This Is Why We Stay Unhappy #shorts

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From the time an event triggers you to The time you're flooded with stress Hormones to the time you take a reaction Or you don't to the time the hormones Are flooded out of your body is 90 Seconds you can't hold your anger that's That over physiological response is 90 Seconds so I asked her and I said so Jill what does that mean why do people Stay angry for years and she said they Regenerated every 90 seconds so so every 90 seconds you're you have the ability To say your your body is saying okay Here is a buffer you need me to be is There still a threat is should I still Be stressed and you go like yeah but my Partner said this and you get angry Again and again and again for 90 seconds And for most of us who are so creative So you know your partner says something Hurtsful on a Friday on Saturday you say He must be cheating on me on Sunday you Say all all the things I do for them but You know they do they don't do for me You and you can make it much worse we're Very very creative every 90 seconds and That's why we stay unhappy that's why we Stay angry

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