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So listen the rumors are true there is a Seven step formula that when applied Correctly gives you the highest chance Of hitting ten thousand dollars a month And this is the fastest way to go from Zero to a full-time income because these Seven steps remove any guesswork from Your decision making process they're Gonna go ahead and prevent you from Making the mistakes that lead most People to failure so as long as you Follow these seven steps you are pretty Much guaranteed to make money and as I Run you through them I'm gonna prove to You why so with no further Ado let's get Into it now let me let you in on a Little secret 95 of people who try to Start a side hustle or try to start an Online business fail before they even Get going and let me tell you why they Try to look at what guys like Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk are doing and assume that Those are the most profitable businesses There are starting an app developing a Software building an online store There's a very big flaw in this line of Thinking because these businesses at a Global scale are profitable yes but it Fails to consider that there's a very Different fundamental difference between You and guys like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk they have a limited cash they're Extremely business savvy and they have Unlimited access to the world's top

Talent on the other hand you have no Money to start no business experience And very little but still some access to The world's top talent meaning if you Chose any of those business models you Would be making a very grave mistake It's kind of like trying to run an ultra Marathon when you can't even do a lap Around a track quite frankly you'll be Choosing the completely wrong business Model for your career stage although They may be profitable Ventures when They're operating in the billions when You first start off these models they're Barely profitable if profitable at all So by choosing such models you're Literally setting yourself up for Failure from day one and that's exactly What 95 of people who are trying to make Money do and it's no wonder that most People fail and give up within the first Few months and in some cases these People are left with thousands if not Tens of thousands of dollars of debt by Trying to start these difficult business Models that involve investment or Involve money to actually get it off the Ground and develop a product or this or That and then they're scarred and They're burned and they kick themselves And they go oh stupid me how could I Ever think that I could be an Entrepreneur how could I ever think that I could start an online business when

They just started off on the wrong foot From day one so if you don't want to be A part of that 95 here's what you need To do you have to pick a business model To place your strengths rather than the Ones that highlight your weaknesses and I think that we can all agree that Building Rockets is not going to be the Thing to take you from zero to ten Thousand dollars a month you know Majority of the go-to business models Are just as bad as trying to build a Rocket ship and send it into space as a Beginner things like building an app I Know I have two of them things like Starting an e-commerce brand once again I know because I have my own e-commerce Brand developing a software once again I Speak from experience that's my main Business agency flow and in fact I've Even bought a few other software Companies to roll into the portfolio so Just like building Rockets these Businesses are very complex to get off The ground they require top talent for Product development women and require a Lot of cash to get started way more than You would expect so the number one main Priority when starting a business is Avoid the wrong business models for Beginners now the question is how do you Tell the wrong ones from the right ones Well here is how you figure that out I've put together a chart that will

Guide you through the process of picking Your perfect business model there's Basically three parameters that you have To consider the first one is initial Investment if you need to burn through Cash in order to get your business off The ground the risk of you losing all Your savings and potentially even going Into debt is just not worth it it's Simply too risky whereas if you have to Invest a thousand or maybe two thousand Dollars to get the business off the Ground that is totally fine that's what I call a calculated risk not being a Beginner and thinking that hey I'm gonna Plunge ten thousand or fifteen thousand Or twenty thousand dollars into this Business model or I'm gonna ask my Grandma for a hundred thousand dollar Loans in her life savings in order to Roll the dice and potentially lose all My money you need to understand that Everything in life is offense and Defense so right now it's most important That you pick a business model where if You don't succeed for three months for Six months for nine months maybe if you Don't even succeed for a year okay maybe You've lost you know 500 bucks a Thousand bucks maybe 2 000 bucks you Haven't burned tens of thousands of Dollars and gone into debt that can Plague you for life instead you need to Pick the right business model for your

Career stage in the business model that You pick now is not the same business Model that eventually if you want to Make 10 million dollars a year or 30 Million dollars a year or you want to Sell your company for 300 million Dollars they're going to be two very Different businesses but that's okay That's fine let's focus on the next step Let's focus on getting you to ten Thousand dollars a month because that's Really and I can speak from experience Having made tens of millions of dollars Very soon in the next 12 months Crossing Nine figures I can tell you they're Making 10K a month was the biggest life Change I have ever had most people don't Realize how much money just goes into Starting some of these more diff Difficult businesses that a lot of People preach for example majority of Drop shipping stores in order to find One successful product they have to test 20 or 30 different products and you're Going to spend no less than ten thousand Dollars in order to make that happen you Know I speak from experience my first Business that I ran for six years which Was an agency we had some of the most Successful drop shipping stores in the World these are businesses that were Doing 40 50 million dollars a year in Revenue and that sounds amazing Until You realize that we were testing five to

Ten new products a day and of that 50 Million dollars the profit margin was Five percent they had tens and tens of Employees and it was a whole operation And then you look at something like Developing an app or software and once Again I speak from experience I have Multiple software companies and apps and My main business agency flow I did not Take investors I plunged over a million Dollars of my own money before I even Ever saw a penny back from it just to Develop the software as well as the Application so when you're first Starting out you do not want to be in a Position where every single day you see Your bank balance going down and down And down without even light at the end Of the tunnel of when you're gonna make That money back and unfortunately that Is the nature of businesses that require A product to sell product development Requires an abundance of time and cash To burn and that leads directly into our Second parameter which is product Development when you're first throwing Out you want to avoid businesses that Require product development for all the Reasons that I just mentioned now you Might be asking what type of business Doesn't require a product to sell Because if you sell a product then Obviously you need to start off by going Through product development and that's

