This Is Why You’re Always Distracted

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I read in the garden a few years ago That the average attention span for Human was 8 seconds what they did is They got people in the room they gave Them tasks and they would throw Distractions their way to see how long It would take before they would stop Doing the task and focus on the Distraction and they found that average To be eight seconds what was more Interesting was the fact that the Average attention span for goldfish was Nine seconds so that tells us two things On the one hand is if our attention span Is that short how do we manage our own Attention and focus secondly how do we Get the attention from other people Whether that is customers audiences that We're looking to speak to and that's Where some of these things come in handy The psychology of an audience how do we Engage with people so they want to Listen so they want to ask questions They want to be curious

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