“They’re Going To Investigate Everybody!” – Elon Musk Declares The DEATH Of Cancel Culture

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Yeonmi Park, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to Elon Musk declaring the death of cancel culture.

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Elon the CEO of Twitter recently Declared that cancel culture is over Just months after his take over the Social media company he made the comment On Tuesday following an exchange between Journalist Matt haibi and Joe Rogan on Rogan's podcast Joe Rogan shared on the Podcast that people aren't scared to Speak their mind on Twitter and you're Seeing so much pushback since musk's Acquisition they're not worried about Losing their account which they were Before roking out of taibi who helped Publish some of musk's Twitter files Said I hope people are feeling Encouraged to say more now when musk Bought Twitter in October of 2022 for 44 Billion he promised to protect free Speech on the platform saying that Twitter is the digital Town Square where Matters vital to the future of humanity Are debated musk had previously declared That cancer culture needs to be canceled And he's saying now it's officially Canceled do you think cancer culture is Officially canceled The moment of yesterday I guess sure yeah as of right now do you Think do you think right now people the Whole concept of worrying about getting Your channel shut down or your YouTube Or your Twitter account taken away from Your Facebook you know now that Trump Got Twitter back he got Facebook back

You got all of these accounts back do You think the days of being afraid of Speaking out or behind us That's interesting because I my posters Shows as a sensitive post to a lot of my Followers on Twitter or yeah on Twitter Really actually on Twitter interesting Yeah so even till this morning so I'm Like why can't I see her post so it's a Real comments I get you guys don't get That No of course you're talking about Shadow Banning yeah you you post and it's a Sensitive material yeah On Twitter yeah on Facebook absolutely I Don't see it on Twitter let me try to Get your tweets so my followers keep Saying that like why can't I see this Post so like I think maybe at least 30 Percent does that yeah yeah it's fun Because I I posted something on Instagram and then a bunch of people and Had nothing to do with covet but it kept Putting this the covet warning how Recent was that this was about a week Week and a half ago and it was Absolutely nothing about covid but People were like why do we see this it's A comedy sketch about something Completely different but Instagram is Still putting that tag on instagram is Uh Facebook is uh I don't know if YouTube is doing anything with it but YouTube will still comment on hey this

One a little bit too far or you know Certain things would say do you think Cancel culture is over with I think this Is uh what is known as a self-fulfilling Prophecy that our friend Elon Musk is You is you know reaching out for I don't I think we're starting to see the Infancy stages of cancel culture like This anti-woke agenda that Ron DeSantis And certain other people are sort of Spearheading no I don't think cancel Culture is over and I'll tell you why Because you also have tens of millions Of gen Z for the most part who are the Kickstarters of cancel culture and They're not going anywhere and they're Doubling down on some of their things That they believe in their ideology Whether it's sort of the LGBT stuff or Whether it's the uh critical race Theory Or whether it's a 16-19 project these Things aren't going anywhere what I Think will help identify sort of like The canary in the cold mine of what Where cancel culture will be is the 2024 Election we'll see where that kind of Goes because I think if it is Ron DeSantis or even Trump on the right Versus whoever ends up being on the left If it's a Biden or a Newsom or a comler Whoever uh I think that'll be sort of an Identifier but no I do not think that it Is it is over I think even within Twitter it is not over I think that he's

Done a good job of making it more of a Free speech platform but I think he's Still removed Kanye I think there's some Certain things so he didn't remove Kanye He's suspended yeah yeah and by the way Same thing I don't think it is though I Think uh I think I think that is like uh Uh there's a difference between getting Your license suspended and taken away Right if you get like listen I had 21 Speeding tickets one day I'm driving With a guy I'm trying to teach him how To sell insurance policies this is 18 Years ago 17 years ago cop pulls me over Says what are you doing I said I'm on The 101 freeway I'm trying to get to a Client's house he says what are you Doing driving with a suspended license I Say I don't even know if my license been Suspended your license is suspended for A year I have to get out of the car Somebody had to come pick me up take me Guess what yes I deserve to have my License suspended at the time but then I Got it back and then I lost it again I Got it back again eventually yeah I'm Driving right cancel culture I think When Elon is saying this he may be right Uh uh in because to him think about if You're Elon Musk Elon Musk is for sure Cancel culture is for sure canceled for Him on Twitter 100 percent For sure it's canceled for him on Twitter now do I think it's