Why I always personally suggest starting By offering Services Services don't Require you to spend any money on Product development because you are the Product in a sense you're selling your Time your effort or your knowledge so You get to skip the entire product Development stage and if you're thinking But I don't have any knowledge to offer Don't worry because that's not a problem Either because in Step 7 I'm going to Show you how to actually get someone to Deliver the services for you by using Something I call Contractor Arbitrage And you get to do all of that without Putting any of your own money down and Here's the real beauty of selling Services rather than selling products The guy that's bill an app or starting An e-commerce store for example has to Deal with product development shipping Logistics suppliers margins marketing Selling Customer Service Supply chains Payment processes all of that while over Here there's a guy that all he does to Make the same profit is just write some Emails for some e-commerce stores or Creating content for e-commerce stores Or finding influencers for e-commerce Stores the point is that this person Doesn't need to focus on 15 different Components of the business they can Simply focus on the service that they're Offering and making sure that they offer

To multiple different clients which Makes the business a lot easier because You just Implement and copy paste the Same systems from client to client to Client and a lot of times the agencies Actually make more profit than the Clients that they're even selling their Services to they don't make more Revenue But they make more profit and at the end Of the day profit and having a cash flow Business is the only thing that's Important now why is this well it's Because of the third parameter which is Quantity you see when you're selling Products you need to sell hundreds to Upwards of thousands of them depending On the price point just to make ten Thousand dollars a month and that Requires a lot of skill and usually a Large marketing budget as well now when You're selling services you don't need To be selling thousands of units a month As long as you choose the right service You can easily charge four figures a Month meaning you only need a handful of Clients to get to that illustrious ten Thousand dollar a month Mark the less Units you have to sell the easier it is To get there and better yet when selling Services you don't need to invest a Penny in marketing and that's because You can find clients organically which Will cost you zero dollars I'm going to Show you exactly how to do that in step

Four now before we get there the next Obvious question becomes what service Should we offer because the services can Literally be anything fixing a leaking Pipe giving a haircut developing a web App running ads personal training I mean The possibilities are endless however Some services are terrible options Whereas some will change your life Forever which leads us perfectly into The second step of this video so step Two is choose a profitable service now To make it easy for you to tell what is A profitable service and what is not I Also put together another chart for this Step here we have five parameters and if You get these five parameters right you Will have a very profitable service to Offer so as we were just talking about It all starts with price I want you to Be offering a service that allows you to Command High ticket pricing I recommend Never going below a thousand dollars a Month but ideally something you can Charge upwards of 2500 a month for with That you only need four clients to get To ten thousand dollars a month which is Very doable now you might be asking what Sort of service allows me to charge Twenty five hundred dollars a month for Now in order to answer that question I'm Going to present you a concept that I Only teach in my Flagship program agency Navigator and it's called offer type you

See when it comes to commanding High Ticket prices it's not so much about the Service you're offering but rather how You frame it and let me explain what I Mean by that you see your service could Be simply writing and in one case you Could be writing blog posts for Businesses and you'd normally be able to Charge fifty dollars maybe a hundred Dollars per Post in a very good scenario That's because usually a Blog doesn't Have that much value for a business it Doesn't really generate sales majority Of the time so in that case basically What you're selling is convenience You're saving businesses Time by them Not having to write the posts themselves The problem is you can't charge much for That now you could be doing the exact Same thing but instead of writing blogs You could be writing ads or emails for The majority of businesses that sell Online these are their top sources of Revenue so if you want to write an ad or An email that performs well you could Literally double their sales overnight And in this case you're not offering Convenience instead you're offering Roi Return on investment and the thing is When there's a clear measurable return From your service it is way easier to Charge High ticket prices you could Struggle to sell blog posts for fifty Dollars a pop and instead just change

Your offer change the way that you frame It and sell email marketing or add Creation services for two thousand Dollars a pulp like this at the end of The day you're still doing the same Thing which is writing instead all You're doing is changing the positioning The framing of it basically you went From a convenience offer to an Roi offer And by the way just to clarify when I Say return investment it doesn't always Mean monetary for example if you're a Designer you could sell logos which have No measurable return out of them Whatsoever and everyone and their nephew Are offering them or you could sell Thumbnail designs for YouTubers you're Still doing the same thing the same Activity graphic design work but one is Considered a commodity and the other is High impact even me in my position I Have three full-time thumbnail editors That get paid upwards of three thousand Dollars a month just to edit thumbnails For me all they do every single day is Just re-edit old thumbnails and come up With new Concepts and ideas and that's Because I know that a good thumbnail can Literally double the views of my channel And so does every other content creator Out there and content creators Understand that if you double the views That also means you double the channel Revenue you get more sponsors and you

