TikTok CEO EXPOSED In Congress

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about TikTok CEO being exposed in congress.

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AOC defended Tick Tock after they Revealed that the Chinese owned parent Company bike dance donated six-figure Contribution to non-profit aligned with Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses including the Congressional Black Caucus foundation and Congressional Hispanic caucus of Foundation in her defense of tick tock AOC argued that Congress should focus on Regulating social media companies Unchecked habit of collecting user data Without their consent instead of banning An individual company she also called For Congress to use to receive a Classified briefing before proposing to Ban and for the public to be informed About the justification for such a Decision Tom what is going on here with Tick Tock and AOC Tick Tock is playing The game that Facebook and everybody Else has played and it's called make Sure you make donations to the people That may need to help you if you get Your butt hauled before Congress for a Hearing there's no difference in what Tick Tock is doing with a lot of Pharmaceutical companies and others do In the United States and AOC who's the Anti-viagra for half of America you know She's out there touting that by the way Just so you know a lot of people would Disagree with you oh yeah what do you Mean yeah a lot of people with this a

Lot of people for two minutes would be Willing to set politics aside but go Ahead yeah if it was me I'd have to be Please don't talk Um So what AOC was doing she was preaching To the donation there's preaching to the Choir but there's also preaching to the Donation she was preaching to the Donation the other part of this it was Very interesting it gets worse that the Cyber security lawyer for tick tock who Was scolding us about the hearings Was Dandy West who formerly works for The office of the Director of National Intelligence so you had a former lawyer That worked for the United States Director of National Intelligence leaves Government and does what a lot of people In government too you go work for the Private sector we've talked about so Many people in defense that go get on The boards of defense companies well Dandy West d-o-n-d-i-s formerly worked For the office of Director of National Intelligence and she's out there now as A cyber security lawyer for tick tock Blasting the United States and lecturing Us where she got her education and Worked in our government so did you Watch any of the hearings back and forth What are your thoughts yeah so well I Think it's important to find out I mean The the AOC story is just

Uh drop in the bucket of what's really Happening right now so last week the CEO Of tick tock his name is Shu zi Chu he's A 40 year old Um he's actually born in Singapore was Went to school in London uh worked for Goldman Sachs actually went to Harvard To get his Um MBA so he's sort of been all around The block he came and sat down in front Of Congress if there's one thing that I Can appreciate what's happening in Congress right now is the lack of Bipartisanship when it comes to tick Tock Democrats and Republicans both Scolded Mr Chu about basically what's Happening with Tick Tock indoctrinating Our youth we've talked about this before If you look at Tick Tock in China it's All things to educate the youth math Science Humanities whatever they're Allowed to show in China whereas here It's just nonsense dances you know Clorox bleach challenges on steroids and And I think you know Tick Tock has Already been banned in what India couple Couple times major countries yeah a lot Of Um countries in the EU banned it from Government I think the United States is Actually already banned it from Government phones government buildings Exactly right you know Um

This essentially is a trojan horse for China to indoctrinate American Youth and I think it should be a concern now if You ask the average 16 year old what They think about Tick Tock they love Tick-Tock but uh fortunately 16 year Olds aren't making the decisions in this Country right now and you made a great I'm sorry I didn't go um you made a Great point about the Trojan Horse we Were talking about before we walked in Here for my my one first thing is every Week it seems like there's another story Of China and how they're trying to screw Us okay if you go back from think about It covet pandemic shut down the world China okay they're flying spy balloons Over America nobody gives a damn it took All its photos always shot it over the Water like you said about Tick Tock They're indocinating the children They're finding out who are the Smart Ones how coordinated they are the dumb Ones that are going to drink the bleach And when are we gonna save is enough is Enough I know we owe them a shitload of Money but who's going to step up the Only person that did Step Up was Trump And they crucified them because they Called them races for just saying hold Them accountable make them pay their fair share in in trade and then Look what happens a pandemic comes out From over there and and he's bye-bye so

