“Trump Sounds Bitter!” – INTENSE Reaction To Trump’s Latest Attack on Ron DeSantis

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth react to Trump’s latest attack on Ron DeSantis.

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You guys see what Trump said about the Scientists and Florida yesterday okay Rob if you can play that clip I want to get your reaction on this uh This video here go ahead For those of you that didn't notice Florida was doing great long before Rhonda Sanctus got there People are fleeing from New York to Florida and other places Because of high taxes and out of control Crime it's really bad not because of the Governor thank you Mr President for Doing that But it's not because of the governor Florida was doing fantastically you had A governor named Rick Scott who did a Very good job even Charlie Chris the Democrat did a good job and he had very Good numbers Sunshine and ocean are very alluring It's not too hard to work with those Factors So just remember Florida was doing Really well long before a Ron de Sanctus Got there Oh my God my God okay I'm gonna I'm Gonna go to you I'm gonna go to you First time It's you know at a time where we need Leadership to rise up versus the Leadership we have in Washington I'm This I've said it before this is going To be a street fight and this is a guy

That understands media that understands This base and this is going to be a Street fight and this is just the Beginning that's that's what I think I've expected this Adam what are your thoughts yeah Tom's Right this the this is expected look Uh Trump is who Trump is he's not Changing at this point there's still People out there that think well you Know this time around it's going to be Different And and Trump keep doing what you do and Don't change keep with the nicknames Keep what the name calling it worked for You in 2016. it may work for you again In 2024 But watching that I can only tell you What I felt It is cringy and it is it's childish Just the name calling now as someone Born and raised in Miami I get it The cat's out the back Florida's amazing But to say that uh Ron DeSantis had Nothing to do with how well Florida is Doing currently and during covid Would be just disingenuous and Inaccurate DeSantis Rose to the occasion And like him or not he kept quote Unquote Florida free and it's it's one Of those situations where yeah Florida Was doing just fine for years and uh you Know uh no tax no income tax state Sunshine and weather and but we do have

Issues here we've had hurricanes we have Immigration issues we've got all sorts Of environmental issues that happen uh From time to time but it's it's one of Those things where Is what he did in 2016 going to work Again in 2024 and I've been very clear I Don't think it's going to work this time Around Yeah so so go ahead Tom you can say Florida was doing well before But To desensis credit he was the guy in the Chair when there was some crisis and he Managed them very very well and I set Covet aside on the political side and I Just take a look how he reacted to the Hurricane on the Gulf Coast and I I Think he did an amazing job he pushed People hard he got that bridge to the Island rebuilt I mean there's a lot of Things it was just pure leadership of The crisis team and he deserves credit For that let me say just one more thing You know the the whole Trump derangement Syndrome it's a real thing I know people that I mean they would not vote for Trump if I'm like who would you vote for uh Stalin or Trump they're like oh sign me Up for Joseph Stalin they're not gonna Pick him Um and I I swear I promise you on my Life I'm trying to give Trump a chance

Genuinely because we all know that I Haven't been a trump fan I'm genuinely Genuinely let me just keep an open mind Let me see if Trump can win me over and I think the world has changed so Dramatically Pre-covered to post covet and Tom's Absolutely right we're in desperate need Of leadership of a grown-up in the White House and I've said the my number one Goal in America right now is to get to a President who can get to a 60 approval Rating this race to somehow scrape out 50 percent is a race to nowhere and if The if it's the Santas if it's Nikki Haley if it's freaking Gavin Newsom not A fan whoever can get us there is who I'm leaning towards and I think as of Right now if you look at the top five People in the polls right now Trump Biden's still up there Ron DeSantis I Think Rhonda Santos gives America the Best chance for some less divisiveness So this is all I think I'm going to come From a place of strategy I'm not going To come from any other place but just a Place of strategy Uh uh uh Joe Rogan said the other day if He has to choose between Trump and Biden It's Trump it's not even a question okay So that's out there you can go watch the Clip and people lost their minds when he Was saying that he's not choosing Biden Over Trump okay that position has

Changed with him over the last however Many years is that the one okay yeah Play that one so the audience can see it Uh yeah play that one just from the There you go do you have the audio go For it press play and I go I would vote For Trump before I'd vote for Biden just Because the thing with Biden like he's No he's he's gone like you know he's Gone it's you're gonna be relying on his Cabinet and I knew his cabinet would be This [ __ ] Sideshow of diversity and Which is exactly what it is I mean let That one person who stole all the Women's clothes that Sam Brinton we Highlighted on the podcast I mean okay so just real quick note That's someone who would vocally loudly Vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016. and he Is and I think he voted for Joe Jorgensen 2020 which is absurd the goat Yes but now he's back on the Trump trade Not on the train but he's willing to go Oh oh no no he's not on the door willing To yeah not on the train you know what I Mean he's willing to vote but Biden is What he's saying Go ahead but let me let me go back to What Trump is saying so okay all I ever Think about I got I got my sales leaders Okay and if you've ever been to one of Our sales leadership meetings it's our One we have a meeting called the Directors and up meaningful president's

