‘They’re Corrupt!’ – Why Joe Rogan Won’t Run For President

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bret Weinstein and Adam Sosnick talk about why Joe Rogan won’t run for president.

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Really if you had I mean imagine look at Who's currently in the presidency and Who the last president was and go Backwards through history it's been Quite a while since we've had somebody Who was really effective in that office And my point is we would be far better Off if we had people who were Courageous capable and patriotic Right if you offer me somebody who meets Those three criteria I don't actually Care which side of the oh it's the Second one uh courageous capable Patriot Those are the three and if you take two Of those people one from each side I'm Pretty comfortable that two people who Come from different sides of the aisle And have those three characteristics who Sit down and have a a conversation about What the right direction for the country Would be will arrive at something that I Can respect they might be wrong that Will happen this is a difficult puzzle To solve but I know it won't be born of Corruption or ineptitude or how do you Avoid that though I mean it's very to Say you know if we have somebody that's Courageous okay people would vouch for That somebody was capable fantastic Somebody who was patriotic phenomenal Uh how do you how do you how do you Manage that because the system can't Filter those three things out an actor Can become a president based on our

Current system that we have well let's Um let's take our mutual friend Joe Rogan for example and I don't mean to Put him on the spot here but can we Agree that he meets my three criteria no Question about no question yeah okay so Let's say that Joe Rogan is the uh the Progressive in uh in a Unity kind of Team Okay what does Joe do does Joe know Anything about how to architect a Civilization no not a skill set no but What would he do Bring in the best of the best there you Go how hard is that no no I'm not I'm Not saying with you dad I I'm not Telling you I don't want a courageous Capable patriotic person what I'm saying Is why isn't the system Attracting those types of people to Become president now somebody from the Right may say you're saying Trump isn't Courageous he is he's not capable he's Built businesses he's not patriotic he Loves America right somebody may say you Know Bill Clinton may fit that quality Or John F Kennedy may fit that quality And I don't know who your last capable President would have been in your eyes Do you have somebody they think was the Last capable on well let's put it this Way I don't want anything to rest on Whether or not my evaluation of Somebody's characteristics is accurate I

Could be fooled by somebody but yes I Think there are there are people I mean You know again Joe Rogan meets those Criteria easily I would say Tulsi Gabbard seems to meet those criteria Um uh looks to me like Rand Paul meets Those criteria so uh there are lots of People your question about why such People don't tend to end up and I Wouldn't say it's that they don't tend To end up attracted to the idea of Governing they don't tend to survive That's my question not not attractive Because Tulsi did Rand did Joe doesn't Want to have anything to do with it at Least that's my uh understanding he's Too smart yeah he's too smart but but That's also the thing a lot of times you Know I had Catherine Gill I don't know If you know who she is or Michael Porter They wrote a book called the industry of Politics so I had them on Uh four years ago I don't know the exact Timeline I had them on a few years ago And uh uh both of them lean left but They had this idea about how to elect a President in a completely different way It's a model that's more on Andrew Yang The direction he's going with forward Party and he's also kind of pushing a Third party person to get elected but a Tulsa gabbard when she was on the left And she said anything about Hillary Clinton boom they oustered and now she's

Out as an independent to win or Rand Paul Rand has very good ideas a lot of People from the right like Rand Paul He's got audacity he's got courage he Went up against fauci he's not afraid he Has values he's got principles he stands Up for him he seems reasonable he seems Smart intellectual But why the the current system doesn't Allow those types of talent to make it To the top Well it's worse than that Um our current system ensures that if You make it to the uh the final round of The competition that you are Excellent at corruption and that that's Really the problem is that you have an Evolutionary dynamic in which we are Constantly forcing the people who will Ultimately have that kind of power to Demonstrate that they are exceptionally Good at figuring out you know on which Side their bread is buttered and then When they get to the top office we're Shocked that the corruption continues And so Another aspect of the the unity proposal Was that it effectively took courageous Capable Patriots and sped them past the System that forces people to become Excellent at corruption now somebody who Had been sped past that corrupting uh Steeplechase Would be in a position to purge the

System below them of corruption if you Try to do this from the ground up the Corruption will win if you did this from The top down I'm not in general a fan of Top-down Solutions but in this case I Don't believe there's another way you Could do it if if this You know hypothesis or a experiment Actually came to life this Unity party This ticket correct me if I'm wrong Speaking of Andrew Yang I believe your Proposal was Andrew Yang on the left and General bill mcraven on the right I want To say in 2020 that was the initial Formulation of it so if that came to be It's a two-part question how do you Think that governance would look today 2023 and you know you call yourself a Progressive almost even a radical your Words that to me sounds as moderate as It gets meaning someone on the center Left someone on the center right come Together I guess maybe it's not moderate As you're shaking your head I guess how Would they be faring today if that Ticket did come to life and what what The moderate versus radical approach be Um that's a great question so I will say I am a radical because I believe only Radical change can save us but it's not Like I like radicalism I don't like Radicalism I don't you are radical but You don't like the concept I'm a radical Because in 2023 that's what's required I

Don't want to see a radical civilization I want to see a civilization in which The tension between conservatism and Progressivism results in dynamism which We've seen I mean that's what Built America and the West dynamism it is that Tension right what you need is Progressives who can see what Solutions Actually might be worth the freight and You need conservatives to put the brakes On them to make sure they don't get Carried away with fanciful Notions about What might be that our utopian nonsense Right it's both things so I you know I Have I have said sometimes in the past That I am a a radical who wants to live In a world so good that I get to be a Conservative right So some some may say you sound confused Right they may and then they're not Getting it because you know and this is One of the problems I see on the left is That people fall in love with the idea Of progress they don't understand how Dangerous it is and so the point is we We can't reach a place where they'll Stop right we can't reach a place that's Good enough that they will they will Stand down and say all right how do you Know we've succeeded how do we keep it How about this just to be clear if you Could send a clear message clear concise Message to your friends on the far left And then a clear concise message to the

Friends on the far right about this Unity ticket what would your direct Message to these types of people be Uh I think the message is if you don't Break out of the dynamic that you're Stuck in then this is going to be a Short ride We we don't have a good plan to go Forward and we need one and frankly We're 30 years late Right we needed to see this 30 years ago Then we would have had time to do this Now we're in an emergency situation and I would just say it is as much as I see Um Conservatives have completely lost Patience with liberals and they've done This because the Liberals at the moment Seem insane and so I would I would ask Them to rethink that and just recognize That this is actually the moment at Which conservatives have a very clear And vitally important role to play but It is not to the exclusion of Progressives so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign [Music]

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