Sell more of whatever product it is that You're selling so although there's no Direct Financial Roi there's still a Very clear return for this activity Which again allows you to command higher Prices for at the end of the day is Essentially the same service and it's Also the type of service that no one Else is offering by the way it is Literally a blue ocean now another very Important factor to consider is work Regimen that is remote work versus In-person work you see in-person work Would include services like Plumbing Personal training Sports coaching Computer and phone repairing Etc and Although you can charge High ticket Prices for some of these Services it's Going to be very difficult to scale Because you are limited geographically Meaning they require your personal time To fulfill and they limit your target Market drastically since you're going to Be attached to one location all while Sacrificing your location Freedom while Working online you can sell to people Around the world which is a target Market of dozens of millions of Businesses compared to just a few Hundred when working in person it's way Easier to get clients and scale when Working remotely plus it provides you With location for From the get-go finally we have

Recurrence and that is offering a Service that rather than selling and Getting paid once you sell once and get Paid every single month and here is the Beauty of that for majority of Businesses out there it doesn't matter If they sell one thousand a hundred Thousand dollars or even a million Dollars in a month the next month they Start over from zero a blank slate now When you have a service with recurrence If you sell ten thousand dollars worth Of services in a month well the next Month you'll get paid ten thousand Dollars again even if you make zero new Sales and if the next month you sell Another ten thousand dollars worth of Services you'll now get paid twenty Thousand dollars the month after instead Of starting from zero every single month You're always building on top of what You did the months before which also Means that you only need one to two Sales every single month in order to hit Ten thousand dollars a month within Three to six months and if you follow The step-by-step Outreach method I'm Going to teach you in step four of this Video getting those one to two sales Every month is only a matter of time by Sending enough messages this way you Never need to rely on luck or anything Else that's out of your control so to Sum it all up a good service to choose

Is the one that allows you to have a Price point of over a thousand dollars Ideally up to 2500 a month has Recurrency is remote and is an Roi offer And here are just a few of the services That my students inside of agency Navigator have implemented and used to Consistently generate over ten thousand Dollars a month email marketing Thumbnail design agency Facebook ads YouTube ads Google ads conversion rate Optimization content creation influencer Marketing short form content and these Are just a few of them usually any type Of service that helps businesses get More customers whether that's directly Or indirectly is a great one to pick Again if you don't know how to deliver Any of these Services I'm going to show You how to do this in Step seven through Contractor Arbitrage the fact is Countless businesses both worldwide and The ones that are right next to you are Looking for ways to get more customers And they're willing to pay top Dollar in Order to make it happen I mean just Think about all of those stores every Time you walk down the street that I Have hundreds of thousands of dollars if Not even millions of dollars of products Or even Services sitting inside and no One to sell them and if you can help These people sell these products well Then for them paying you a thousand

Dollars or three thousand dollars or Heck even ten thousand dollars a month It's chump change for them and sufyan is Living proof of that he managed to sign A local business from his hometown in Germany for a one-time fifteen thousand Dollar euro fee plus a 2500 a month Retainer in just one month of using this Business model and the best part is the Demand for such Services outweighs the Amount of people there are to actually Deliver it meaning there's a gigantic Gap in the market and the people who Take advantage of this opportunity are Inevitably going to do well now before You go out there trying to offer these Services to every single business I need To give you a warning not every business Can pay you twenty five hundred dollars A month whereas for some businesses they Don't even notice 2 500 a month on their Expense sheet that's why you have to be Very specific and strategic on what Niches that you choose there's a few Industries where signing a client for Ten thousand dollars a month is easy Whereas in some niches you can barely Even get them to pay you 300 a month so You have to Choose Wisely and that's Exactly what I'm going to show you right Now in step three so the next step is Picking the right Niche so here's the Thing you've picked your business model You've picked a profitable service and

Just with that you are ahead of 70 of People who even start this journey but There's still very important details That you must pay attention to that's Because even though you've chosen a Profitable service if you choose the Wrong Niche you will still struggle to Make money that's why you must be Selective about the niches that you work With and once again that's why I've Created a cheat sheet that's going to Remove any guesswork from your decision Making process on what niches you should And shouldn't select now the first Parameter is very simple and that's Revenue because if you pick a niche Where clients usually have high Revenue Numbers you'll make more money because They have the resources to pay you well And if you pick a niche where Clans can Usually barely scrape by you will Struggle financially as well because They lack the resources to pay you and From personal experience the clients That pay the least are usually the ones That are the most headache to work with So you might as well just go for the High paying ones so let's put a number To it I would not suggest working with Any businesses that make less than fifty Thousand dollars a month because when a Business surpasses that threshold that's Usually where they have the resources to Reinvest and they also find Value in

Doing so so here's a few types of Businesses you want to avoid first is Startups because they usually don't make Any money and they try to bootstrap and Cut costs as much as they can it usually Takes years for them to become Profitable and that's not an environment That you want to be in and second is one Person businesses they usually view Themselves more as a self-employed Individual than a business per se and This also usually translates into their Revenue numbers which are usually way Below the fifty thousand dollar Mark I Mentioned the second parameter that you Need to look at is profit margin some Businesses do make a lot of money money When talking about Revenue but when you Look at their profit margins well then It tells a very different story ideally You want to work with businesses that Have 40 plus profit margins anything Less than that and you're going to run Into the same problem as businesses with Low revenue and a few examples of Classic low profit margin businesses are Clothing stores restaurants apps or Retail stores these are businesses that Usually don't have a lot of spare cash Laying around and it usually takes a Month to break even on the cost of Acquiring a customer so imagine if you Bring a customer through your service But that customer will only be

