“This Is Embarrassing!” – Reaction To LEAKED Pentagon Documents

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Mike Baker, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to leaked Pentagon documents.

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So dozens of League defense defense Department classified documents have Been posted online Brazilian U.S spine On Russia's War Machine and Ukraine and Secret assessment of Ukraine's combat Power as well as intelligence gathering In America's allies including South Korea and Israel highlights from the Documents include the fact that Russia's Private mercenary outfit the Wagner Group has sought to purchase weapons From NATO's member turkey and that the Group is considering recruiting more Convict for the war in Ukraine Additionally a document marked secret Examines while Ukrainian bombs equipped With the U.S mate guidance systems known As joint direct attack Munitions or Jdam's have failed recently South Korea Has concerns about providing artillery Shells to the U.S to replenish America's Supplies as officials worried about the Ammunition would end up in Ukraine's Military document marked secret assets Pathways for Israel to provide lethal Aid to Ukraine providing hypothetical Situations that might drive Israel from Its Balancing Act between Kiev and Moscow the leadership of Israel's mossat Foreign intelligence service encourages Staff to take part in anti-government Protests that have swept Israel According to one document what are your Thoughts on the story well first of all

Anything Mark's secret it's basically Got the classification level of anything That's on Tick Tock right so because to What we were talking about before the Government casting a wide net there's a Lot of overclassification that goes on Right and but secret is your your lowest Level of classification and you look at This and you think again because you Gotta it's like an investigation right You you don't build your investigation On on Theory right you base it on Evidence on facts right otherwise you You're by the time you get done it's Just on Shaky Ground so when you're Doing something like this and it's a Counterintelligence issue and you're Trying to figure out you know is this a A genuine leak if so that's a fairly Simple process you figure out who had Access to the information in today's World a lot of people have access right Right we came out at 9 11 and one of the Things they talked about was you know There wasn't enough sharing of Intelligence so guess what we overshare Right so in part that's a problem but You look at this and you think okay what Are they talking about here you know Some of the documents talked about uh Russia oh we're going to start a a Propaganda campaign in Africa no [ __ ] Sherlock of course they are right uh or They're talking about the the J dams not

Being you know as effective well who Does that benefit when you talk about This so you start looking at the Information that's in these documents And you have to keep an element of this Is on one side you have to think okay is There a chance that this is a you know Covert action campaign by the Russians To put this information out there Because a lot of it does you know hey Look if if we put an article in there or A document in there about uh the South Koreans being a little bit uh iffy on Providing shells if we talk about Egypt's going to sell Russia you know Weapons if we talk about the uaea coming Together with an agreement with All that [ __ ] you know I'm not sure that You know there's not a a possibility Here that it is a disinformation Campaign if it's not if they're Authentic documents and Quite frankly the government already Knows that right they're just not Telling us you know when John Kirby Stands up there and goes well we don't Know we don't know whether these are Authentic or not of course [ __ ] of Course you do yeah you know you you know Exactly where these things you know came From how who what office originated them Right who wrote them you know you've got You've got all this material stored Securely or at least you did if it's

Authentic and now how much of this how Much of this mic is like if you know Where it came from But if you tell everybody where it came From you're publicly humiliated so you Have to act like you know what I'm Saying like I don't know if that makes Sense or not like space yeah no it does I mean because look this is anytime you Have a leak of intelligence it's it's Embarrassing right I mean it because it It's embarrassing and and operationally Damaging on on several different fronts Right our allies you know if this is Authentic and these these these Documents are and and if they are Authentic then we've already told our Allies right so when we talk about well We have this discussion you know with With our allies over the weekend well You know You know this is this is playing out After the fact so if they are in fact Authentic or our allies already know That they're authentic and so they're Already looking at you know what Potential damage occurred from this But you're right anytime this happens It's it's embarrassing right and yet and Yet you're never going to get the Potential for this sort of thing to Happen down to zero right it's not You're never going to completely re Eliminate the risk of an intelligence

