Trust Building – Jocko Willink

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So for you when it comes down to Relationship what was your process of Building a relationship with your Teammates relationships and Trust are Almost the same word right A Relationship is something that we've Built trust now you can have a bad Relationship and what does that mean That means there's no trust there I Don't trust you we have a bad Relationship how do I build trust with Someone the way I build trust with People is I give them trust so if you're Working for me I say hey uh you know I Want you to do this Mission Patrick come Up with a plan I'm showing you that I Trust what your plan is going to be now I'm gonna I'm gonna make sure that your Plan is good I'm gonna review it but I'm Going to give you a lot of autonomy I'm Going to give you trust and when I give You trust what's your reaction you think To yourself this guy trust me yep and Then the way I build trust in Reverse is When you make a mistake instead of me Jumping down your throat and hanging you Out to dry instead I say okay you know What my fault I should have given I Should have given you better Direction Here's what we're gonna do next time so Now you look at me and you go hey I Screwed this thing up and Jocko still Trusts me I trust him and that's how I Build trust

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