Profitable in month four five or six Well that's a bit of a sticky situation To be in you want to work with Businesses that when you bring them a Customer through your service they Profit straight away that's why the Third parameter to pay attention to here Is their product ticket and what I mean By that is their average price that a Customer pays them per transaction Ideally you want to be working with Businesses that have a product ticket Higher than a thousand dollars and That's because with only a handful of Sales they are already profitable on Your service let me give you a very Simple example let's say you help law Firms to get more clients and you do That through whatever service you Deliver in order to achieve that and Let's say you're charging them two Thousand dollars a month and their Average client is worth a thousand Dollars to them if you bring them five Clients a month they're already making At the very least a 2X return on their Investment already discounting their Margins and trust me getting them five New clients a month is a super easy job To execute so that is a very easy win Client now on the other hand imagine That you were working with a chewing gum Company and their Prague ticket is five Dollars so for them to get the same

Return on investment you'd probably have To bring them anywhere from 2000 to ten Thousand customers per month considering Their low margins and that my friend is An extremely hard job to do and that Client will hardly ever work out for you So a few classic examples of good niches Here would be law firms pool Installation home renovation Pest Control solar energy and now I also want To encourage you to add an extra Parameter to your Niche and think a Little outside the box you see the best Clients I ever worked with at my agency Were always very non-obvious and kind of Quirky niches for example companies with Weird products or services like amateur Radios power washes container houses Custom jewelry or companies with a lot Of funding and there are a few companies Out there that truly don't care about Results but rather they just have to Spend their marketing budget to please Their investors or companies with lots Of assets that make your job easier Here's what I mean companies with big Email lists big audience on social media A lot of organic traffic all of these Can be used to your advantage and make Your job so much easier all of these are Easy when clients and clients that pay Very very well and now I'm going to show You where to find these clients and how To get them to pay you a thousand to ten

Thousand dollars a month for your Service so next step is how to get Clients you see all businesses need Clients we know that but the perk of a Service based business is that you only Need a select handful of clients in Order to make a full-time income with it Which means you have a big Advantage you Can do things that are not scalable Think about it if you need hundreds or Thousands of customers like online Stores apps and courses do investing in Marketing is the only scalable way to Acquire such clients you know they can't Be out here sending thousands of cold Emails a week trying to sell their Products through it you know that would Result in only a handful of new clients You know people that know nothing about Them which is nearly not enough for what They sell you know the price point and The margins so it's not scalable for Them to do but for us it doesn't matter We'll gladly take those five to ten Customers because that is all we need in Order to make ten thousand dollar hours A month so that's exactly what I'm going To show you how to do now I'm going to Show you how to get your first client For free by using something called cold Outreach and here's the basic process of Getting a client through cold Outreach Number one you compile a list of Potential clients then you reach out to

People in this list you jump on a zoom Call with them and you sign them as a Client on that Zoom call it doesn't get Simpler than that and again you're not Going to be out here signing hundreds of New clients a week by doing this but you Can definitely get a handful a month and That's all you need in order to be Making ten thousand dollars a month with Your business without ever putting any Investment into it now here's where most People fail in the process of getting Clients with cold Outreach they just Start prospecting cold calling cold Emails sending messages on Instagram Without ever working on coming up with a High quality list of people to contact In the first place you know what the Number one denominator of success is When it comes to outreach efforts most People think it's about the script the Words they say in their Outreach message This only accounts for around 20 of your Success when it comes to contacting Potential clients the other 80 is about Who you choose to contact in the first Place you see most people try to reach Out to potential clients through cold Email with an email list they got from Some random website then when their Response rate is terrible they think It's because of the things that they're Saying in their messages well it's not First you need to figure out where are

Your ideal customers hanging out and Then you need to go there to talk to Them and I don't mean physically by the Way don't show up at their doorstep Let's say for example you're trying to Sell your services to e-commerce Brands You know the best place to find them Let's actually run through this exercise Together open your Instagram and search For an influencer that teaches E-commerce let's say Ezra Firestone then You go on his followers list and start Opening the profiles in there then just Read their bios and you're going to find A bunch of e-commerce brand owners next All you have to do is list them all and Contact them which I'll show you exactly How to do in one minute and you can also Do the same on Twitter by searching on The followers list of Shopify for Example and you're going to find tons And tons of brand owners there and by The way Facebook groups also works for This working on compiling a solid list Of leads will make your life 10 times Easier when you're doing Outreach so After you've compiled a list of Potential clients it's time to start Reaching out and now I'm going to give You a bulletproof template a bulletproof Framework that you may need to tweak and Change depending on your style and the Way you speak but I'm going to give you A framework that's going to help you