Club you have to find a way to get in There if you're in there it's a Spectacle let me put at you this way Anytime we had our investors or somebody That wanted to look at purchasing the Company or we're talking about raising Capital that was a meeting they were not Allowed to go into because if they went Into that meeting they're like what the Hell is going you've been to one of Those meetings before you've been a Couple of insane It's amazing they're insane it's Competitive It's Insanity it's it's it's like it's WWE UFC minus any of the fights but it's Raw I wouldn't even say minus any of the Fights because it can get pretty heated In there I'm trying to keep it PG here WWE meets Insurance Anyways you got people shooting down the Aisle It's epic Someone who's been in the insurance Industry for 17 years it's my never seen Anything like that before never mind Okay it's epic it's competitive it's Awesome right now here's the thing If if and I'll sit there and I'll watch The call outs this person calls the Other person out that person calls this Person out it's called I call I call I Call a column yeah and then I'll sit There and I say yeah that was not a good

Call out like what angle did you take Strategically what did you just take With that angle you went personal okay That guy Is going to destroy you with what you Just did or this person I'm like that Call out was weak your team you looked Weak in front of your team the worst Type of call outs are when you seem weak In front of your team for example a call Out is You'll say well let me tell you Something you guys may be beating us on The leader's bulletin but at least we Love each other and we're United you Guys are not you're not that is a weak Ass call out okay because you don't want To compete in your way of hiding it is What be mommy and your people that You're working with right here's another One unmeasurable yeah when you do a call Out and your team's like oh my God my Leader's an [ __ ] dude what was that All about you you acted like an [ __ ] Bro dude you had an [ __ ] moment That's also not a good call out a call Out is to say let me tell you we fell Because of me I screwed up at the end of the day they Saw me as the leader but I'm going to Tell you I know what guys we got and I Know our guys are killers competitors The next 90 days good luck working out Working us out strategy good luck we're

Going to compete like never before and We're going to have one of the best Stories of redemption we're going to Beat you and you're going to have to eat Your warts for what you just said Because our God's gonna rise up that's a Call out where somebody's gonna say I Freaking you know what let's go kick Those guys's ass right this is a bitter Call out You sound bitter that there's no Strategy behind this to say Florida all He has to do is to say 34 000 when you Help me and I gave you shout out in the Book that your two tweets and the Endorsement helped me yes you're right But I took it from 34 to one and a half Million votes not you that's what I did Right and nobody can dispute that I won Miami-Dade nobody can dispute that Argument there here's the other part You know uh with uh Trump and DeSantis If you read The Art of War Sun Tzu and You read any of the war books it's very There's like five of them must read you Have to read if you're a businessman if You're a businesswoman if you're Somebody that's in a competitive Environment you have to read these books Because if you're not they're reading it Just so you know and I learned this the Heart but I'm like okay no problem we Know for two years I had the same Audiobook playing in my car on repeat

The same exact book every single day for Two years people would get in my car and My audio was that same like this is all You listen I said this is all I'm Listening what was the book it's a very Good book and I read it over and over And over again two years straight in my Car on repeat because I understood it Was war and I saw what my enemy was Doing I said I'm not going to forget What you did for the rest of my life This is no longer about money good luck Seeing what you just gave birth to Somebody gonna face for the rest of your Life it was officially personal and was Gonna get fun let's go play ball at First it was just about Dad retiring at First it was just about having dreams Become a reality you officially pissed Me off it's War now let's go play ball And I'm gonna have so much fun doing it For 50 freaking years that was my Mindset on this I'll never forget this By the way fully committed to war to This one handful of guys that in the Marketplace that were going up saying Certain things What DeSantis is doing right right now The book Art of War you know if your Enemy is screwing up get out of his way And that's exactly what the sentence is Doing he's not even getting in Trump's Way it's like Let him keep saying stuff let him keep

Saying this stuff his own Camp was going To turn against him his own Camp's going To turn against them because what Trump Forgot what Trump forgot to do is what Helped him win as he talked policies He talked about make America great again He talked about the wall he talked about Issues that resonated with people he Talked about that you can easily say Florida's done a great job with Endorsement because our policies that I Would have used myself that descent you Can say that and the American people Will say I agree with that the centers Use a lot of Trump's policies let's just Say if the voter is going to say this But when you do something like this it's Showing you're bitter it's showing in Security it's showing you fear somebody That's below you you're competing with You got to compete up he's competing Down DeSantis as of right now with the Pulse is below you he's not above you so It's a different strategy on the way you Compete when he was coming up as an Underdog The way you compete as an underdog can Never be the way you compete as a Favorite I don't know if that makes Sense or not you cannot take the same Strategy as an underdog to compete as a Favorite that's not going to work as a Favorite so and right now in what's the CPAC Polo was what yeah yeah it's not

