“This Is Terrifying!” – Was U.S Behind Kremlin Drone Attack?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tim Pool, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about whether U.S was behind kremlin drone attack.

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Play that if you can so the audience can See it Oh the Drone strike yeah this just Happened a couple days ago Okay so so question Who's involved well you know this is Putin doing it because he wants to say That there's an attack so he can use This as a leverage point to attack uh Ukraine and he can say well I'm just Reacting to it no it was really they Were attempting to do to go after him You know this was Ukraine's job you know They're trying to get him to an attempt On assassination well if that is the Case why would you do that way that's Not even that big that's not a big deal That's somehow you're going to kill the Guy no it was U.S involved no it's an Outsider no it says and what do you Think all the stuff here with this with The spoon here first it doesn't matter Who did it or why they did it all that Matters is there's a video Russia said The US did it Russia will escalate on That pretext we can then get into the Argument of you know did he fake it did He not I think people underestimate uh What we're seeing you know the Conversation we've had is like what is That even doing what is that small thing Why did it explode where it exploded Well I believe they shot it down but uh The scary thing about these drones is

They can carry powerful explosives they Can swarm This It could be a false flag there's no There's no real way to know it could be Russia saying send in a single drone my Question is if it was Ukraine how did They launch this attack where did they Launch it from but it does fall in line With with what you would actually expect To see in terms of this kind of warfare You're not going to see Ukraine firing Missiles from Ukrainian territory into The air targeting Moscow or anything Like that yeah you're going to see Guerrilla tactics and small-scale Insurgency style sabotage and attacks Like this this could have been a Ukrainian a Ukrainian or a Ukrainian Sympathetic Russian or any other foreign Mercenary who had a drone we don't I Don't know how big that drone was I'm Not sure if it was the size of a car or Whatever but you can you can do these Things with very small consumer drones They can carry explosive it's terrifying It could be that someone James Bond Style and who went to Moscow put the Thing on the ground ran away and then Waited an hour and then someone remotely Activated launched it and went and tried To take out Putin yeah and mind you that Whoever was flying I mean it didn't it Didn't really didn't even make the flag

Go down it didn't really penetrate Anything so whoever's no lying no one's Flying it yeah probably nobody just by Itself automatic people have said um you Know cut off the signal now these things Have a GPS in them it knows where it is And where it needs to go even if you cut Off its access to GPS the internet it Already has a mapped trajectory the only Thing I'm saying is let's play a Propaganda okay if you're Putin and You're behind this And you did this and then you attack Ukraine guess what you can say listen You don't do that to us you can allow Them to do something like that to us we Have to stay strong we can't have them Think about this so what prompted me Showing this clip is when you said I Think Putin is going to use nuclear and Nuclear it's not what you think it is That all the stuff you're going through Okay If if NATO keeps pushing the envelope And they're getting involved and they're Saying no we're not involved no no we're Not involved no we're not no listen You're involved and this is a war that It's you against Russia it's not really I saw something the other day a picture Of a great funny meme uh that says uh um Let me show you how to work from home And make 40 billion dollars It's freaking hilarious that is

Hilarious I'll I'll send it to you rob You have to show this as one of the Funnier memes I've seen this week I sent It to Mario it tells you how much Mario Loves politics Mario says Pat I don't Get it I'm like it's okay It's a Rob I'll send it to uh I'll text You to you it's worth watching so but The point is if if um Russia and I did This intentional intentionally to attack If in the next three four five days Russia does attack Ukraine in a major Way I mean there's got to be a percentage to Be thinking about this was strategic I Don't know if it was a false flag I mean I'll I could go back and forth because It's impossible to know But I think Russia would have already Made a declaration if they they said the U.S was behind this they're the ones in In who are who are pushing this This is actually really really bad for Russia if they're unprepared for full Scare full-scale war with NATO So the the strategy man it could go A Million Ways let's imagine the scenario The United States wants to force Russia To to declare war on us so that we can Formally enter so that the United States Can take all of everything it has and Put it in Ukraine how do you make that Happen this is the worst thing that Could have happened to Putin a pathetic

Failed attempt which they are now forced To say was us and they will do nothing About it I think that if it was actually A false flag they probably I don't know Crash a plane into the Kremlin or Something like like blow up a large Portion of it with a cruise missile and Then say they they directly attacked us It's there look it's on camera they'd Blast the video everywhere this is a Pathetic little drone two of them Blowing up and nothing happens If it was the US who did it and Russia Said it is here's the world stage the United States according to Russia just Tried to kill its president and Russia Says We can't do anything about it makes them Look weak and it's going to scare their Allies thinking they're they're going to Lose this one whom I bet not which horse So that's why I ultimately I don't know I don't know I I think a false flag from Russia would have been stronger and they Would have immediately made some kind of Move and they don't need an Assassination attempt on Putin to Justify nuclear artillery use or strikes In in Ukraine because striking Ukraine When they're blaming the US doesn't make Sense so on the premise of that they're Look they're looking weak you know I Think when this war started nobody wants To see this war by the way I mean and