Book meetings with consistency if you Stick with it so it's composed of five Parts first you simply say hi second you Give context and express a common value That led to you contacting them then you Use this common value to Pivot to an Opportunity point then you take the Pressure off of them and then you show Them that you can help them by actually Helping them and finally you invite them To a meeting so let's break down what This would look like in practice using The example of selling Facebook ads to An e-commerce brand owner step one say Hi so you go hey Josh how you doing step Two you give some context and express Some common value I stumbled across your Profile while reading one of Ezra Firestone's posts on Instagram and I Noticed that you like the same post I Love the guy he has some solid plugins For increasing conversion rate on Shopify stores this is very important Because when a person receives a message And called Outreach the first thing They're gonna think of they're gonna Have their guard up they're gonna think Well how did this person actually find Me which then allows you to move on to Step three which is Pivot to an Opportunity point anyways I was taking a Look at your profile and I noticed that You have a brand that sells online but I Wasn't able to find any active ads

Running for your store and this answers The very next obvious question which is Why is this person contacting me and Bear in mind whatever it is that they do You can mix things up let's say for Example this person was an author or This person was a very successful YouTuber well then you could be like hey By the way I looked on Tick Tock and you Had one Tick Tock account but I noticed That you haven't been creating multiple Other Tick Tock accounts in order to Spread your message farther so whatever Service you offer you can find a reason Of why you're contacting them and that Could either be because they're not Doing something that could be making the Money or they're not doing it well Enough and you can help them with that And that leads on to step four which is Take pressure off them saying something Along the lines of not sure if that's Something you're currently working on or You just haven't had the time yet you Never want to point out a fault in Someone's business without acknowledging That it's not their fault in a sense Because people take that very personally You don't want to come across as Argumentative or in a wrong way so you Always want to sort of soften the blow Of you noticing that this is something That they're not doing or could be doing Better now step five is show them how

You can help them by actually helping Them so you go on to say something along The lines of but I'm sure a few ads Would help you increase your sales so I've taken a look at what a few other Brands in the space are doing and I Found these two ads that are working Extremely well for them and I actually Record this quick video breaking them Down for you and here you send them a Three to five minute video breaking down The ads or whatever relevant info you Can provide them with based on your Service the thing here is since you'll Be prospecting people in the same Niche You only need to record one loom or one Video and you can use it with all Potential clients record it as if it was For one specific person but just make Sure not to mention their name or brand So you can always use the same one and You can find good ads by searching on Facebook ads library for some ads that Have been running for a few weeks it Really shouldn't take you more than 10 Minutes to find them and record a quick Three minute Loom the next step is Invite them to a meeting if you think Those could work for you I have a few Angles in mind that you'd be able to Quickly record and put them to test Within a few days you're down jumping on A call so I can walk you through them And by the way make sure you're sending

Each part of this script as a separate Instagram message so it looks more Organic rather than one massive Paragraph because it just seems a little Too formal they're gonna have their Guard up a little quicker and that's it No need to over complicate things now Here's what it takes to get to ten Thousand dollars a month with this Process let's say you Source the list of 60 people to reach out to and it took You two hours to do that that means that In total it took you two minutes per Profile then you consider the time you Spent messaging these prospects let's Say it took you a total of four and a Half hours to send all these messages Well that means the average time per Message sent was three minutes so now You're at five minutes spend per Contacted person in total considering Both steps two minutes of finding the Profile and three minutes of sending the Messages obviously you do these in bulk As separate activities but when brought Together it's five minutes per potential Client now you have to figure out how Many messages you need to send in order To get a response so let's say that for Every six messages you send you get one Reply five minutes to send a message Times six messages which means your Total time per reply is 30 minutes now How many replies do you need in order to

Get a meeting let's say you need eight Replies well 30 minutes per reply times Eight replies equals four hours so in Total you need four hours in order to Secure a meeting now how many meetings Do you need in order to secure one Client let's say you have to take five Meetings to close one which means four Hours to get a meeting times five Meetings that means that in total you'd Have to invest 20 hours to close your First paying clients 20 hours how does That sound to you investing 20 hours up Front in order to get paid 500 to 2 000 A month every single month and I Personally think that's worth the effort Right now all the numbers I used here Are very realistic but let's say because This is the first time that you're doing This it's gonna you know take a little Bit of practice you're gonna have to Figure out the ropes etc etc so let's Double it let's say 40 hours to sign Your first client and now let's even go A step further let's say after you sign Your first client you dedicate four Hours of your day to outreach and three Hours of your day to Service delivery That's way more than you need for Service delivery by the way now in case You don't have three hours for Service Delivery because you work a full-time Job or study full-time I'm going to show You how to get this done for you by

Someone else in Step seven this way you Can get it down to only two hours per Week that you have to spend on Service Delivery but for now let's call it four Hours for outreach and three hours for Service delivery then and you managed to Get your Outreach time down to 20 hours As in the first example I gave in five Working days you are going to sign your Second client and do it for one more Week and you sign your third Clan and do It for one month consistently and you Already have four clients paying you Anywhere from a thousand to three Thousand dollars per month because now You also have more experience and have The confidence to charge more so let's Take the average between the two and say That your average retainer is now two Thousand dollars per month if you work For 60 days on this and manage to sign a New client every 12 days at two thousand Dollars you will already be at ten Thousand dollars a month and that's Extrapolating by more than double than Our original calculation of five days to Close a client working four hours a day Ladies and gentlemen this is why this Most simple straightforward and the Least riskiest way to get to ten Thousand dollars a month you put Together a list of potential clients you Reach out to them you book a meeting With the ones that reply and you jump on

