“This Won’t Be Over Anytime Soon” – Reaction To Andrew Tate Being Charged

PBD, Constintine Kisin, Adam, Tom, and Vinny react to todays breaking news about Andrew Tate.

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So Hugo Andrew Tate Romanian officials Filed charges against the Tate Brothers The controversy continues so as social Media influencer Andrew Tate has Officially been charged with rape human Trafficking informing and organized Crime group to sexually exploit women According to BBC's news and Tate's Apparent number one fan writer Lucy Williamson Andrew's brother Tristan is also facing The same charges a Romanian judge now Has 60 days to inspect the file and with Their case being sent to trial upon Hearing the news the Tate Brothers media Team responded while this news is uh Undoubtedly predictable we embrace the Opportunity it presents to demonstrate Their innocence and vindicate their Reputation the indictment added that it Allows us to present a comprehensive Body of evidence diligently collected And prepared over time which will Undoubtedly substantiate the brother's Claims of Innocence there are separate Charges still under investigation which Could lead to a separate indictment Including money laundering and traffic In miners both brothers continue to Claim their innocence having denied all Allegations the trial is not expected to Start immediately and is predicted to Take several years and if you want to See the interview click below several

Years yeah well listen that story is That here's how it works they've said it The both brothers have said if you have Anything with us go to the police create A report come with your story if they've Done anything the law is going to do Their part if they've not done anything And they're playing this game Romania almost has to do something to Show that yes we were right the last you Know since April of going back and forth For however long it's been 14 months There is something there it's been Allegedly allegedly allegedly now it's We gotta convict them because everyone's Been saying when are you going to Convict them so those whole four 14 Month Witch Hunt guess what the real job Just starts now they're lawyers can Officially do their jobs now for the Last 14 months they literally couldn't Do anything because there was nothing to Fight off there's no paper to attack Nothing no paper now excuse me now They're gonna go after him and this Thing's going to take a while Before we learn anything about are you Following the story with Tates a little Bit what are your thoughts on this well I I just want to see what happens now Right you said it yourself it's Allegation allegation to nalder now We've got to see what the reality is and Everyone's innocent until proven guilty

But if these charges are serious let Them be investigated and we'll see what Happens yeah the Law's gonna it's on the Law now to do their part and it's on Their lawyers to do their part it's Going to be uh but it's going to be a Long process I don't think we're going To get an update in a month or two I Think this thing's going to go for a While so if there's anything I've Learned from from Tate is that the Matrix is real and their Matrix attacks Are a real thing and they will do Whatever the hell they want to do to Bring you down they will try to find They will spend months Years going going through all your stuff To find anything they will go back 10 Years ago to some girl in some Pub that You may or may not have met nameless Faceless woman and allow her to Basically give her a story and you're Like I don't have no clue who this Person is but they will use that against You and they will and will basically use The system talk about the system being Weaponized and politicized it's exactly What's being is going on here and let's Just remind each other Tate predicted This he basically said I'm calling my Shot right here it gave the old Babe Ruth this is what's gonna happen right Here and just think about it if you're a Criminal just in any in any realm we

Also have good Fellas the number one Rule lay low lay low the the advice was Yeah keep your mouth shut the advice was Not go start a podcast just shoot off at The hip say everything wild that you've Ever done in your life business Financials sexual social and let Everybody know all your deepest darkest Secrets if you have something to hide You don't do that yeah okay it just Does it we're living in a clown World right now and this is the tip of The Spear of clown Central right now

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