”This Is Propoganda!” – Patrick Bet-David BLASTS 4-Day Workweek

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about why 4-Day Workweek is a bad idea.

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This chart shows if you Keep saving and investing and others Don't you don't separate incrementally In a way that you think you separate Exponentially and by the way the Separation is going to get wider and Wider and wider and wider no matter how Much you bash rich people they're gonna Go wider because while you were kicking At wanting to work three four days a Week they're doing six days a week Because the Bible says take one day off And a lot of people follow that Guideline I've just taken one day off But everybody wants a four day work week Don't be upset at the guy that's Whooping your ass because he's working Six days a week for 10 years and you Work four days let's actually do the Math boom a guy works six days a week And only takes Sundays off which is what I did and it's still today that's my Philosophy right so a guy works six days And he takes one day off over a year Span what is it over a year over a year You get 52 additional days a year okay Which is how many hours roughly 460 18 Hours because I'm doing 58 times eight I Think that's 416 hours right so that's 52 additional days you get per year Do you realize within six years within Seven years you got one additional year Wow within 10 years you got yours within 10 years you got 520 additional days you

Got 4 000 additional hours yeah brother We're not in the same league homie sorry We're not going to be competing in the Same league but let me give you the Other part about this that's a problem The other problem about this that's a Problem who else is influencing this who Else is influencing this this can also Only happen with the help of the Government the more money you print the More money you put into the economy You're thinking you're helping the low And middle income you don't think the People at the top know who do like every Time when they say Jamie Dahmer they're Gonna put two trillion more dollars into The economy Jamie's like hell yeah Because 40 of Us coming to chase yeah 800 billion is going to end up at Whatever the number is going to be in His mind it's like that's great put two Trillion dollars I'm gonna get more on My balance sheet you're just getting Phenomenal do you really think these Politicians that are sending money out To do this you think they're sitting There saying let's hop the low and Middle income no the money's going Straight up to the top we're going to Show you a clip here in a minute I'm Gonna give you your feedback but we're Going to show you a clip here in a Minute what happened with Nancy Pelosi You're going to be seeing what people

Are saying to them how the hell did you Get so rich because you got Insider Stuff and other people are going to jail Having done one tenth of the crime you And your husband have committed you're Seeing the protesting taking place but The low wage the separation the Disparity T all of that is you need to Start thinking long term and not joining The camp that's convincing you to work Fewer hours is you need to figure out a Way to be more competitive in a Marketplace when I talk to comedian Kevin Hart he says you'd be surprised How hard I had to work I work my ass off Okay you talk to Rogan Rogan how hard That freaking guy works people think Joe Became Joe because Joe is just this Talented funny likable guy and he is all Of that but I know a lot of talented Funny likable guys that don't work hard This guy was diligent focused doing what He's doing and then all of a sudden gets A few hundred million dollars talking About I got a few money that's what he Said that doesn't happen by luck you Think he didn't work his ass off doing The UFC show here traveling here over There over this you think that schedule Is four days a week the people you Admire younger gen Z generation the People you admire that you read about That you watch on the sports that you're Watching movies that you're watching you

Know politics or military you read about The heroes were not four day a week People They did not follow that the heroes you Admire didn't follow that strategy that Is purely a propaganda being sold by a Bunch of people that went to Universities that some Professor told Them to work four days a week and They're coming out being you know Disciples of these prophets saying four Days a week not realizing they just Ruined somebody's Dreams by saying to Work four days a week that's my argument You don't have to agree with it you can Bash it trash it I'm a big boy I'm Comfortable with it Tom So everybody understands football What if I told you hey you know what you Can play football again against me and I'll tell you what I get four downs you Get five Downs That's 25 that's an extra would you play That game yeah because even if I'm Better than you as a team what an Analogy you get another chance what an Announcement and you keep coming you Would say sure I'll play that game all Day long and play that game and people I Don't think really understand that so The second thing is you know set aside Politics And write on a piece of paper and don't Talk to your friends and don't look at

The internet write these words on a Piece of paper why does that candidate Want my vote why And then the next one is how are they Scaring me I heard a great talk that Boiled down to those two things the Things coming from the top pbd why does That candidate want my vote and how are They trying to scare me not with your Friends not to get in an argument over The the issues that are in there just Ask yourself that question how are they Trying to scare me and why they want my Vote and you step back and all of a Sudden you realize the way they do it is You have to become dependent on them That is the easiest way to keep your Vote forever is to get you addicted to The crack that is whatever program they Can offer you If you give me one more down I'm gonna Play that game and even if you're a Better team than me I'm gonna beat you And I am resolved to never be dependent On anybody else and if you allow Yourself to be dependent and you allow Yourself to be bought that's where You're going to end up but that's what I Have to say about that I love that Analogy and I'm going to try to give an NBA analogy to you here it is the sports Audience like if I get seven thousand no I think well to use the top one percent The next 20 and then basically the

Bottom you know in the in the NBA There's 20 guys that make 40 million Bucks a year you got LeBron you got KD You got Steph you got Giannis these are The All-Stars okay and then you've got The average NBA guy that makes I don't Know five ten million bucks a year not Bad for a day's work mid-level exemption Exactly and then you got what is known As the veterans minimum keyword minimum And then you got guys like Udonis Haslam That literally don't play a minute okay And it's the equivalent of Udonis and Respect to UD if you ever see this Because he's been in the league for 20 Years he's freaking my age 42 still Playing but he doesn't play and it's the Equivalent of him saying hey I'm on the Same team of Jimmy Butler I played with LeBron I want to make what he makes yeah Well listen you ain't LeBron yeah you hitting on the bench Expecting to make what the one percent Make so here's the message to like the The Bernie Sanders and the aoc's out There they're always trying to drive up The minimum wage the equivalent of the Veterans minimum and I think our message Is rather than trying to fight for 12 or Fight for 15 or that's then it'll be the Fight for 20. it's like why don't you The bottom worker improve your skill set So because in the average NBA current Last five years okay the average worker