A meeting and sign them as clients and Then you rinse and repeat until you get To ten thousand dollars a month and by The way the process of getting to a Hundred thousand dollars a month Is exactly the same you just need more Clients or at a higher monthly retainer Now to make this much in a regular job Takes lots of qualifications Decades of Work experience and slave like hours but When you start a service based business Or an agency as I call it making 100K a Year is the norm now usually when my Students get to this part of the process Their number one question is well how do I get paid and quite frankly this is the Easiest part of the process so let me Show you how all you need to do is Create a strep account and in case Stripe isn't available in your country You can use other payment processors Such as PayPal or payoneer then all you Have to do is connect stripe to an Invoicing software for example simple Invoices or I personally use agency flow Now I'm the founder of agency flow so Obviously I'm a little biased about it But lets you send invoices communicate With clients track your Outreach efforts And basically everything you need to run An agency but anyways once you connect Stripe to the invoicing platform of your Choice all you have to do is this once You're on a zoom meeting with your

Potential customer you pitch them on Your services a majority of people get Stuck here and overthink how much they Should charge my advice is just keep it Stupid simple start with a thousand Dollars then work your way up to 2500 as You sign more clients and inside of Agency Navigator I teach you exactly how To structure Performance Based billing Models which will make your client Retainers go from two thousand dollars a Month to ten thousand dollars a month Twenty thousand dollars a month thirty Thousand dollars a month and personally My biggest retainer that I ever had in My six year journey of running an agency Was forty six thousand dollars in a Single month build and in fact we've Even had two students that haven't Managed to surpass that Mark but that is A conversation for another day so when First starting out keep it simple and Just charge a thousand dollars a month Then once you've pitched the service and Your potential client has agreed to work With you all you have to do is send them An online invoice with an invoicing Software you've set up then they'll pay It and voila congratulations you have Your first paying client now the only Question we have left is how do you Actually deliver the services and that Leads us directly into our last step now Have you ever stop to look at how the

Biggest service based companies actually Operate the ones with Swanky offices With hundreds of employees they have a Very simple model they pay their Employees let's say 10 15 an hour and Then they charge their clients 50 an Hour and simply pocket the difference They simply figure out how much to Charge your client based on the number Of hours that the project will take and How much they're paying their employees And then they're going to add an extra 100 to 300 markup on top of that that is Literally their entire business model All these businesses you think are so Smart and they're you know they make Tens of millions of dollars a year and These law firms and this and that that's Their business model that's it now what We do here is even smarter than that Instead of having to deal with the risks That come with typical employment Relationships such as fixed payroll and Long time frame contracts we're going to Hire a contractor who already has Experience with the service they're Offering and we're going to do that on a Per client basis so what does this mean Well first we won't have any risks on Our end because we'll only pay our Contractor once we've already been paid By the client you see the client pays You on day one and you pay the Contractor on day 30. only after they

Have delivered the services and that's Very common practice obviously you know As even traditional employees you get Paid at the end of the month but any Sort of agencies or service providers You know if you go to a web design Agency or whatever you're going to have To pay up front for the project to get Started you know it's funny even at law Firms you know they pay their employees At the end of the month but if you go to A law firm you're gonna have to pay a Big chunk up front basically as credit For the work that they're going to do For you so this way you won't ever have To pay anything out of pocket and you Only pay them once you get a client and Ladies and gentlemen this is what I call Contractor Arbitrage I mean it's the Exact same thing that Uber does think About it whenever a new driver registers To Uber Uber as a company doesn't have Any added risk because this driver Literally doesn't cost them any money All while adding new potential Revenue To them and it's only after the driver Generates such Revenue that Uber pays Their fee it's free cash flow for their Company and we are doing the exact same This way you're never going to run into Cash flow issues and you're never going To have to pay anything out of pocket And the craziest part in all of this is That it's actually cheaper to hire an

Experienced contractor who speaks Impeccable English from countries like South Africa New Zealand Peru Colombia Brazil Pakistan Indonesia Philippines And a bunch of other countries than it Is to hire someone who just graduated a Marketing University in the US and has Literally zero experience and I mean Just to give you some context my CMO at Grocery agency Luis well he's from Brazil and he's been working with me for Over three years at this point and he Used to be a contractor at my agency When we first started working together I've hired literally hundreds of people From countries like Colombia South Africa Serbia India and they're all Extremely good at what they do and Here's how to structure these deals the Way that our students usually structured Their deals with contractors is they pay Them anywhere from 250 to a thousand Bucks per month per client then they Charge these clients anywhere from a Thousand to ten thousand dollars a month I mean when me and my first contractor Started working together all the way Back in early 2018 he was charging me Six hundred dollars per month per client And I was actually selling these Services for thirty five hundred dollars Five thousand dollars up to ten thousand Dollars a month and actually when I Signed that client for ten thousand

