Tucker Carlson’s Leaked Video Reveals BRUTAL Critique of Fox Nation

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Jedediah Bila, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana discuss Tucker Carlson’s leaked video.

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A leaked video Derides Fox streaming service okay if You've seen this clip this video of Tucker that everybody is playing and and We've all seen it everybody's seen it at This point you know I I don't want to be A slave to Fox Nation which I don't Think that people watch anyways we're Gonna because you know I'm a like a Representative of the American Media now Speaking to an exile in Romanian Welcoming him back into Brotherhood of Journalists you know and he's you know This is a Carlson says on a video Footage from 2020 to leaked to Media Matters I wonder who from Fox News Leaked it to Media Matters where Media Matters can't stand Fox News but Nobody's going to watch it probably from Fox Nation nobody watches Fox Nation Because the sight sucks so I'd really Like to just adjust and put the dump the Whole thing on YouTube Carlson was Apparently speaking to representative For internet personality Andrew Taylor Was recently detained a Romania on Charge of human trafficking anyways There's a lot of different things that's Going on with Tucker Newsmax is at the Front Rumble is saying they may do Something with it there's talks about Rumble could be doing some kind of stuff With Tucker jet you've been in this World you you speak very very highly of

Tucker the other day we're having dinner You were telling me he was one of the Smartest guy you ever worked with you Told us this when we're having dinner What can you say about what's going on And where do you think this guy is going To end up I mean he's Tucker is a rock star right Tucker is one of the people that you Actually work with and you know that he Believes what he's saying that he's Committed to principle that if he makes A mistake and get something wrong he's Going to say it which is so incredibly Rare in media Tucker is going to be a Rock star no matter what he does uh I Think he's going to go off and do Something on his own he may start a Company of his own he will get his voice And his content and his message out to People so I think people could rest Assured that he's not going away anytime Soon I think his video that now I think Has almost 80 million uh reach I think Expressed that he's also laughing about These leaks I mean this is very Predictable when you work in corporate Media they very obviously fired him they Very obviously silenced him over at Fox He was very clearly having editorial Conflict with senior leadership and just Wasn't going to sit down and shut up I I Actually watched that leak video and I Liked him more because it was just him

Being him they think they've got stuff On this guy and what they don't realize Is that what people really love about Him is that he wasn't playing the game And that he was on the inside fighting The this censorship and fighting this You can say this but you can't say that And fighting this you can you can do These topics because what happens is There are Untouchable topics in Corporate media so you do have some Freedom to move left and right but You're still in a straight jacket you Can't touch this you can't touch this And if you do and if you you know go Against the powers that be you either Lose your job or you have to leave or You have to negotiate and actually That's what happened here I don't Believe for a second that this is about Some little internal text messages or Nonsense like that they were looking for A reason to get rid of this guy because This guy wasn't playing ball the way They wanted him to play ball so I think It's really interesting you're going to See more of these leaks you ask you know Who's responsible for the leaks the Senior leadership there knows this is Happening they're probably authorizing It in many ways they love it they think They're gonna have the power to wreck This guy and they don't they also if You've seen the ratings

The Raiders have destroyed over there They're destroyed because people and It's not just about Tucker yes Tucker Was a rock star you can't just replace Tucker with somebody but also people are So tired of being lied to they're so Tired of being lied to and they know That when they watch these networks your These people these individuals these Talking Heads are called Talking Heads Or reason I was there I know the Restrictions that were placed on me Again you have a little bit of Flexibility but not a lot they know that They're not getting the real truth they Know they're not getting the real story They know that people are Cowtown to Avatar advertisers and you know Pharma And and corporate you know lackeys at The top and they don't want to watch That anymore when they can watch stuff Like this we're just sitting here having A conversation they can go on Twitter They can go on sub stack they can get Real citizen journalists and get to the Truth of the matter so I think Tucker Has a career no matter what I think he's A rock star no matter what I think he's Completely irreplaceable in that slot by The way do you think he's Multi-dimensional meaning he can do Podcasts show when I started and the Reason why I'm asking this question is Because because you know when you talk

