“Trojan Horse Bill” – Could TikTok Ban Lead To Internet Censorship in the U.S?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Congress passing a bill that would ban TikTok from being used in the United States.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

House passes bill that could see Tick Tock banned in the US okay house passes Bill that could see tiktock banned in The US let's kind of go through a couple Of these things here Robin I think you Have a video for this as well right the House of Representative has passed the Bill that could part pave the way for Tik Tok to be banned in the US app Stores both Democrats and Republicans Supported the measure which Advance out Of committee in a unanimous 50 Bipartisan vote interesting it's a rare Show bipartisan unity and heavily Fractured political environment the bill Led by House china select committee CH Chair Mike Gallagher Republican Wisconsin and ranking member Representative Raja Krishna Morty Democratic from Illinois would block Tik Tock in the US if its parent company Byans does not divest it from its within 165 days of Passage that's that's 6 Months I think it's 6 months right is That about 63 that's 6 months give or Take just under 6 months uh uh so it Would also require I think it's less Than 6 months it's 5 and a half months Give or take it would also require to be Bought by a country that is not a US Adversary it's not immediately clear if The Senate will take up the legislation Tom what do you know about this Tick Tock band that we have going on here

Well first of all um you you mentioned The committee 50 to Zer but then it went To the house floor 352 to 65 right that Is bipartisan if you've ever seen it um That was strong strong message from Congress and what they're saying is hey Either an American company has to Understand that they need to own it Meaning on American servers on us soil All of that um or it it you're you're Basically off the air so we're going to Cut you off and you come over here but Who's going to buy it who's up for this Well that's interesting do you know who The infrastructure partner the key Infrastructure partner cloud services It's Oracle Oracle is the is the Infrastructure services provider for Oracle cloud and Larry Ellison would be The guy who's in poll position because If you buy Tik Tok they don't make money Yet and part of it is the incredible Infrastructure that that takes to Support all the video in the background So if if Microsoft buys uh Tik Tok and They were rumored to be one of them uh They don't think Department of Commerce Will let that happen cuz they already Own LinkedIn and everybody's wor it's Like spirit and Southwest Airlines Couldn't get together because it would Be remember that pbd and they would say Hey no no no that's one lowcost airline That would be too much the consumers

Need choice so people don't think that Microsoft would be given permission to Buy Tik Tok because they already have LinkedIn there'd be too much Social Media power but whoever buys it is Either going to be paying Larry Ellison A ton of money for infrastructure or Larry Ellison buys it um and there's Really if you look around the people That are out there um Amazon is out There and then the question is alphabet Out there CU remember alphabet Google Lost they were part of the LinkedIn bid Process and they lost to uh Microsoft That already had um slack and Linkedin Business services and God knows they Desperately needed a Linkin because go+ Didn't do well correct so the the poll Position is goog plus still active at All or no um is it at all around like This is not a joke I'm actually asking a Real question well they saying social Media if you have to ask it's yeah I Don't know that I I don't even know if It's I'm embarrassed to say I don't know But I don't even think it's still alive Did they stop it does it say like an end Date Rob zoom in does does Google+ have An end date shut down oh okay got it They shut it down go ahead Tom yeah so This puts Google alphabet and Oracle Side by side so if Google buys it They're writing big checks to Larry Elephant if Larry buys it he puts all

That profit in his pocket apparently This is like by the way and this is my Opinion anytime n Pelosi is like all in With the other side something is off Okay and I just sent Rob the the the Photo Rob can you show what the bill is This this Tik Tock band they're saying It's a trojan horse that's going to be Put in like Hey we're trying to save us From China when actuality this thing is Going to give the president power to Take down any website any app by saying It's a foreign this is it right here P If you I'll read it for you Tik tok's Ban uh Bill HR 7521 gives the executive Branch of government the power to Define Any platform or website as foreign owned Even if it's domestic giving them the Ability to control censor the content Being published by the company Elon Musk Posted this law is not about Tik Tok It's about censorship and government Control think about it they've been D They can't shut Elam down they can't Shut down X now they just found a way to Find manipulate and get in there and Like oh this is going to give the President the executive branch power to Go wait a minute this is even if it's Not even if it's domestic they can shut Down a website or or a platform that's a Way to get uh to get X Rob play this Clip this is my my girlfriend Nancy talk Girl go ahead main thing though is we