Dollars a month I was like okay I think I should probably bring this person Home Full time so I brought him on full time His name was Danny and he ended up Working for me for many many years as my CMO at the agency now here's an example From our student Jamie who signed a Seven thousand dollar deal that he Outsourced for twelve hundred dollars While enjoying life on a freaking Paradise Island and you can work this Out depending on your retainers and the Amount of work each client requires I Personally never suggest going below 60 Margins in order to keep your agency Very profitable and the best part is You're making a real difference in the Life of these contractors because if They were working the same job in their Own countries they would work way more And make five to ten times less when Getting paid in their own country's Currency of course I was always very Transparent with contractors of how much I was charging clients and I suggest That you do the same the next question Is how do you actually find contractors To work with you you can look in a lot Of different places like LinkedIn upwork Or other business related and job Listing social platforms but by far my Favorite place to find them is on Facebook groups you can find Facebook Groups closely related to topics of your

Service like Facebook ad buyers or SEO Ninjas and these places are crowded with Good potential contractors I mean think About if someone is actively engaging Facebook groups in order to sharpen Their skill sets well that's a very good Sign and I'll let you in on a little Secret the best types of groups with the Highest quality of contractors available Are the closed communities for softwares That teach you what you offer as a Service so groups for paid programs that Teach Facebook ads or SEO or whatever Your services and usually you can get Your job listing posted in the groups by Contacting one of the admins because It's in their best interest to offer job Opportunities to their customers and Their students so that's how you take Advantage of contractor Arbitrage to get All the service fulfillment taken care Of by an experienced Professional Without having to do any of the work Yourself it is a truly beginner friendly Copy and paste business model so now do You see why literally anyone can do this And I mean anyone even guys like binay Who's from Nepal and is already signing Clients for his agency in his first few Weeks with this business model I mean How awesome is it that this beginner Friendly business model is allowing People to make five figures from the Comfort of their own home even in third

World countries I mean it's it's nuts so These seven steps that I just delivered To you are the map to Achieve Financial Freedom in this day and age so if you Could take just one thing out of this Video it's the I always say that Achieving Financial Freedom is kind of Like climbing a mountain if you want to Successfully reach the top of the Mountain you need two things a map to Show you how to get there and a safety Net that prevents you from falling Through the cracks and you need these Because two things will inevitably Happen you got lost in the way and You'll fall but if you have a map you Will always find a way back to the trail And if you have safety nets even if you Fall down you will always get back up Safely now what I just delivered to you Is a tiny part of the map now it's time For me to give you the foam app Unfortunately I can't record and upload A 25 hour long YouTube video going Through exactly how to start this Process going over every detail of Storing an online business from scratch But luckily as I mentioned to you Earlier I have one of the world's Leading e-learning platforms grow your Agency and inside of this platform I Have my Flagship program it's called Agency Navigator Agency Navigator is the complete map you

Need in order to start a location Independent Business from xero and scale It to ten thousand dollars a month in The shortest time frame possible by Selling services online even if you have No previous experience and this map is Composed of three parts the first one is The foundations part and here you Basically learn how to set everything up That is how to choose a service to offer How to choose a niche how to get paid How to prepare yourself to onboard Clients how to find experienced people To deliver the service for you basically Everything you need to get up and Running but also what mindsets you need To adopt in order to succeed in this Game how to prepare yourself mentally How to structure your days and all the Mindset stuff that is just as important And no one talks about and after this Part you would have set up the entire Structure and everything you need in Order to start signing clients and Getting paid so logically the second Part of the map is showing you exactly How to sign clients this stage gives you The step-by-step action plan to start Signing clients which is where to find Potential Clans exactly how to reach out To them what to say to open the Conversation and get them in a zoom Meeting with you and then finally Exactly what to say during your meeting

In order to get your potential clients To trust you and as a result sign them And get them to pay you on the spot After this stage finding clients will Never be a problem to you ever again you Will have acquired the skill of Attracting people who want to give you Money on demand and finally our last Stage covers how to actually deliver Results in this stage we go in depth on The best practices of Service delivery And teach you step by step how to master The service that I consider to be the Most profitable and scalable one which Is paid ads and after this stage you'll Become a master at getting killer Results for your clients through paid Advertising even if you have never run An ad before and when you apply this Knowledge you will have a business that Is ready to pay you anywhere from a Thousand to ten thousand dollars a month While providing you with time and Location freedom I want you to take the Example from Jackson to understand the Power of this map that I'm giving you Jackson signed his first clan for two Thousand dollars a month three months Ago and he's now gotten paid a total of Six thousand dollars from just this one Client alone and he will still continue To get paid by this very same client for Months potentially years to come I mean Think about how much this one clown

Alone can generate him in his lifetime Tens and tens of thousands of dollars in All of this because he sold a client Once and after that all he has to do is Deliver the services which once again Can be easily outsourced by taking Advantage of contractor Arbitrage which I also cover very in-depth inside of Agency Navigator now the other thing That you need on this map is a safety Net and the reason we have such a high Success rate inside of our programs is Because of the safety net we've noticed The majority of students fail because They fall through the cracks they get Stuck choosing a niche or they choose The wrong service or they don't send Enough Outreach messages so we create The safety nets to avoid you from Falling through these cracks and we have Three levels of safety nets to avoid That from happening the first safety net Is our student Community inside the Community you're going to find people Starting at the same time as you from The same level as you and you'll get to Share your journey together it's Extremely important to have people Walking this journey alongside you Especially when times get tough because It stops it from being you against the World to us against the world and inside The community you're also going to find Other students who are farther ahead of