About Rogan I can't ever see Rogan being Put on a box and saying here's a six Writers for you they wrote what to say And go do this I don't think Joe I think Joe would be miserable doing that I Think to me Tucker is a multi-faceted Talent that wherever you put him he's Going to be able to do it Tucker is a Media Savvy star and I remember coming Into this business I wrote for him over At the Daily Caller for a little while I Worked with every time I worked and we Worked on red eye together we would sit He's he's spontaneous he's full of Personality Tucker has that thing that I Talked about before by the way that Rhonda sandis doesn't have when I'm Talking about that thing it's it the it Factor he has it and I always spoke Highly of him when I first and I know There are some people at Fox by the way Um in very high level positions who were Highly responsible for Tucker's rise That probably are rolling over now like They don't know what to do because they Know his power and they know his talent And they know his capability but they're Fighting the internal machine they have No they really have no power at the end Of the day day but he is that guy I Think you can stick him in a cable news Setting you can sit him in a network Network TV setting you can sit him in a Speech you can sit him on a stage you

Can sit him in a conversation like this Yeah he can just roll this is his thing Because you know why he's just him he's Not afraid to just be him to be silly to Say I don't know I think I screwed up to Get on stage and say something that say I'm not an expert at that people are Dying for that so I think he he goes I Think this only grows whatever he plans To do he will be making more money and Reaching more people post Fox than he Did while he was there people come a Media personality and I kind of disagree With that I I think he's a media leader I look at what he did at Daily Caller Look what he did on his own show I mean He's a he's not just a leading voice He's a leading thinker and he's a leader He's a media leader and so wherever he Goes you know if I was sitting there Yeah I'd be sitting there saying where Can I really lead where can I be more Than just this because I don't think I Mean if he went someplace like Sirius For the the Howard Stern contract that's One dimensional You want 10 producers there's 10 Producers 120 writers there's 20 Riders Now go just go sit and do your do your Show Stern That that worked I mean for for Sirius I Got the subscribers they wanted kind of But that's that's so one-dimensional This guy is so much broader I I believe

He's a media leader and I think he's Gonna land on his feet someplace that Gives him that platform and that canvas To be a full person he also Tucker Hosted I hosted a show called Fox and Friends Weekend for a while Um Tucker hosted that show before I got There he was the guy on the show he was Fantastic he gave that show life he was The reason I wanted to take the job Because I was very hesitant to take that Job for many reasons but I was like oh Man look what he did with it you know And you get there and you realize that You've been watching that show with Tucker on it and then you're part of That show without Tucker and it was Missing Tucker you know he's the kind of Guy that comes into a room and you Really just feel like wow this is Whatever we do here is going to be great Because he's part of it so and and you Know this isn't about whether you agree With him on everything this is about a Guy who was telling you the truth who Was uncomfortable sitting in the behind The veil of corporate media manipulation And censorship and that's a beautiful Thing a beautiful thing you know I I Would uh say a couple things when you Look at the viewership they showed so Megan Kelly showed this on her message I'm sure on her video how his episode Last Thursday was uh two-point okay

Tucker's finale was 2.65 million at the 8 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday was 2.59 he wasn't on Tuesday 1-7 by Wednesday half the audience left okay Literally half the audience left by Wednesday okay and and it's got to be Very hard for the person that replaces Tucker okay and obviously look who Tweeted that with the data Brian stelter Honestly his show never did the 0.33 or Whatever the side is yeah so Brian is is Uh you know went from and now he's Talking about the fact that Don Lemon And Tucker are texting each other and You know imagine what could happen if They have a show together the two and And obviously Megan made a very good Point Megan's like I don't think Tucker Would ever reach out to Don Lemon lemon Is the one that's probably reached out To him because he shared a lawyer Whether whoever reached out to who or Not it's irrelevant Tucker's number one Period so it's not like you know Tucker Needs lemons advice lemon needs Tucker's Advice and it's good for lemon and you Know to talk with Tucker on what to Do I remember the first time we started This Uh when Mario says hey let's start Creating content we bought a Teleprompter do you know how long how Many times I used a teleprompter for 30 Seconds

They put the teleprompter there and and Within 30 seconds I'm like I take this thing out of here I mean we Lost money on the telephone we bought The nice fancy not the iPad Teleprompters we bought the full-blown Teleprompter thinking it's gonna be I'm Like I can't so so to maybe put it back In the Box tried to return it but it was Already broken it was already broken Nobody could there's a very there's only A few people that can do what Tucker Does and matter of fact at his level He's number one let's put him up there Do you think because here's the here's The conversation when Bill O'Reilly left No one's going to replace Bill O'Reilly Everybody said to say oh it's gonna be Done game over making Kelly oh nobody it Was just it's done it's over Tucker Carlson oh well it's done it's over what Is different Jed about Tucker than when It happened with Megan than when it Happened with O'Reilly I don't know that It's Tucker I think it's the time and I Think it's the awareness that people Have of what corporate media is and I Think it's the options that they have so It was a time where you didn't have a Lot of options you turned on the TV That's what you saw people would I mean I know like my parents even old school Put the TV on you watch the news you Shut it off that's your option now with

