THIS Is Why Most Businesses Don’t Reach $1 Million

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The biggest issue that most people have Between 0 and 3 specifically is just Ignorance people just don't know what to Do you know getting to six figures is Literally just like sell something to Someone like that's that's all you have To do to get six figures like one Channel one product one Avatar like That's it you don't have to do anything Else you want to get to Seven figures Then you just do that and then add the Word consistently put the inputs in the System in a way that's consistent so That you get a consistent output so it's Whatever way you acquire those customers Whether it was reach outs whether it was Content whether it was paid ads whether It was Affiliates whether it was Referrals whatever the thing was that Got you the customers do that Consistently and you'll be in a million Which is still only 20K a week it's not Like a huge number

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