Tim Pool DESTROYS College Education


Tim Pool DESTROYS College Education

Taking someone who's 14 and saying go Into an institutionalized learning Facility which will give give you no Real world life skills for four years Talk about wasting formative years what I did I was programming websites I was Doing Flash animation I was making video Games I was playing music I was Traveling I was skateboarding traveling Around the the area of the city meeting People and expanding my horizons while My friends were locked in a box learning For the fifth year It's not like I I can't even tell you They learned anything because the the Reason why I was like I'm done with this I remember going to English class and Having someone go the the teacher says All right everyone turn to page 47 and We're gonna read the story for Mark Twain and I'm sitting there and then uh Jeremy can you read the ends Inside Encyclopedia Today junior yeah and so I'm just like Bro I could read this whole thing in 10 Seconds what am I doing here this is Wasting my time

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