“They Want You To Believe In a LIE!” – Riley Gaines SLAUGHTERS WOKE Nike

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Buck Sexton, Clay Travis and Adam Sosnick react to Riley Gains Slaughers woke Nike.

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Right against criticized Nike's decision To make transgender influencer Dylan Mulvania spokesperson stating that the Mockery Mulvaney deals deal makes of Women is incredibly degrading and that Nike can forget taking my money gains uh Recently experienced physical assault After speech she gave at San Francisco State University about saving women's Sports at a turning point USA and Leadership Institute event on campus she Accused Fox feminists of uh being uh Scared to act after the incident and Campus police of being terrified to do Their job as they did not want to be Accused of being racist for protecting Gains who is white what are your Thoughts about the story of Nike not Surprising at all that there's been such A back last year when you think about How crazy this is they're having a man With no breasts try to sell sports bras But more than that which you would just Think the basic physics and physicality Would matter more the the bigger point I Think you're seeing is what I've been I've been saying on the show for a long Time people understand transgender so so Just defund the police isn't really About defunding the police defund police Is actually a step if you listen to the True hardcore left in abolition of Police so that's the actual position Defund is always a step on the way they

Want to get rid of all police Departments and actually all prisons so It's crazy but that's the belief the Real belief of transgenderism is not That these are people who you know are Deserving of of dignity and to be Treated that's that's a given right any Moral person is going to treat a person With dignity and kindness and and have The full protection of the law and their Position isn't just to be polite to them It is this is a woman Indistinguishable in all facets in every Way from other women they are demanding That you obey and believe a lie an Obvious and objective lie and anything Short of your belief in that lie will Always be unacceptable this is why they Have the women can men can get pregnant Too and men can menstruate and all these Things they're not just saying this Because they're trying to create Language that's confusing they're saying It because a man with a penis through Transgender ideology and it is purely it Is not about people who are intersex it Is purely about a psychological State Can become fully female and I've even Said this to Clay they've started to say If you're a heterosexual male and you Are not attracted to transgender people A transgender woman for example uh you Are transphobic that has started to Happen because that is actually

Ridiculous guys I'm sorry I've been so Emotional today I just got my period and You know things thank God I just got a Tampon uh Tampax sponsorship all right For that I I look at this and this is Where I came from the World of Sports And this to me is something that Sports Is the ultimate meritocracy it's the Best man or woman Or woman and so you guys know I mean you Were at the UFC event right we have Weight classes in UFC uh if you play High school sports the the biggest high Schools don't compete against the Smallest high schools I coach 12 year Old you know youth basketball and Baseball if I suddenly showed up with a 16 year old to play everybody would say This is ridiculous this is a 70 30 80 20 Issue and I think this is an example of Something where I said the goal is Normalcy this ain't normal okay and They're trying to make it seem normal And this I'm sure you guys have seen it You know from a marketing perspective If Nike was making see this is where Kaepernick ties in to me with this story Colin Kaepernick was the first person in Sports that Nike hired and tried to give An endorsement deal to that was not Elite in his sport Now they have moved into we're just Gonna grab random fake chicks and make Them try to sell gear if Nike came out

And they said hey clay and buck you guys Have the biggest Radio Show in the Country we want to advertise with you Simultaneously we want to advertise to The trans Community like we're trying to Appeal to 100 of the population I would Nod my head and say okay They would never buy a a an Advertisement on the clay and buck show Right no we're two we're two toxic the Guy who pretends he's a woman and has a Sports bra for no reason is brand Perfect for you yes yeah and so I think It's it's indicative of how crazy that That analogy again that little graphic Of where we've gone in 2008 if you had Said if Barack Obama had run for President and said I think chicks with Dicks should be able to compete against Women people would have said it's crazy People forgot Barack Obama wasn't Opposed a gay marriage in 08 right he Ran on the videos everywhere you can Find he ran on we should never change The marital standard it's crazy that's Just 15 years ago 2008 you want to blow People's mind 2008 Obama would be a Republican campaign now On many issues two things has that I Always say that's not true 2008 Obama unlike a few issues would be A republican because the left has gone So far left so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click

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