Um Decreased on Twitter yes 100 do I think People are saying stuff on Twitter that They couldn't get away with you know a Year ago one million percent I don't Think you could have gone away with it Six months ago on Twitter do I think Some things are broken because the new Engineers I'll give you an idea we have A app that we develop Tom knows the Story so we uh moved away from one of The uh developers that we hired we moved Away to a bigger developer because of a Team of 500 people and they can do stuff For us that the other guys couldn't do The new Developers Updated seven different things that Worked incredibly well but they broke Two things I wasn't that was working Well yeah I don't know if that makes Sense yeah yeah seven things work sick But two things that were not broken they Broke it by trying to fix seven other Things so I think elon's Tesla Engineers Or whoever he brought in right now may Be breaking some stuff while fixing 80 Things and I think the users have to be A little bit patient but people are not Afraid of saying stuff today then they Were afraid of six months ago well Adam Made a great point but let's just say Trump wins in 2024 you don't think I Know they're cleaning up and all these Twitter files and the FBI is embedded

And FBI is going to Twitter and Monitoring for a political party you Don't think they're still going to be There when if let's say Trump wins those People are still there the FBI to me is All left all Democrat voting I remember That one time asked how many Republicans Are actually in the FBI when the FBI is That involved bro that cancel it's going To come back you'll see let me uh I Don't necessarily agree that all the FBI Or the CIA is all Democrat I don't think The majority majority however what I do Want to ask since you're a comedian is How many times can you be canceled what Do I mean we just saw that Roseanne Barr Roseanne Arnold or whatever you know she Goes by these days Roseanne was canceled Yeah right a few years back and now She's on tour again and her whole thing Is well you can't cancel me again yeah It's like even Andrew Tate is an example It's like I've already been canceled the Matrix has used all their bullets well Now they've used another one he's in Jail but can you get canceled again I Guess is the question you just nailed it Though she was canceled remember she did The national anthem and she was like Mocked it that was one of the first cats Yeah they were like you're done they Just laughed at her canceled it was like No America they pull you off of your Show they they remove you from your

Platform you're done that's what Happened with Roseanne I think you make A good point about the 2024 election Adam is that we're gonna see how does The populists really think about Candidates and about what they stand for For these kind of things and that's Going to show up but I think Elon Musk Was saying is I can't read his mind but The way I read it is Council culture has Done it Twitter I'm done taking orders From the outside we're trying to fix Things and do it and I think he was very Adamant about that and I think he's also Saying you know and I'm not going away And I think it was a vision statement For the rest of us because I see it's Not getting better you know Um everywhere certain places it's Getting better everybody is like oh Change the leadership at YouTube May Maybe this is a sign that some things Are going to be different maybe you can Have an opinion on covid that won't get Shut down at YouTube and I think so I That's why I read it Pat I read it kind Of as a vision statement and I'm not Going away and cancel culture is done at Twitter and he knows his impact On the rest of the world he's an Influencing voice so that's kind of the Way around I'll say something here and You and me if you've got any thoughts we Can go to the next story so here's one

Thing I will say I think when you know It is Facebook Instagram everybody kind Of given uh Trump uh uh reinstating him On the accounts I think a lot of these Guys and including YouTube maybe firing Susan the CEO of YouTube maybe a lot of These guys are sitting there saying dude Let's just make sure they don't Target And find out our freaking YouTube files What if they find a Facebook files and Instagram files holy [ __ ] if they figure This part out so listen let's kind of Accommodate let's kind of slow our role On the strikes and the Banning and this And that and let's kind of let people Lose a little bit more let's kind of Know that this is going to be the year Of Investigations fauci and Twitter Files and you know uh Biden and Hunter Biden and all they're going to be Investigating everybody let's just pump The brakes the people that were Committing the crime I think they kind Of want to be away from all the um what Do you call it the investigations that's Taking place if you look at the social Media influencers you'll notice a couple Different things watch how the loud Mouth nft people how loud they were a Year and a half ago look how quiet they Are today Let's see Whispers how a year ago nfts Were the greatest things in sliced bread They're so quiet and they're talking

About kindness and they're saying hey Yeah that's just countable love roll and It's all about love and you know what They're trying to say please love me and Leave me alone with the money that I Made selling all these nfts to people That 99 of them are a waste of time I Think that's kind of what's happening However here's the thing from an Iranian And somebody was from North Korea and Somebody who struggled growing up in Miami you know we have to know that you Have to Forever And ever fight for freedom of speech I Don't think there's ever going to be a Time where cancel culture is canceled I Don't think there will ever ever Be a time where you're going to be free Of that ever what are your thoughts yeah I mean totally actually you mentioned About FBI I was invited to speak at FBI Dallas last year And then like to be to this right before My event the head of diverse records me And then she calls me my political Opinions are too controversial so she Has cancer me get out of it bingo at FBI I told you but we agreed that I'm gonna Only speak about my experience from North Korea nothing about American Politics just my journey to Freedom And they still didn't let you no in Dallas wow FBI which is in Texas which Is still a rich State I know yeah so

