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80 000 Bitcoin millionaires have Disappeared let me say that again 80 000 Bitcoin millionaires have disappeared a Lot of these Bitcoin millionaires were Buying two hundred thousand dollar Watches million dollar homes Multi-million Auto homes uh uh what do You call a Lamborghinis Ferraris Rolls-Royce that's gone And now what are people doing now who Own their homes like oh my God babe we Got to sell our house we got to sell our House well let's put it up for a million Bucks you can put it with whatever price You want to put it up right now it ain't Gonna sell at that price for a minute Some people may get lucky in some Pockets but real estate's going to take A hit and I predict I may be wrong and I'm hoping I'm wrong I predict the next Two years is going to be very very Ugly Thank you [Music]

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