“This Is Bullsh*t!” – Reasons Why The Islamic Faith Is The Fastest Growing Religion

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Maajid Nawaz, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana discuss why the Islamic faith is the fastest-growing religion.

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You won't find much traction in that Demographic that's growing among Muslims Which is going to become a very large Demographic you won't find much traction For the idea that men with penises are Women For example so there's a lot to be Hopeful about a lot of this woke crap am I allowed to swear on this yes yeah so The that has no traction in Muslim communities nor did the coveted Mandates by the way some of the biggest Opponents of this whole mandate era Doesn't in the Muslim Community that's Right why not again back to this point When you're when you're Tuned out of the bush are tracking the the the Matrix Illusion that we all live in when you're Just with people none of this propaganda You know I just spent a whole month in a In a mosque every single night because a Ramadan uh praying uh not just the five Daily prayers and not just the special Ramadan evening prayer which is the Tarawiha prayer but also that to hajjad Prayer the night prayer every night just Leaving my phone at home speaking to People I can promise you out there in Muslim communities the the numbers you Mentioned whether it's in Pakistan Whether it's in Indonesia There's because they are so tuned out of This propaganda and that's the reason

Why again has years of history behind it You know not trusting Western propaganda And all that because of colonialism There's a long history there but because They're so tuned out in the real world Where people are talking and mixing with Each other they're fighting turned out Are not dependent for their perspective Of around life on the very narrow Um uh sources of information that we Have ended up with in uh in our Discourse and covert demonstrated that In the way in which our sources of Information were so minutely controlled These are communities that have because Let's take Pakistan as an example with Vaccinations as Vox reports you can pull It up if you want but the CIA in its Hunt for bin Laden engaged in a fake Hepatitis B vaccine program against Children using the cover of vaccines to Try and take people's DNA against their Will by deception uh looking for bin Laden that got revealed which is I say It's on a Vox Vox that got blown up the CIA to apologize for it but where you've Got a history of abuse like that nobody Trusts the messaging in the first place To say take this shot or you're going to Lose your job everyone has their Starting point is you're all a bunch of Liars so when you're tuned out in that Way what you've got left you've got no Money it's a developing World you've got

No power what you've got is Relationships and your relationships are The only thing that matter as anyone With a middle eastern background know The idea of Um in Pakistan it's called safaris but The idea of it's who you know you have To know people your family your tribal Members even to get on in life because The system doesn't work the system has Never worked for a long time so it's the Relationships that matter now in that Content you've got no time for the and the propaganda so there's No traction for this uh these woke Culture wars is absolutely zero Attraction but good vaccine mandates but But it has to be because somebody at the Top shuts it down yeah because if the Person at the top doesn't shut it down Then there can there can be traction Okay you know there's a part about uh uh So if you want to pull up these stats I Just send it to you with the whole Percentage of Um uh go a little lower go a little Lower go a little lower go keep going Keep going keep going Um let's see if this is the link Percentage of Muslims who support gay is This article that I found yeah if you Can't go to that one and it says by age Uh I don't know if you see okay uh I I Didn't send you this link I sent you a

Different link I sent you the peer Research link maybe I sent you the wrong Link okay let me send you this one if You can pull this up it says percentage Of Um Muslims who strongly favor gay marriage Okay 18 to 29 yeah 49 yeah 30 to 49 38 Was that in America this is pure Research yeah but who's being is it Muslims in America so this is Muslims Who strongly favor or favor gay marriage Okay the presidential Muslims who Strongly favor or favor gay marriage who Are ages this is a table to put margins Arizona question it doesn't say if it's America let's just assume it's America I Imagine it would be 50. those numbers Don't 50 to 64. 50 to 64 age 11 65 plus Is two percent how different is this in Muslim nations very different give us an Idea it would be the opposite you'd be You'd be seeing the exact opposite right There on the chart if you say okay just A survey just survey which countries are Legally allow in Muslim majority Countries where this is a uh a legal Where the definition of marriage has Changed from being between a man and a Woman in Muslim majority countries I Don't think there's any any really uh Attraction for this idea but which which Muslim countries is gay marriage legal I Don't I can't think of one what do you

