constantly do this You know the Patriot Act concern becomes If they target the guys that are on Those platforms how can we now control People on Twitter even though it's owned By Elon Musk how can we control people On uh Rumble this is one of the reasons Why some people are concerned about Restrict act quick point I don't feel Bad because this is very new I think it Came out less than a month ago when The Tick Tock CEO testified in front of Congress and essentially the concern With this restrict Act is is that They're using you know Banning Tick Tock As a trojan horse to say we gotta you Know we gotta get this out of here but Then it's going to be a slippery slope To like next thing you know Instagram's Band or YouTube's banned and it's just More government control and you know our Friend Reagan once said the most Terrifying words that you ever hear is

I'm from the government and I'm here to Help and I think that's the biggest Concern about this and then I I know We're going to switch gears here but Also speaking of government control the Whole Central Bank digital currencies The cbdc's things that's another concern To coincide with this restrictor Rob can I read this can can you zoom in a little Bit more to read this I mean you're Gonna have to work with me here because I can't So so yeah so as I'm going right you got To go do that with me okay uh so this is What restricting the emergence of Security information Communications Technology act or to restrict that okay Fine let's see what it says so this is March 7th a month ago this bill requires Federal actions to identify Medicaid we Just read this foreign rest information Communication technology ICT products And services penalties for violations Under the bill I wonder what that is Specifically the Department of Commerce Must identify deter disrupt prevent Prohibit investigation and mitigate Transactions involving ICT Products and services in which any Foreign adversary such as China okay They're starting it off with China but That'll change in a minute has any Interest and that pose and undue or Unacceptable risk to the U.S national

Security or safety of U.S persons Additionally Commerce must identify and Refer to the president any covered Holdings that poses an undo or Unacceptable risk to U.S national Security or the security of safety of U.S Uh uh keep going keep going keep going Personally if the president determines That the holding possesses such a risk The president May compel divestment okay So this specifically sounds like it is a Tick-Tock type of a thing they're Targeting right it doesn't sound like It's a U.S company they're targeting but Everything starts off like Second Amendment a lot of guys that are worried About any kind of slight regulation Because then they're going to say oh now We got this oh now let's get this on now Let's get that oh now let's bet oh now Let's amend this oh now let's amend that So anyways it starts like this and it Gets a little bit more into your Business well I think you know look it's It's it's sort of a sidebar to sypheus And some of the other you know uh Regulations that are out there about you Know what companies can come into the US And and purchase Um so I I there's a but you're right in The sense that the government does tend To throw a big net out there on any Issue on any concern right and then with

The assumption that well at some point Maybe we'll tidy it up and we'll we'll Restrict the parameters we'll get a Little bit more specific but right now We're going to throw that net out there And see what happens so I think there's So you're right to be concerned about The sliding uh nature of U.S government Actions and which is again why uh you Know transparency is is you know Probably the best way because once you Get this information out there once People understand and nobody you know I'm a good case in point to your point I Don't feel bad not knowing about if it's A month old honestly if it was a year Old I probably still wouldn't so you Know well I got us a big tick tocker Yourself oh you would sure do all this Stuff one last one you know the whole Foreign adversaries thing so you brought Up Rumble well Rumble we know was I Think formed in Canada yeah so that Should be a concern because where do They label foreign Is in Sarasota which is good but it's a Toronto-based company I know it is it Still is so it's so again to me Rumble is necessary for the marketplace Okay Spotify is necessary for the Marketplace okay Twitter is necessary For the marketplace because it minimizes Bullion you can't bully when there's Alternative options Bud Light doing what

They did there's no other there's so Many different other beer companies that The Market's like yeah you know what no Problem let's find out maybe you're Right it may be the transgender if it Takes your stock to the next level sales Goes up 60 we'll sit there and say Salute good for you I don't know where You found the market but congratulations But if the market drops 30 like it did Last week and they're going to cores now Watch if core says well we also have to Follow our ESG score and course is Something stupid like this and they go Grab somebody else then they're also Following the camp someone has to come Who was the guy that did the commercial Was it Jeep there's a commercial like 10 Years ago or five years ago where the Commercial was about here's why America Great and it was a voice like that yeah The reason why America is great because We build things we're Builders yeah and You're listening to this you're like I Am a builder this is what we do and You're like damn I love Jeep you know Man you can relate stocks to me I think It was something a commercial that was So I just hidden guy but I keep going Yeah it was a very very much of a Pro-america so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here


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