Generally speaking like people are Actually dying on the ground it's Hundreds of thousands of people it's Very sad but I think when this thing Started we think Russia is just going to Pummel Ukraine they're just going to Take over this country it's done and Then fast forward it's been a year and a Half Ukraine's holding its own apparently Russia is basically Outsourcing half Their military or a large portion There's this Wagner group whoever this Is they're basically pulling people out Of the prison to start fighting For them you have mothers protesting That there's the sons are dying for a War they don't want a part of where'd You hear that right well this is Mainstream media well this is where You're hearing it from but this Wagner This Wagner group is a real group that They are basically Outsourcing are they Not yeah well I mean if you believe the American corporate press which I tend to Even though I'm very critical of it I do Fact check these things and we have to We have to get our information from Somewhere that's a difficult thing to do Uh looking at various sources around the World to try and figure out what stream What's not if you go to Russian sources They'll tell you the exact opposite of What you just said well you can't trust

Anything that comes out of RT or Russian Sources can you trust anything coming Out of the New York Times and they Claimed that Trump was working for Russia yeah no and at the same time Adam Did you know like they thought it was Going to happen like overnight he was Going to take them over I don't think Anybody expected us to send them Billions of dollars tanks troops and all That I mean but the UK is sending in Depleted uranium uh tank Busters which Russia has already said that is an Escalation to the use of nuclear force I Agree I guess I guess my point is I'm More I'm not saying that I believe Everything that comes out of the Corporate love media at all I think at This point we've all just we've realized That the rush My point is this I tend to believe New York Times more than Russian propaganda There's levels to lines Russia calls the New York Times American propaganda Exactly so so Russia has its interests The US has its interests I think Putin Is a bad dude I think Putin's a Substantially worse dude than Joe Biden Is and I think Joe Biden's a pretty bad Dude so if I had Joe Biden in front of Me and Vladimir Putin in front of me and Joe Biden said here's what's happening I'd be like you know I think you're both Full of it but I'm gonna go buy on this

One even though I don't like the guy Yeah so I agree that the question is When it comes to the granular nature of All of the news coming out the US is Lying to you right you can't trust Anything they say it would be the Stupidest military strategy in the world To tell the public what you're doing in War or why you're doing it you'd lose And two seconds So that just means whether we like Biden Or or not We can't trust Russia or the United States corporate press on this one we Can trust to a greater degree people on The ground but then you're going to get Conflicting narratives the reality is It's called fog of War we probably won't Know and then whoever wins is going to Tell us what we should think that's how History Works absolutely here's Zero Hedge articles so former CIA Officer Says decision to draw an attack Kremlin Was made by the United States Pharmacy Intelligence Officer Larry Johnson Different Larry Johnson and Grandmama Says the decision to launch a drone Attack on the Kremlin was made by the United States go a little lower the Wednesday attack which was uh likely to Have been targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin was stopped by electronic Warfare system which disabled the drones Before they could reach their target

According to Johnson the attack must Have been spearheaded by the bite Administration and the U.S military Industrial complex because decisions on Such attacks are not are made not in Kiev but in Washington Washington should Understand clearly that we know this Although the attack which Ukraine denied It was involved and failed to come which ITS Tactical goal it was still highly Symbolic according to Johnson can you Google Johnson go to go to Johnson's Wikipedia real quick let me tell you What I do You're in a war you're in war and you Don't want to be obvious A false flag could be obvious The United States says We need to send in more money into Ukraine how can we accomplish this for The low low cost of two drones the U.S Stages a really ridiculous assassination Attempt Russia blows it up tricking Russia into blaming the U.S and then Any escalation can be seen can be can be Swung or manipulated into being against The United States giving the U.S grounds For Casa's belly a cause for war so if Uh if Russia takes the bait and then and They're doing it saying you the U.S did This and they take any action against us It gives the US what the U.S wants cause For war to enter Ukraine and then they Can come to the American people every

Corporate channel will say I tell you What will happen YouTube will issue new Community guidelines saying if you Support Russian propaganda at a time of War when the U.S is facing an Existential nuclear threat we will take Your videos down and you'll say I wonder What that means it means if you don't Support the war there's no way YouTube Is going to let anyone have that Conversation if you try and actually Talk about what you think may be Happening so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign [Music]

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