Think about that look for me this is a Human Issue I don't think we should have to Change the definition of what marriage Is To have sympathy for people that have Same-sex attraction I think that there's A there's a lot of crossing of lanes Here which I think has been largely responsible for Some of the mess We Now find ourselves In where where where men are saying They're women I think tradition is Important it needs to be respected and Maintained there's a reason in Tradition Marriages between a man and a woman uh Civil unions and civil Partnerships are Something else I'm not uh into in any Way persecuting minority identities my Interest is to make sure that tradition As well is preserved and not tinkered With because what we've seen of lake With the woke culture wars and said we'd Come to the trans thing and maybe we can Go into it here now is the absurdity of This all becomes apparent when you start There's tradition is there for a reason And the wisdom that underpins a lot of Our traditional perspectives in time you Can begin seeing especially as you Become older and become a parent and if You start playing with that um wisdom as I say the absurdity becomes apparent now There is no uh there is no reason

Other than Are respectful tradition and and a Recognition of reality which is what Tradition is I believe and the wisdom That is underpinning tradition is based On Um there is no reason other than that to Object to a lot of this madness that the Reason I object to this man is I say That this we as human beings have Existed here on this planet for so many Thousands of years and along you come And think that you can that you've Suddenly found an answer To these questions and the answer is That I can identify however I want I I sorry but I don't think that you Have the accumulated wisdom of Generations of human beings on this Planet Um people that have had intersex Identities people have have had trans Idencies people that have had same sex Attraction have always existed in these Societies and if you go to Um Pakistan as an example here if you go To Lahore And if you go to the batra Masjid which Is one of the big most beautiful mosques In law around that badshah Masjid was The traditional red light district of The Mughal emperors because a lot of the Concubines and others would live around The court

And the in Pakistan there's a very old Tradition of Um Men that would come to weddings and Dance and they would be dressed up as Women And in order the common parlance for This is yeah and uh it's not you know The the idea of the trans identity in a Traditional Muslim Society is not Um it's not alien but what what never Happened was that you take that Phenomenon which was they weren't you Know of course there are challenges with Uh how they're treated and that needs to Improve in every case but what never Happened was you take that identity Which has existed there for a long time And now you want to start tinkering with Tradition by changing uh the norms and The customs and the legislation upon Which those that those norms and Customs Lead to by saying that I'm going to Announce change the definition of Marriage so they they were there and They've always been there but there's a Reason that that tradition has led to This idea that marriage is between man And woman I think and I think that's how It should stay it's also slippery slope Right because uh you said that's how I Think you should stay is what you're Saying marriage marriage between a man And a woman that's how it should stay

Okay so today you'll hear guys coming Out and you know we talk about this with Tate Andrew Tate says look at Christians You know they're compromising their Values and principles he says you know Why I'm a Muslim because they don't Compromise The Horizon principles and He's he's got a big audience and his Audience is who 16 to 35 years old okay Which is the audience that is typically Afraid angry disappointed heartbroken Moldable shapable recruitable his Audience is the audience that is a Shapable audience right it's the Audience the US government wants to have Because the sooner you get to them Through educational system whatever Maybe you have them for the rest of your Life and you already know how they're Going to be voting for you got them for The most part right okay What what why do you think uh the the Christian religion is caving in where They're sitting there and saying well You know what it's okay you know it's Just complements okay and I know you Don't have the answer to it it's not Like it's like I'll give you I'm looking For definite but I want an answer of Your opinion I'll give you add-ons huh Um and by the way do you think it is a Mistake clergy's man do you think it is A mistake the Christian church is making Yeah yes so add-on sir and before I give

