THIS Is the Only Way To Prevent a Market Crash

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What is the only way a market crash Doesn't take place they they pump more Money and pay lower rates again okay so How much more can they lower rates If they lower rates inflation goes up Yeah right if they pump more money value Dollar goes down right if they keep Pumping more money nobody's learning how To compete in the marketplace if they Don't allow somebody's too big to fill Companies to go out of business they're Delaying the issue for your kids to go Through it but we're gonna eventually Have to go through it yeah so my ideal Situation is for us to say let's just go Through it right now let's get it off Let's get this thing and it's going to Be two three four years let's go through This right now get everybody back in America used to eight percent interest Rates seven percent interest rates make That the norm go back to if you want to Buy a house buy a house with 25 down Nobody should have 90 financing 85 Financing 95 financing

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