This Is The Time To Make Disrespectful Offers

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I think it's a perfect season right now To make disrespectful offers person who Made a disrespectful offer a year and a Half ago looked like an idiot today a Disrespectful offer gets an attention so Let's qualify what is a disrespectful Offer say I'm in a market for buying a Three million dollar home rather than Looking at 3.1s and making a 2.9 Million Dollar offer right now I'm gonna look at The fours I'm going to look at the 38s And I'm going to say 2627 cash offer Here's what I got there's a penthouse in Miami I wanted to buy 57 for a beautiful Place two years ago that place a 40 50 Million Auto property I made a very Disrespectful offer but they didn't Accept my offer well the property sold For 19 million bucks a month and a half Ago that property will sell for 50 Million bucks in the next two years but Today somebody got it for 19 million

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