The hypocrisy here is amazing so take a Look at this not only well they're Playing the political game well and They're getting a lobbyist in there and They're doing all that and then aoc's Out there saying oh it's a slippery Slope if you ban an app really you Wanted to ban Trump social you wanted to Ban parlor so now it's okay to ban this One so that's a little hypocrisy but the Hypocrisy goes deeper let's look at China in the hypocrisy this is a list of American technology companies that are Banned from the citizenry of central China Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Google YouTube Bing Twitter Snapchat Reddit Tumblr Pinterest slack twitch Discord Dropbox quora medium Wikipedia Vimeo Flickr SoundCloud and duckduck Goal has to be on there so that Amazingly enough PornHub is not Mentioned but by the way by the way what You just said is very powerful yes very Powerful now we're racist yeah exactly So you what what is it with so was that Question even asked that see that's the Part that that question wasn't asked Though so what makes you think you can Ban those apps in China but us choosing To ban you in the country is you know Biggest you know whatever you want to Call this other stuff by the way Phenomenal take there Tom can you do me A favor I got three Clips I want to show

You guys from this if you haven't seen It one is from New York Times one is From Kirk which I think Kirk's gonna be On the podcast in a week or two and the Other one is from Bloomberg can you get Those three Clips ready uh Rob start off With the first one New York Times let's Go there first and see this is a Democratic uh I believe congresswoman Questioning Kim and look how this thing Goes it's 50 seconds Opening statement about a firewall Relative you raise the volume a little Bit The Chinese government has that Dash How can you promise that that that will Move into uh into the United States of America and be protected here Congresswoman I have seen no evidence That the Chinese government has access To that data they have never asked us we Have not provided well you know what I've asked that I find that actually Preposterous I have uh there's been I Have seen no evidence of this happening And in order to assure everybody here And all our users our commitment is to Move the data in into the United States To be stored on American soil by an American company overseen by American Personnel so the risk will be similar to Any government going to an American Company asking for data there you go but With that congresswoman Vinnie just

Asked me she is serious she's a Syrian California wow Syrian play the other one Play the one with Charlie crook watch This one this one's got five million Views My colleague representative Latta Confirmed that your parent company by Dance currently can access user data yes Let's uh we have to be more specific Um yes after project Texas no I'm not Asking after project Texas I'm asking Now yes some user data is public data Congresswoman which means everybody can My colleague representative answered That right now go to the last one with Bloomberg this next one is the Wi-Fi one Which is what this is this is where we Remember how Tom asked the question Adam Said they can't use tick tock in the Government buildings and you know Government phones and he said Wi-Fi he Says you can't use it there they have The ability apparently through your Wi-Fi to see all the other things you're Doing on your phone if tiktok play this Clip Jesus Christ Mr Chew does tick tock Access the home Wi-Fi network Only if the user turns on the Wi-Fi I'm Sorry I may not understand that so if I Have a stick talk app on my phone and my Phone is on my home Wi-Fi network does Tick tock access that Network It will have to to access the network to Get connections to the internet if

That's the question is it possible then That it could access other devices on That home Wi-Fi network Congressman that we do not do anything That is beyond any industry Norms Um I believe the answer to your question Is no it could be technical let me get Back to you but I appreciate it if you Can answer it That professional just keep Playing it look at the guy sitting next To him by the way that's the guy I'm Interested in when you pause it who's The guy sitting right next to him who's Right lawyers no press play again for For the eyes you got to see the eyes He's got the eye look at that look yeah That's a legit La Costa no strap hey Don't say nothing who do you think he is Right there I mean I just think it's Important to point out that Um we'll State the obvious here bite Dance is the owner of tick tock bite Tans what percentage of the CCP owns Bite dance the a decent percentage of it Like meaning the CCP does have ownership In it and I think we're talking about This question of data and privacy and Spying and you know called me an Old-fashioned red-blooded American yeah But if any tech company is going to be Spying on me I wanted to be an American Family I wanted to be meta I wanted to Be Instagram I wanted to be Google yeah