You in their journey and who can help You with your problems because they have Walked the same path before and I'm very Proud to say that inside of agency Navigator you're going to find a level Of community you are simply not going to Find anywhere else inside of it you're Going to meet people like Marcus who Scale this agency to thirty thousand Dollars a month profit girls like Ellen Who's still in high school and already Has 17 clients on retainer three months After starting Outreach or guys like Nick who went from 0 to 10 clients in a Month period and managed to get his own Place in downtown Nashville at the age Of 18. and this leads into our second Safety net our expert team of coaches I Say this because the apartment that Nick Got well that's the exact same apartment That John Danes who's one of our coaches Lives in you see John is the owner of Two very successful lead generation Agencies and is currently one of the Coaches that helps students with agency Operations Sales and Service delivery so Here's how the coaching calls work every Single week we have multiple live Coaching calls on sales Service delivery Outreach mindset and accountability I Mean you can literally jump on these Calls unmute yourself and ask one of our Expert coaches whatever you want and Here's what happens when you go into the

Coaching calls ask good questions and Apply what they teach you use Scar's First client at 2500 a month after Applying with Luis one of our coaches Told him to do in one of their q a calls And look what happened just two days After he closed another client at six Thousand dollars a month I mean he went From zero to 8 500 a month in simply a Matter of three days and what I'm most Proud of is that every single one of our Coaches have gone through our courses as Students just like you and have made Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year From their agencies having these coaches As your safety net ready to answer any Of your questions and help you get Unstuck is the ones who go on to achieve Success compared to the ones that fall Through the cracks and never make it out Finally we have our third and probably Most insane level of safety net and that Is our dedicated one-on-one coaches when You join agency Navigator you get Assigned a one-on-one coach to guide you On your journey and to provide you with The most insane level of mentorship you Can find in any online program you're Gonna have a kickoff call with your Dedicated coach right away when you join The program followed by a one month Trek And call a three-month checking call and A six month checking call to make sure You are accountable and keep you on the

Right track throughout your journey to This point we've had more than 20 000 People to apply to work with us in this Specific position and we've hired less Than 15. and we run application process For this position almost weekly at this Point in order to find the best of the Best talent out there I mean it is Literally easier to be accepted into Harvard than it is to get accepted to be A coach to our students and that's why We call them the Student Success Concierge this is how seriously take This position and the level of support That you get inside of agency Navigator All the time I see student wins where People tag their Student Success Concierge saying how much they help them Along the way and with this map and Safety net we've taught over 15 000 Students to date our average student Takes around 47 days to sign their first Paying client and the average client Retainer of our students is two thousand Dollars a month and the real beauty is That after they sign their first client It takes them around half the time to Sign their second one and at this point They're already making a full-time Income I mean for any type of degree That provides you this type of Compensation colleges are charging an Average of 57 000 a year for the five Years it takes to graduate that would

Equate to over two hundred and fifty Thousand dollars invested into your Education now from the very second I Found a grower agency five years ago the Mission has always been the same to Deliver 10 times the impact on your Income for 1 100th the price tag of a Regular college education I mean our Student testimony has already proved That we delivered 10 times the impact on Your income now one 100 with the price Tag of a regular college education the 250 000 we just mentioned would equate To twenty five hundred dollars but to be Completely honest I still wasn't happy At this price point because I felt it Was too Out Of Reach for most people so If you want to get access to the Complete map which is agency Navigator And our three levels of safety net the Community the coaching calls and the One-on-one dedicated coach twenty five Hundred dollars is not the price you're Going to be paying today I've decided That when you enroll in agency Navigator Today rather than twenty five hundred Dollars you're gonna be paying a One-time fee of 14.99 and that's not all Because agency Navigator is going to be Moving to a yearly subscription model Very soon that means that for people to Get continuous access to programs the Exclusives to in community the coaching Calls the dedicated coach they will have

To pay a yearly fee on top of that of 14.99 and we already have a set date for This to get implemented so if you want To get lifetime access to the exclusive Student Community to the coaching calls The dedicated one-on-one coach as well As the complete agency Navigator program That will teach you how how to build Your agency from zero to ten thousand Dollars a month in record time well then Today is your best bet and listen a few Days from now or even next month this Offer may not be available anymore so Just remember right now at this exact Moment we are living the best moment in History to start your online agency Business there has never before been Such a demand for these type of services That means the more that you wait the More that you procrastinate there are Other people right now that aren't who Are taking your potential clients who Are taking the four figure monthly sums That you should be paid because you Didn't you procrastinate you kicked the Can down the road which by the way is What you did last year and the year Before that and you said I'll I'll get To it some other time and by the way Businesses have already included these Services in their marketing budget for The Year this means that they're going To spend the money either way so if You're not the one getting paid these

Four figure monthly sums then someone Else who's watching this video that did Come into the roadmap well they're Getting that money instead so you can Either be the one taking action yourself And getting what's yours or you can be The one sitting back and watching others Succeed the choice is yours so if you Want to learn how to start a 10 000 a Month agency from scratch click the Button below this video and get a Lifetime access to agency Navigator and In case you have any questions that were Not answered in this video or if you're Having any problems completing your Purchase you can book a call with one of Our Student Success team and it'll Personally help you with your situation So I want you to know that I'm rooting For you I'm here to see you succeed and I'll see you inside of agency Navigator

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