The an answer that answer I to make it Clear I'm married to an American who was Raised in Catholic School my Mother-in-law is a practicing Catholic Who visits church every Sunday uh and For all the occasions such as Christmas And what have you Um And so I am familiar on a in a family Sense with um Catholicism and my remarks Are in no way meant in any way to Disparage any faith tradition Uh but an answer to your question I Believe is back it comes back to the Nature of uh institutions in this case Clergy When you have as I say every institution Becomes corrupted and it drifts to more And more power we saw that in the church So the pedophilia Scandal isn't confined To Epstein it existed in the church as Well Now what was Epstein so Whitney Webb's Written a book One Nation Under Blackmails a two-volume book worth Having a look at um I interviewed her For my the radical show um which uh Basically we had a whole season and then Um it was on Odyssey and odyssey's Parent company was library and the SEC Um the Securities and Exchange Commission under Gary Gensler enforced Against Library while not enforcing Against FTX

And celebrity had to shut down and so uh Odyssey the platform still exists but Radical the show couldn't carry on but We had Whitney Webb on that show and That's an example One Nation Under Blackmails her book and it goes into how The entire Epstein operation was for the Purposes of acquiring compromat on Senior political leaders so that once You have that compromat or compromising Material you can have them do your Bidding at risk of you exposing what you Know about them if they don't So take what we know about Epstein and One of his um former handlers is it's All there in the press in fact in the British newspaper the sun you've got an Interview with one I'm saying I was Epstein's Moss ad Handler and the reason We were doing this was to try and force Politicians with the compromat we had to Do our bidding but that's how political Blackmail works so to your question what Happened in the church If you've got a whole bunch of on a Whole bunch of priests doing a whole Bunch of crap with kids You can have them do your bidding and You can hijack the institution from Within in the UK with the church of England um I think the man's Welby head Of the Church of England in the UK has Recently come out and said the same Thing it's like yeah it's fine this

Trans stuff this gay stuff it's all for So the question becomes if you can Corrupt the institution from the top and The guidance itself is saying this is All fine Or in the case of the Catholic church You've got priests who are Disabled from doing much against it Because themselves are compromised the Institution itself becomes disabled it Is unable to respond And again the advantage of an of a more Libertarian approach to a direct Relationship with the source or Allah Again we've defined what we mean by the Word Allah this is not a you know a Muslim only thing Um if you have a direct relationship With Allah or the source uh you can Always outflank the attempt to hijack Any given institution because your uh Your faith tradition doesn't rely on That Institution for guidance in the First place That's so imagine let me ask you a Question so what uh I I agree the whole Trends it's it's it's it's getting crazy They're growing by the day it's getting To me it's getting out of control why do You think such a small minority group is Is getting like protected and probably You can't like if anybody talks negative Against them you're canceled you're done You're finished how are they getting

This much power yeah how is it well so This is deliberate these culture wars Are being stoked on purpose to avoid us Having these conversations about one Nation on the blackmail about globalism About technocracy about the the uh Attempts that are still undergoing right Now to securitize the entire planet and And put us under this Dragnet uh this Technocratic uh Dragnet where we are all Digital slaves uh and that should be the Most important topic right now the World Health Organization is currently as we Speak passing amendments to the International Health regulations Amendments those amendments to the International Health regulations Stipulate that the head of the World Health Organization tudrus who I Believe By the way there is also some Questionable footage of in various Private scenarios now to address who's The head of the World Health Organization through these amendments Which will pass without a vote because All of us our countries are signatories To the World Health Organization so the Amendments to the international Health Regulations don't need a vote once those Amendments pass the World Health Organization can declare a global Health Emergency and impose all of their Measures from a from uh on top centrally And they won't need the government's

Cooperation to do so so we've got Efforts afoot right now as we speak to Securitize our uh Health policy around The world and synchronize it all in one Globalist technocratic tyranny And meanwhile uh we are fighting over What a woman is and I think that that's Being deliberately stoked so that we're Looking over here and not looking up Like the version tactic like look left And right don't look up and I I Obviously you have to address it because Somebody going into a female changing Room and you or a prison whereas a Rapist or suddenly identifies as a woman And gets put into a female Wing you have To address it because it's a clear and Immediate problem but while you're Addressing it this is all going on up Here so I often say to people look up we Have to look up and understand what's Going on this is being deliberately Funded back to the money Point these Culture wars are being stoked and funded On purpose the rise of this bug-like Character notice it happened after they Met Biden yep right it's all plant so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Thank you

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