League yeah I'm reading all the stories By different papers to see what they're Saying New York Times uh Clues left Online might Aid seek investigation Officials say the guardian U.S Intelligence League what do we know About the top secret documents Moscow Times five things the leaked Pentagon Documents revealed about Russia's Army CNN leaked Pentagon documents lingered On social media despite a urgent National Security concerns CBS News Pentagon documents League Biden Everybody is pretty much saying the same Thing okay so if everybody is generally Saying the same thing It kind of minimizes a bit of Gamesmanship right or to you you kind of Maybe sitting there saying well it's Fox CNN all these guys that don't agree with Each other They're all playing the you Know safe game of saying we don't know Yet what it is but who could it be yeah It could be these guys it could be those Guys and the allegations everyone makes Their own allegations but nobody know Where it's really coming from you've got It's like it's like every decision tree Right no matter what you're talking About there's not that many branches on It these are either authentic or they're Not and if they're not it's a Disinformation campaign so who the hell Would have done it well because you know

That's another decision you know Arc it Would probably be the Russians but you Have to make that you know that uh that Decision very quickly in account Intelligence investigation and my point Being is that they already know of Course so they're just you know they're Not telling us I got a question for you Mike yeah so apparently this these Documents were sitting on Discord for Like a month and then it ended up Somehow in a Minecraft computer game That's something out of like Fantasyland Yeah but when I hear of leaks and this Type of stuff automatically I go to you Know Edward Snowden Wikileaks Julian Assange you know this person right here They don't know who it is if it is a Person or if it's some sort of agency Disinformation campaign is this leaker Is he going to be considered a traitor Is there going to be some sort of Whistleblower hero type thing that gets Uh attached to him what's your opinion On it'll it'll be all over the Spectrum Right I mean there are people that Considered you know Snowden a hero right And I understand where they're coming From there are other people that Consider them a traitor right I get that You know but uh with with this look it's Not the first time that uh classified Documents either ours or from our allies Have ended up in uh as bizarre as it

Sounds and sort of The Gaming Community Yeah right and maybe there's I don't Know maybe there's some connection that We can figure out between uh people who Spend a lot of time in in the gaming World and you know individuals who have Access to classified shooter hackers The screens all day yeah yeah yeah so And and you know it's again You can't because of the need to share Information right and there is a Legitimate need to do that you just have To be careful about how you do it you Don't want to again you don't want to Make such a large playing field that you Have no control over what the hell You're doing but because of that and Because it's just a human endeavor You're always going to have the Potential for a problem like this but if You don't have consequences for it then You're you're increasing the likelihood That it could happen again you're not Minimizing the likelihood and the Problem we've always had with with this Sort of thing is there's you know it's a Shifting landscape in terms of from one Administration to the next how they deal With this sort of thing it's not it's Certainly not the first time it won't be The last time but if you don't have Consequences for people who uh who act Out against agreements that they've Already signed right you got to take

That very seriously you sign agreements Right Yeah and so you know and that goes to Your grave right you don't you know That's not you think well I stopped Working or I not get enough hugs work or Boy I don't agree with that policy so [ __ ] my secrecy agreements yeah you know That's where you have to you know you Have to have consequences I was just Gonna ask you that because Mike is not To cut you off Adam because like r at The base that I was at and miles from Air Force Base where the funny that's What the Chinese spy Bloom was hovering At over that of my base it was the Biggest you didn't have anything to do With that no no no okay I think I Allegedly allegedly but uh the biggest Threat wasn't like a nuclear attack it Was The Insider threat our Insider Threat was the number one threat as People knowing about the information but I agree with you 100 you signed the you Sign your you're supposed to stay quiet Then all of a sudden you're leaking [ __ ] So so Mike are you saying that you Probably not probably but is it almost Like a definite they know who the hell Did it whoever leaked it I I think so I Mean just given um you know when you Look at it forensic capabilities now Um you know nothing nothing is Completely deleted

Um and and particularly when you're Talking about the power of the the Government you know to pursue an Investigation now whether they're Organized enough to actually do it I Don't know but uh yeah I I think that They'll they'll sort this one out I Don't think that uh we're not talking About Lex Luthor here and I think They'll also sort out and they already Have if this is disinformation so if These documents are not accurate I think They'll they would come out relatively Quickly and say that but if there's an Investigation into individuals who have Been responsible for this and they're Authentic it'll probably take a little Bit longer for them not talk the the my My last question on this is Um you know I feel like all Country spy government spy and this is You know talking about you know whether It's the CIA it's MI6 whether it's the Mossad whether it's the gru in Russia KGB Um India Pakistan France they all every Country spies and I don't think it's That concerning that we're spying on Russia I think that's kind of goes with The with the story I mean you would hope We all yeah you hope we are you know I Don't even think it's that big of a Concern we're spying on Ukraine and Zelinski it's like buddy if we're giving