Even close so and some people say who Cares about CPAC all I'm telling you is There's a different strategy to compete As a underdog versus a favorite I don't Necessarily know if this is a effective Strategy he's using again we may be Wrong I may be wrong but I just don't Think it's effective can I ask you one Very specific question because to me it Wasn't the Calling out the Florida thing and that's All fair game my specific thing is the The name calling We all remember 2016 it was uh little You know uh Lil Marco Rubio or slow Energy jet or that was 2020 sleepy Joe Or crooked Hillary or you know everyone Had a little nickname and it was funny It was weird it was quirky all all that And above right wacky Bernie all that The the fact that he's doesn't even call Him Ron DeSantis and it's just Ron de Sancta uh Ron the sancta wrong does a Meatball run is Tom for you as a you Know I would classify you as just like a Level-headed normal just Good father family man does the name Calling do anything for you is it a turn Off you don't like this is something you Don't practice in real life how do you Deal with it when the president is doing This it does zero for me and I have seen Moments where I thought Trump played so Beautifully the debate with Hillary

Hillary was being very sarcastic and Then made a comment and remember he Turned his back on her and actually she Walked behind him he didn't turn his Back on her he was not disrespectful but As she rotated the stage she turned Around and pointed at her and rather Than call Naomi said because you'd be in Jail and and basically pulled the rug Right out from under her thing and that Was all what America was thinking we Were all at home going there you go You're gonna play the sarcasm game and You're gonna do that in a debate Hillary You just had an adult turn around and And kind of call you out on that that I Appreciate I because in the Public Square in politics you have to be Prepared to debate to set your tone own And you need to have your your comeback But just sitting there sounding bitter And calling a name doesn't do anything For me it doesn't get me it doesn't pull Me in your direction to what you what I Knew you stood for yeah listen we can uh Act very uh what's the word uh Noble and Say oh my God these you know dude They've been calling this guy a Russian Spy they've called him a racist a bigot A misogynist give me one label this guy Hasn't gotten the last seven years think About every single day they've gone After this guy so so don't get it Twisted I don't like what he said about

The comments on Florida and the fact That he didn't do anything when you go Give credit to Charlie what are you Doing like he's giving credits Charlie Chris Flip-floppers again out of anybody you Give credit to to give it to Charlie Like to me it's purely that when he says Ron the sanctu whatever the Sanctimonious meatball that that's his Game plan it's totally fine because the Whole thing is if your opponent gets Irritated by comment keep irritating him Right that's what he's doing he's very Good at it he finds a way to irritate You and he'll keep doing it and if you Show you're not irritated and eventually He has to go to a different nickname or Whatever My concern is in the name Colin my Concern is you can't question someone's Resume that's a real resume it's the Same way when clowns say Trump's not a Real billionaire uh okay you are right Yeah yeah that's right you were able to Go into those you know heavy duty you Know rooms in New York and negotiate With all these other guys Manhattan to Buy air yeah you're you're definitely a Better businessman than Trump was yeah You you're the one that carried a show On NBC for 15 years called what was the Show's name called The Apprentice one of The greatest and then Shark Tank try to

Duplicate that model and the kind of Eyeballs they got Arnold tried to do it For a season it flopped so bad it was Embarrassing some would say that kind of Finished up his career because you can't Carry a show like that for 15 years no You can't be Trump trump is not Duplicatable he is very good at what he Does you can't question someone's resume If it's got true credibility behind it You make yourself look like a fool and And here he's trying to question Desantis's resume What Who did it better I don't I don't know I Don't know if anybody did it better he Did it better yeah I mean it's not even A question on on who did it better he Did it better and he you know this is a Chance to come from a place of I'm glad He used my policies I'm glad he Implemented some of the things that we Were doing and I'm glad he had the Success that he had because he followed Our lead versus Showing signs of I I I uh I don't see and by the way in Any business book or strategy book I Don't see everything he's done up until This point like in 2016 when he won Everything was like brilliant Interesting wow crazy risky look at this Guy look He's president holy [ __ ] he pulled it

Off and beating who The person that's supposed to be a President since she was 10 years old 12 Years old she was supposed to be the First female you beat that heavyweight Whose husband is a president damn okay Cool this guy knows what he's doing but The biggest feedback is you your Strategy as an underdog will not work as A favorite it's just not when Michael Was coming up when he wanted to beat the Lakers for the first time to get the First ring And he was talking a lot of [ __ ] yeah That's a different game when you're Coming back and you lose to the Orlando Magic because of Nick Anderson whatever He passes away from Scottie Pippen and Everybody's like he's lost it when Michael was playing with the number 45. You remember that yeah of course when You're Michael coming back after three Pete everybody's coming for your throat When you're Michael being beat by Detroit Pistons and they're bullying you You're going for everyone's throat you Have a statement to make everybody else Has a statement to make I I don't see The position here so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you foreign

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