THIS WILL BE YOUR YEAR – Best Motivational Video

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

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Eddie Truck Gordon

Jocko Willink

John Maxwell

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So many times especially this day and Age this world we're all so busy we're So caught up in trying to be somebody Else We are so caught up in trying to show Our highlight rate on social media show Our highlight reel on Instagram Twitter YouTube Facebook all that stuff Right Instead of just living your life We are so caught up in trying to oppress Others that sometimes most of the time We forget All of our blessings All of our abilities all of our Attributes all the things that make us Special all the things that make you Special [Music] Those days When I'm tired or worn out or Just basically sick of the grind What do I do on those days I go anyways I get it done even if I'm just going Through the motions I go through the motions I don't really want to work out I work out I I really don't want to hammer on a Project I hammer on the project Don't really want to get up and get out Of bed

Yeah I get up and get out of bed [Applause] [Music] Stronger you believe it The more people feel it There's something incredible And something very contagious about Being in the environment or being in the Auditorium and listening to a man or Woman Not only teach with Clarity but be Filled with Incredible conviction That you can just tell that this is more Than a lesson that they're passing on to You or me this is a conviction This is the life that they live [Music] You're so caught up and worried about What everybody else thinks and what Makes everybody else happy will make Everybody else fly what makes everybody Else Themselves that you lose you now I don't Know about you But I I love me and to be quite honest It's a simple Choice why I love me so Much because if I try to be anybody else It'll be too difficult to be too hard They're already taking it right but I Know that I could Always always count on being authentic Always count to being genuine and I've Learned That if I try to impress everybody

I'm gonna impress nobody it is not going To be sustainable so I'm always going to Stay true to myself and love myself as Should you it's okay to be different It's okay to disagree that's fine Now these Could be signals that you need some time Off And those signals might be right But Don't take today off Not today wait until tomorrow Don't don't give in to the immediate Gratification that is whispering in your Ear Shut that down do not listen to that Little voice instead go through the Motions Lift the weights Sprint the hill work on The project get out of bed Now as an overall rule I do not like Procrastination You need to get things done [Music] And the law of conviction basically says That our greatest communication is in Areas where our life Has been changed where our life has been Touched where we look back and say I Became a different person at that time Here's what I know about the law of Conviction When you hear what someone speak with Passion conviction heart

It draws you to them emotionally you Come close you admire them If you get real close It'll be contagious And when it's contagious It'll become powerful that's why I often Teach Who mentors you Is this important as what they say The person The man or the woman That lives the life Becomes contagious to the people that They mentor And you walk away not only knowing Something you walk away feeling Something and becoming that person That's the Law of conviction [Music] But be yourself to caught up in the in The rat race in a caught up in their Lives and of being somebody else You're not gonna think about happy don't Worry about that don't do it for likes Don't do it for comments don't do it for Nothing just do it for you be yourself And everybody will fall in love with That person I promise you because that's Gonna be the best version Of you And you get caught up in trying to be Somebody else All you're gonna do is set yourself up For failure

Be you no matter what it is Own It own Yourself love yourself because you can't Love anybody else until you truly truly A couple of your old kid But If you are going to rest that is one Thing that you should procrastinate on That's the one thing I want you to put Off until tomorrow And if when tomorrow comes You still feel like you need to rest or You need to take a break then okay Take it But the chances are You won't You won't need that rest chances are you Will realize that the desire to rest was Just weakness it was just The desire to take the path of least Resistance the downhill path the easy Path And by simply going through the motions You overcame that path and you stayed on The righteous path the discipline path Or stayed on the war path [Music] Which is right where you know That you belong [Music]

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