You a [ __ ] couple billion dollars Just believe we're kind of checking in On you yeah but how big of a concern is That that they're finding out that we're Spying on South Korea our Ally Israel Our biggest Ally in the Middle East Mossad how much validity is it there and How big of a concern is that well Look I know succumb is a shock but Mossad pays attention to what their Allies are doing right so Mossad has an Effort to understand what we're doing Right does that mean they're collecting Intelligence on us uh yeah and does that Mean the South Koreans to the degree That they have the resources and and Abilities are they doing the same thing Yes on their allies of of course it is Um yeah it's understood right now there Are limits to that right but uh even With our closest allies there's an Understanding that you Trust but verify right I mean because Every nation acts in its own best Interests right now You know your your efforts are obviously Far more aggressive when we're talking About nation states that are not aligned With us right so no surprise but we Better hope people always say that they Say well we're doing the same damn thing Right we're doing this and Well yeah you better hope we are because You know as much as you may want to this

Is not a world where we're a community Of Nations right and we're all looking Out for each other right and then you Know unicorns all flying out of our Asses and we're all happy and it's just Not it's not the way it works let me let Me ask this question do you think uh do You think uh Putin or XI feel like they can get Things done negotiating with Biden do You think Gian Russia think they can Succeed in negotiations with Biden more Than they would with Trump more than They would with Obama or somebody new Like a DeSantis I think what they feel with Biden is That it's it's a known quantity right And I think that's I don't know whether They feel that would be speculating my Part you know what you know how do they Berate them in regards to who they can Negotiate with better but I do think That they feel as if Trump is is more of An unknown quantity uh and they can't Really You know look and come up with like a Three to five year plan of what so what Did you want to keep a Biden in office If you know if you know that guy is an Unknown quantity because he's not Predictable If that is what you assess it assess it To be you almost want to keep this guy In office for another six years don't

You well based on look if if all you're Looking at is sort of a decision between Biden and Trump and you look at Trump's Time in office and you look at Biden's Time in office if I'm a you know a head Of a Nation that's uh at odds with the U.S I would prefer Biden because I can I Can more accurately predict I think in My opinion where he's going to go what His policies are going to be how he's Going to behave right and so yes I mean I think there's you could you could make That argument uh Trump was unpredictable Right I mean that's one of the reasons Why he lost the election people were Tired of the chaos right and but I think With I mean Biden's been in DC for what 50 50 plus years yeah right you know you Know for me for me I wonder because Anytime a company has a CEO that didn't Want to communicate or I couldn't even Get a sit down with them I didn't I Didn't like that which means I couldn't Get things done I I would much prefer an [ __ ] that Was willing to sit with me then somebody That was the nicest guy would never call Back never email and never had time to Come and sit down and visit it's as Weird as that sounds yeah because you Know at least the [ __ ] you know you Know what his agenda was it's his Company right against yours it's his Protection but the other guy would you

Know was so like aloof and you had to be Very careful with the guys that were Very aloof okay so I wonder if they sit There and they say you know because Let's put the blame on Russia let's say Russia's behind this thing because if Russia is using Israel and South Korea It's a form of dividing and conquering You're pinning Israel against U.S and so It's very strategic and Brilliant if That's really what you're doing and to Be so good you also through some of your Internal stuff of Russia to make sure People don't think you're the one that's Doing it which if you look at it is Absolutely minimal right right it's not A big deal on their own right oh my God Yeah yeah but that's it's it's again It's no question about it but but it is Very if let's just say if it is Russia Right then then if they're doing that to Pin Biden against uh uh uh Israel and South Korea and then maybe they're Saying you know what this Trump guy at Least you know when he was there NATO Was not bothering us he was not a fan of NATO we're not a fan of NATO you know Yes the trade issues was it is what it Is and we have to deal with that Huawei We have to deal with that you know I Could never attack Ukraine under him so Do I really want this guy back I can Attack Ukraine under Biden but at the Same time if Trump was here and if I