Is going to work 50 years if you're Always fighting for a higher minimum Wage what is your ceiling it's just the Minimum whatever they're willing to Shell out and give you but if you Actually put in the work and improve and Become the LeBron or Steph of your field The sky's the limit so by the way some People's argument to that would be well Dude I I can't be 6A to jump 45 inches And run a you know four four forty can Be but you can in the real world but no But wait a minute but you can be Steph Curry yes I am you can be Steph Curry Okay so to me I fully by the way some People are going to say you know well Pat dude I'm not I'm not as smart as Elon Musk you're right you'll never be Elon Musk totally get it okay we can we Can 99.99 the world is never going to be Elon Musk okay the percentage of being Elon Musk is a very very small Percentage but this isn't about you Being able how much but you can be you Know a jack Richardson working at a Place that started at the bottom and now Is an executive c-suite running media Running Finance running something Chief Of Staff making 200 making 220 and then Boom five years later you got shares on The company 10 years later the company Is sold it goes public you make 3.9 Million dollars on those share like how Did I become a millionaire I never

Thought I was going to be you can be That I think anybody can be that forget About the billionaire forget about the Hector guys forget about the DECA guys Dude you can pull that off I lived in a Community the first time I started Making money and all of a sudden I'm Living in a community all I want to know About is how'd you make your money how'd You do it how'd you do it how did you do It how did you do it okay small Percentage uh you know my family I work Really hard and you find out from the Other guy no that guy got his money from His family okay cool that was only 10 of People You know how many people worked at a Company and then all of a sudden the Company went public hey I worked at the Company I was there at the beginning 18 Years later they went public we sold to It I got 1.9 million dollars I couldn't I'm a regular guy I'm like really what Did you do there dude I wasn't even a Director or VP I was just a manager and I stayed there one day they gave options I'm like why would I go anywhere else Boom anywhere else I made those are the Stories that are there those are they Say the day Microsoft went public The number is 5 000 millionaires Mike Can you look up Microsoft public 5 000 Millionaire stocks can you type that out Some story it's either Microsoft or

Apple no it was Microsoft he's going to Find it and it was 32 year old Receptionist a seven regular guys a Seven year engineer that had been Working 60 hours a week and busted his Butt and was given some of those stock Options If you got to put Microsoft not five Thousand dollars so many millionaires Did Microsoft create yeah so so the Point the point here is both of you guys Made great analogies the point here is For for those that are defending the Four day work week and remote and all of That let me tell you what you're Defending okay I'm sorry it was 12 000 Employees okay right okay it Rose to Dominate the personal computer operating System Market with MS-DOS in the mid 80s Followed by Windows the company's 1986 Initial public offering and subsequent Rise in its shares created three Billionaires and an estimated 12 000 Millionaires from regular employees These are not crazy employees people I Was describing yeah these are the people That said dude I'm gonna stay here it's Hard I gotta work my ass off we're part Of a startup but you know what these Guys seem serious these guys seem Committed maybe something can happen so You if you're watching like then the Opposite side is going to say but I'm Not part of something like that but then

Keep open your damn eyes and find some They're out there you can find them and Then bring value to them and say I'm Gonna do whatever I can to bring value To this organization and if they don't Reward you trust me you're gonna find Somebody that's gonna reward you when a Good guy or a good girl goes through a Streak of one or two bad relationships But you know this person's a good person I'm like let me just tell you you're Gonna be fine okay you're gonna be fine Just tell the world what you're looking For and the right person in the right Climate you're eventually going to find Them okay yeah you have to know more People need to know what you're looking For they'll eventually you took the Words out of my world pack because I was When I was saying like you have to find Places that have the culture like a Valuetainment you know I mean like you Have to come and look for it me and uh Maverick were shooting a sketch in the Other building months ago I told you About this Shamari who works with us Right now walked in with a suit looking For he's like I want to work at this Type of company and you know I think it Is too bad it's like people got addicted To being lazy especially covid didn't Help people were like you know what this Is this is fun I don't have to do Anything I stay at my house and a habit

A normal habit creates itself in four Days if you do something for four days You keep drinking you keep drinking like It's gonna keep going you know what I Mean so you got to break break that Habit we're lazy and Reliant and relying Yeah and then like Mario hit like last Week Pat from my show for the Vincent Oshana show Mario's like yeah we're Gonna we all agree we're coming in Saturday and I'm normally you know Comedians and that we're Monday through Friday but if I felt like holy in Here on a Saturday and it pays off when You see the product of what you're doing On that extra day you know what I mean You know you know what I do on Saturdays I'll bring the kids to the office And it becomes an opportunity for me to Spend some time with them and then I'll Explain to them why I'm in the office And say hey Daddy why do we have to go To the office I'll say because if you Want to have an edge over your Competitors you got to do things they Don't want to do and they're like okay That makes sense so then I'll see Dylan Stays practice after practice two hour Practice is over with you still for Another hour Dylan can I ask you why You're staying for another hour daddy if You want to have an edge over your Competitors Bingo so if you like this clip and you

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