Want Tick Tock to exist we're not there To ban it I've said we want to make a Tick tac toe we have to the divesting of It from of the Chinese government having The custodial possession of the of the Data whether they have used it she's Drunk she's three Martin custodial Access to the yeah that's the question So there's two questions here the first Question is who's going to buy it that's A question I answered and this is what Came out of committee the second Question is to your point very good Point is what ends up being in the bill Because it's a bill not just an Executive action to say hey for national Security purposes you need to sell and Devest they're actually putting a bill Together to force it and we all know That when it's in a bill we had this big Argument last time and I yelled it at Him is that what's in the bill what else Is in the bill is what's the problem mhm Well Vinnie you bring up a great point The whole Trojan Horse yeah uh concept Uh Rob I sent you something the person That basically brought daylight about This was the representative from Kentucky Thomas Massie uh he's been out There I sent you his tweet right there But you're absolutely right he basically Said in the Tweet the so-called Tik Tok Ban is a trojan horse the website will Be given the power the sorry the

President will be given the power to ban Websites not just W is right there the Person breaking the new laws deemed to Be the us or offshore internet hosting Service or the App Store not the foreign Adversary I'm actually super Appreciative that we're hearing both Sides because I've been very outspoken Especially last podcast like China and The CCP cannot be trusted Espionage data Collection uh surveillance sewing Discord genz indoctrination there's a Lot to be said of why disc why Tik Tok Should be divested sold off everything Like that so uh there's been leaks you Know we've talked about whistleblowers With Boeing we've talked about Whistleblowers with January 6 there's Been whistleblowers or leaks within Tik Tok and um one of the whistleblowers Says listen whatever you hear from the CEO uh Shuu uh don't believe it because Everything is seen in China all data Flows to China you know we're talking About this house committee that is that That voted 50 to zero to ban Tik Tok Well there's a committee in China and They're part of the CCP and they're Embedded within bite dance that owns Tik Tok and you know what they're called the Committee and they get to view all the Data that is around the country so Around the world so uh it's it's very

It's a great conversation to be had I Think it was uh 56 50 Democrats who Voted against this 15 Republicans but at The end of the day 352 Congressman there Is the number right there yeah 352 to to 65 you know there there's a saying out There that when both parties agree upon Something be very Skeptical at the end of the day yeah I'm Sorry go ahead yeah know at the end of The day I'm thinking like who's Encouraging to keep Tik Tok who is it Because we've heard countless calls of People calling Congress to basic keep Tik Tok it's helping my business Teenagers calling their congressmen cuz They're obviously this is not that Though adct right this this this isn't About shutting down Tik Tok because Whoever ends up shutting down Tik Tok in A US you're going to lose that voter Base whatever that voter base is right So they're all very very careful on who It gets the credit for that right of Course so it's kind of like yesterday We're having a conversation with uh one Of my guys and you know the the he's a PHP guy and and the conversation is About hey you know the daughter is a Great is not a very good uh swimmer okay And but but the father it's a very it's A very interesting Dynamic it's a it's a The the father is like no but I think She's going to be an Olympic swimmer and

And the mother was a swimmer and the Mother's telling the father like listen Your your your your daughter is not Going to be a Olympic swimmer she's lazy She doesn't do this she doesn't do that And people at her age when it comes on To no but she's going to be a swimmer So I'm having a conversation here saying How do I break this down to that person The the my my husband that his you my Stepdaughter is not going to be a Professional swimmer I said well F Always find somebody else to give bad News like that if if it's a if it's a Dynamic like that you're marrying Somebody with another kid that the the The father is always going to protect Their kids than the new spouse that They're married to right nobody here Wants to get the credit for that having Said that that's not what they're saying They're not saying shutting down Tik Tock in the States they're simply Talking about divesting and having Somebody else own them now while they're Doing that if Tom you guys are saying That this is going to be a bill they can Always revert back cuz right now they Could agree here together right fast Forward in 2028 go to 2032 all of a Sudden Elon Musk Hey listen we're not Liking this and we're not we have to Divest he owns too many companies he Owns Tesla he owns this he owns that we

Have to divest what's going on with Twitter and that could be a way for them To use this as a bill to get a company That is an opposing company to all the Other social media companies they Control to give up control as well and You nailed it like think about it what's The you know why the left hates Elon cuz He's letting us talk he's letting Everybody open Opinion either good or Bad we get to see it and that's why all The what he's on drugs his brain is gone He's messing with women it's it's it's This is I'm telling you right now this In the long run is going to come back That they're going to try to shut down X Because of this type of Bill I'm telling You right now cuz by the way Adam you You said you know who owns bite dance so If you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right Here

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