Attack Ukraine under Biden would they Have sent 140 billion dollars to Ukraine To help would Trump have sent money I Don't know if Trump would have sent Money but maybe Trump would have had a Meeting with me within 24 hours to say If you don't stop doing this then yeah So I because to these guys the way I'm Processing it who do you want at the Helm do you want the guy that you can Have in the captain kneecap conversation And negotiate or do you want the guy That is you know having worried about The ice cream he's gonna have and you Don't really know if you can have a real Conversation that's my biggest thing who Do you want as an enemy sometimes I want The leader of the enemy to be somebody I Can talk to no matter how much I may not Like the guy and how much we disagree Yeah yeah I I that's it's a an odd thing Here in the US I think maybe it's Elsewhere but this idea that you have to Like the person in charge right I don't You know I didn't like Trump I don't Like Trump necessarily I think he's just Too chaotic and I think he's you know He's all over the map I liked the Policies right I liked the policies Better uh I don't need to like the Person necessarily I'm more interested In what are they doing you know as as a Leader so but with you know Putin I I'm Sure you know Putin looked at Ed Biden

And he remembered it was Obama Biden When they you know walked into Crimea And there was no response right they Took Crimea and and during that Administration and you know there was no Pushback really to speak of and so they Probably factor that into their Calculation over Ukraine I I'm sure Putin was surprised at the at the my Monetary response sort of the way the Allies came together and said because I I figure that calculation was probably Different they probably thought the U.S Will not get quite so involved they will Not make quite the effort with NATO but Um I I you know to that degree his Intelligence was was clearly off but um Yeah I I agree with you I think you know If I'm If I'm looking at this and I certainly If I'm G if I'm G and I think that I'm Close to the top of the of the of the Ladder here Um I would much rather have somebody Like President Biden in place because Again I can look at him and I think I Can I can map out and predict based on 50 plus years where he's going if that's The case I won't do this because this Hurts that's the only thing so if I'm Sitting here thinking about you're doing This I wouldn't do this because you're Hurting the existing guy because you're Giving more ammunition to the opposing

Side I I would I would let it roll Rather than doing this to say hey Because do you remember when Trump had To keep firing people in Sienna CNN and MSNBC would constantly say there's a uh Uh Source within Trump Administration What a terrible thing to do to a guy to Confuse a crap at him like think about When they say there's a player within The New England Patriots organizations That's leaking information to us at ESPN That there's a major fight and have Fallen out between Tom Brady and Bill Like those types of things and your Brady and Belichick you're like hey guys Stop it we're good we don't have it but Then in the back your mind you're like Who's talking [ __ ] is it that guy that I Pinched is it that guy that I didn't let Through this is it that guy that I Didn't invite to the part is it that guy That wants to be traded what is it Regardless of how much bulletproof Strong mentally tough you are they get a Little bit of your brain and you start Thinking so regardless no matter how Bulletproof this Administration may be They're going to say what the Pentagon Wants Republican Trump to be there That's not on our side we got to fire This person who is that person it's a General this it's a general is it this Person this this this really throws a Wrench in the game yeah that's all I'm

Saying so I don't know yeah yeah I mean Again it's it's speculation at this Point obviously you know to say that you Know it could it be uh a uh covert Action campaign by the Russians but I'm Saying that when you do something like This when you're investigating somebody This you have to keep all the options on The table until you approve otherwise And you know that's it's and again and I I would argue that they they already Know if they don't already know what's Going on with this then that is really Disappointing yeah if if you're doing it At the KGB level of Putin trust me Putin's got like a board of I would Assume he's got a board of everybody who To poke to piss off with who and create A proxy here to unify here so we can Become the good guy and call these guys And do a favor for that guy so he can Connect us with this guy and get in Front of I mean I'm assuming that's how These rooms these conversations are Going to be had so yeah and it's Election time you got eight more months Left nine more months left before we Decide who the Republican candidate is Going to be so the Santa's Trump you Know who do you want to be the head uh If you are really meddling in elections I would be really more thought out of Who I'd want to eliminate to create the Enemy against so if you like this clip

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