I wanted to be YouTube I want American-owned companies I agree to be Looking at my dad and spying on me like A good old-fashioned American not no Chinese company America spying on me Okay America First yeah and Exxon tried That if it wasn't for the Valdez those Ducks could be covered with foreign oil That's right but it's it's actually an Interesting point that you make isn't it Isn't it crazy how far we've gotten like Wasn't during all the surveillance During Obama people Americans were up in Arms right people were like I can't Believe they're taking it and that look At how amazing and Brilliant from Mark Zuckerberg to tick tock to all this Social media now it they made it cool For you back in the day if somebody saw Your any I was like oh I don't want People now it's like for instance my Sister is huge if you don't know nothing About my sister you go on her Facebook You know what she does where she eats What she's doing what music she loves Who she hates her political thing dude You know everything like the CIA I heard They have a name from Mark Zuckerberg Like they love him because why what Surveil you for what go on two social Media apps I know everything about you I Know where you're gonna go next they Have that type of Technology where They're like well we've monitored you

For the past three days we know that Because of your pattern you're gonna go To this restaurant on this day at this Time yeah think about it that was cool When government has acquired a percent Stake in one of three sets of board of Beijing by dance technology the Subsidiary that holds license that Underpin the company's domestic video And information sharing platforms According to personal familiar matter Who spoke on none very interesting yeah And just think about it the um when you Go and you download any of these apps Right I'm joking about red-blooded Americans like um Data is money at this point yeah Eyeballs are money when you go and you Download it in these apps American-owned Apps you know they give you the whole 10 Page Long disclosure uh table of Contents of what's going to happen all You do is scroll down to the bottom Except 100 keep it moving let me just Get the app yeah so who knows what kind Of is said there yeah when you're Basically downloading these apps yeah so Nobody's reading that because like stuff Like we're gonna take your firstborn Child your wife okay because I want to Get everybody spying on you left and Right do you agree I agree yeah let's Get I want to see those dancing and now When you find out people don't have

Instagram and Facebook aren't you like What the hell is wrong with you you Almost get mad at them because they're Not giving out information the way that You you know and so much of this has Come full circle who did AOC defeat when She became House Representatives Amazon Joe Crowley Joe Crowley for the last two Years being that he lost his old job Because she beat him is a paid lobbyist That works directly for tick tock So isn't it interesting that suddenly The guy she defeated in her finally on The same side of an issue they're both Trying to protect Tick Tock but this the Circles sort of come around on this are Just so ironic because you said that and You follow the money and you think about It I don't the term selling your soul Was like bro if you pay me enough money I questions this weekend when I was out At lunch with friends how much money Would it take for somebody to give you Like listen shut up I know we're taking All the data from your own citizens and You're in Congress take this million Cash shut the hell up The the whole Uh example you did when you were when You you were posting on Tick Tock you Were getting like four views and then You called China out or bite dense out And then you got four million views Where do you stand now give us that

Rundown oh yeah it that's uh absolutely Proven on what happens with that we saw The videos are back to normal but if you Look at my Instagram if you look at my Tick Tock profile today I posted a video Of Joe talking about our our podcast and How we do interviews and and I posted That that got flagged they said that is A a warning for the content and then I Got a warning sign on my Tick Tock Account and uh uh uh multiple whatever Way now now there's a new thing that They're talking about strikes and uh but It's back to normal what it was before Again but I have if you say anything About China on Tick Tock you're gonna Get flagged what if it's a bunch of Pictures of she and you're like I love Him like what if you're supporting him By the way do you know what's the one Video that went viral on Tick Tock Yesterday a girl talking about why uh Politicians are afraid of tick tock and They want to ban it he says she says you Want to ban Tick Tock because we're Getting smarter because we're getting Stronger than you because us young Teenagers and you know we're getting This and we're getting that that's why That video went weird viral dude calling Out you know all this stuff not knowing What's really going on so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to

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