TRUST THE PROCESS – Best Motivational Video 2023

Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.

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Will Tidwell
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Trent Shelton

Music: Eleftherios

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[Music] Foreign Man is there's a lot of people in this World they know who and what they need To let go of they already know what the Things that attached to them they should Have been cut off But a lot of people won't do it Anyone know why a lot of people want to Do it the reason why they won't do it is Because they realize that actually might Mean they have to outgrow some people And some things that they wanted to grow With And for a lot of people man damn that's Hard Because these people that have been with You since day one these things that You've been doing these are habits that You've been having but I'm trying to Understand is that if you don't let Those things go Damn you might be going a thousand miles In the wrong direction And you can keep saying I got these New Year's resolutions these new goals these New things I want to do but until you Let those things go you'll never have Them You'll never have that first start So again I ask you now what's that thing In your life what's that who's that Person Thank you

Because if you keep holding on to them You'll never get there And the sad part is And that they have no business going Where God is trying to take you So let it go [Music] You know too many times We allow Yesterday's Troubles To turn into today's struggles We allow Yesterday's Worries To turn into today's stress Too many of us are good too good At carrying the things from our past Into our present We're too good at trying to control the Things That are out of our control whether it Be your past whether it be rumors Whether it be gossip whether it be Opinions And we live our whole entire life And stress our whole entire life in Worry [Music] And we don't use our one superpower that We have Which is appreciation [Music] When you learn to appreciate everything

That you have You'll realize That you have everything that you need [Music] I learned this a long time ago you heard Me share this with you before Your perspective Right your Viewpoint of in life of life Your perspective Can either be your power Or it can be a prison It could serve your anxiety It could serve your stress it could Serve your depression by how you look at Life about the definitions you give to Life by the meanings Meanings control your mood and you're in Control of your meanings you're in Control of your perspective you're in Control of your definitions Or your perspective can serve your peace [Music] It can serve your growth It can serve your faith Think about that for a second Are you like super good at finding Everything that is going wrong in your Life that you don't realize what's going Right And even how do you know it's going Wrong because sometimes it takes the Wrong paths To lead your life to the right place [Music]

I know how it feels When you try to stay positive and Nothing seems to get better Feels like you're stuck in an endless Cycle You can never Escape And the minutes feel like years and all You want is change Have you ever asked yourself why me I'm not a bad person I don't deserve This Well I can hear your cries I know how it feels And you're not alone But trust me when I say there's going to Be a brighter day I just need you to Hold on through the rain I know you need To hear this And I want you to know that you're not Alone and I said it twice so you won't Forget it's okay not to be okay And when life throws everything bad that You couldn't possibly imagine I want you To play this song for a reminder why You're strong there's a bigger picture Why you're here this story will not end Your crisis will not break you your Illness will not break you your Heartbreak will not break you stare your Evil into the eyes and tell them not This time This victory is mine this time I'm gonna Win I will not let evil control my Feelings anymore I will not let evil

Control my life this pain will be my Biggest accomplishment This is my pain and I will control it This is not the end of me I'm here I'm Still breathing You might have knocked me down but I'm Getting back up but before I do I'm Gonna lay here and reflect I'm gonna Sink it all in so when I Rise From the Ashes you won't ever recognize me you Killed the old me but now I'm better you Had me once but now I'm upgrading I Guess that's how it goes life got harder So I got stronger and now I'm getting The upper hand so whether you realize it Or not we are built to shine we will Never be average this life is hard but So are we yeah we fell down but we Getting back up I believe in myself I Got another chance [Music] Why I had to lose a lot To get to where I'm at today I had to get cut from multiple football Teams To get where I'm at today I had to lose certain people To gain the right people So just because the path Is uncomfortable just because the path Isn't perfect [Music] Doesn't mean The purpose of the pad isn't perfect

[Music] What you focus on Is what you feel How you see life Is how you feel about life How you feel about life Is what you do at life And what you do in life Is what you get from life It all starts With perspective Instead of being so good at finding What's not going right in your life Fine what's going right Don't be so focused on what you don't Have That you become blind to what you do Have So I can promise you this There's someone somewhere in the world That would love to have your life Don't let social media Make you think your life is less Don't let the comparison Thief Steal your joy Start appreciating yours Because when you appreciate yours It opens up your soul To receive more It all starts with you You're not missing nothing The only thing you might be missing Is appreciation [Music]

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