That's very weird what was the Justification if I guess I was not Diverse enough I'm in the head of Diversity I'm an Asian Defector North Korea yeah you're not diverse enough Yeah what does that mean exactly My I think they are looking for maybe Like skin color of diversity right but My thoughts were too controversial in Her mind that I I don't know what it was Just cause me like your your political Opinions literally these political Opinions are too controversial so we can Have you here and going to my point and Adam I understand where you're kind of Coming from but if I'm interested to see Rob if you can even look up you're not Going to see it what are the percentage Of FBI peep agents that are left-leaning Or democrat because where are all the Republicans when the FBI has been doing All this dirt for all their years what Do we have two whistleblowers that were Like hey guys collusion and small little Whistle blows but the majority of them Are what they're all left well they all Work with Hillary they all work with all These guys I'm very very curious to see How many of them are actually how many They're letting in that actually go to The right yeah because I'm not seeing Them actually you I think you made a Really good point about Um

Just sort of the timeliness of where We're at would you would you agree that 2020 2021 with the election with covid With lockdowns with mandates with uh gen Z sort of being this is their first time To vote all that kind of culminating That that was the worst of the worst of The worst with this cancer culture Meaning it can't get worse than it was During covet right like in the in the Greater context like we're sort of Coming out of it we're seeing the Economy we're seeing just the the Pushback from whether it's it's musk and Twitter and things being more open you Know less less people getting canceled Do you think we've seen the worst of it Is my question on the cancer culture Side all of that correct well okay so Here's here's the part that for me uh uh I'll get comfortable with okay so if you If you think about uh school system when We're talking about the number of people Teachers professors we talked about this A couple podcasts ago where they Measured by the purely by the dollar Contribution School teachers this is why I want everybody to consider taking Their kids out of private out of public School and put them in public school Private schools and consider Homeschooling I recommend every parent Consider taking their kids out of public Schools and putting it in private school

Or homeschooling if you can afford it English teachers out of 100 teachers in America 90 97 were Democrats three were Republicans in public school uh Health Teachers in America out of 199 Democrats One Republican Math and Science teachers Out of 100 based on contribution 87 Democrat 13 Republican that is a Monopoly it's not a 50 50. okay private Private schools are not 80 Republican 70 Republican or sixty percent of a Republican there's still 60 percent Democrat because most teachers are not Making enough money where their policies Would be policies to vote on maybe on One side sixty percent of teachers in Private school are still Democrats but It's a little bit more of a balanced Situation so where am I going to answer Your question here here's my answer to Your question What's happening is For 15 years these social media Companies were all owned by the left yep Yep for 15 years so guess what when Alex Jones got canceled the next day a Hundred people cancel them why because They're all on the same page it's one Phone call hey Facebook hey Google hey YouTube PayPal hey this hater bun the Next that we interviewed him it was 9 11 By the way when I interviewed them in Austin I want to say this was four or Five years ago 2019 maybe 2018 I don't

Know the exact year when we sat down and We interviewed Alex Jones the day after He got canceled we were we were with him This guy gets canceled so now does he Say crazy things of course he does does He get himself in trouble of course he Does but today today a guy like that Saying something they have to be a Little bit more methodical to cancel Everybody because Elon Musk now here's What we need more of we need one or two More to be bought look at what Spotify Did the best thing with Spotify you guys Have no idea how big of a role Spotify Played a year ago with Joe Rogan when Everybody was saying cancel cancel Joe Rogan with a Spotify a company out of Sweden Sweden yeah and they said yeah no We're not going to cancel it I'm doing It what do you mean we're not going to Cancel him 2018 was the Alex Jones Interview September 13th the video went Out but the interview was on 9 11. yeah I'm not canceling him you're not Canceling no we're not going to cancel Joe Rogan so everybody was hoping if If Spotify I cannot tell you guys how Big of a role Spotify played in the Concept of cancel culture if Spotify Would have said no we are going to Cancel Joe Rogan let me tell you Massively problematic for a lot of People in America if Spotify would have Canceled Joe

Now gets every everybody else is now Saying damn the guy from Sweden is also Defending what they're doing here in the U.S then we had a problem Spotify helped Cancel culture in America more than Americans even know so shout out to is a Daniel Eck the founder and the CEO of Spotify whatever you're doing out there Building your platform no when's the Last time you heard about somebody Getting cancer on Spotify I haven't When's the last time you heard somebody Getting their shows turned taken down on Spotify no one even talks about Spotify They're very Everybody Talks Rumble but Rumble is a conservative platform Spotify has left right middle those who Hate Republicans those who can't stand Capitalism and they're totally okay with It I'm telling you one of the most Important companies on cancel culture The last 12 months was Spotify thank God They get very little credit for what They do and if you look at Northern Europe and we can digress on this but I Will and I won't is first of all you Have Spotify that's up there second of All we have Finland and Sweden where There's some very different views about Covid and masks and back vaccination and So northern Europe has been an anchor of Assistance Fighting against us so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one

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