Podcasting is what be what it is with Twitter streaming with Rumble with VT With all of these options people are now Seeing what corporate media is so it's Not just a rejection of like oh hey you Can't just replace Tucker in and expect Me to be a drone and keep the TV on it's Not just people saying that but it's Them saying I know that you're Misleading me I know that I'm not Getting an authentic experience here I'm Tired of it that people weren't that Tired and weren't as informed of how Horribly censored this stuff was when Megyn Kelly left when Bill O'Reilly left So you know I think it's just a Different time I think they're playing With fire I think corporate media Doesn't really understand that these People that are now on Twitter that are On social that are in sub stack that are They just know what you're doing they Don't need you anymore they don't need You and they count on by the way the fox News's of the world the ABC and by the Way you know this is good this is not Just about Fox News ABC sensor that RFK Video I don't know if you you saw they Put a big disclaimer give me a break if You if you were so confident debate the Guy no you don't have the facts so You've got to censor them it happens all The time that's like the view screaming At me no misinformation really you

Didn't have the facts honey or you would Have let me say my piece and you would Have said yours So I think there's just a deep awareness Now there's a rejection I'm saying Fox Is counting on people just leaving their TV on like oh they'll get over this yeah I I just I don't think so I think your Time is coming to an end where you think It's coming to an end I I really think I Think Fox is changing drastically I Think when they did that segment about You know the trans stuff as it related To kids and it was like a celebration Day people were like on Fox News I think There's been a lot of censorship I think There's been firings that people have Noticed wait a minute these are free Thinking people that no longer have a Home I think their brand is changing I Think someone may may make a purchase of That brand at some point Fox is not the Fox of 10 years ago and I think even the Older audience I mean my parents even You know it's funny I left Fox this is People laugh about this but I left Fox And even occasionally they would still Put the TV on what were they watching Though Tucker Tucker Tucker because it Was like the last Bastion of a guy who Wouldn't play ball the way they wanted Play you know you know what's crazy is Right now there's talks that Maria Barturomo is next and judge pirro's next

That those conversations are being Thrown around left and right and and Everybody is you know sitting there Wondering if there's going to be a Decision like this be made here's my Thing here's here's a question that I Have a conversation with somebody this Weekend and I I may be making a very Strange announcement sometime today Weird announcement bold announcement on Behalf of entertainment so stay tuned And talking to Megan Kelly today at one O'clock I may announce it on Megan Kelly Today at one o'clock when I talk to her Uh but but here's the thing here's the One thing I think about we were having Dinner if it's it's me you Tom Vinnie And this guy what's his name this good Looking guy he's the second best looking Guy in the building Vinnie took overlooks right and oh wait A minute I was just talking about Jeremy No no the bearded muscle he's the he's The muscular bodybuilder a hunk which we Gotta have you ever put his picture do People know what he used to yeah Maybe on the next episode show what Jeremy looked like okay so anyway here's The Whisperer so we're having dinner We're having dinner and I ask you a Question I said I said do you know I'm Talking to this guy I said do you know Who Stefan Marbury is most people don't Know who Stefan Marbury is but Stefan

Marbury at one point was top three best Guards in the NBA the guy was ridiculous If you tape on type type in Stefan Marbury and go to his stats just go to His stats uh if you go a little lower You'll see what the stats of Stephon Marby was playing in the NBA right there Right to click on that and if you go a Little lower to show us that zoom in a Little bit right there zoom in a little Bit to show what his numbers were okay If you look at the right side points Look at that points per game 23.4 22.2 23.9 20 22 20 20. this guy was an Incredible player in the league but Something happened he started having an Attitude And all of a sudden one of the teams Said you know what we're gonna pay you But we're gonna bench you and we're Gonna take away the best years of your Playing years away from you and then I Posed a question to you guys and I said Do you think Fox is sitting there saying Our agreement we will continue to Fulfill Our obligation of what we have To pay you the remaining whatever time Is left on the contract a year two years But you can't go anywhere and you can go Somewhere two years from now where we're Going to continue paying you and then Everybody had a different opinion to say Well you know this this that and you Know all this other because typically

Somebody can come and buy that contract Out from another team the team that Marbury was playing for they're like no We're not even selling the contract this Guy didn't play his best for us and We're paying the money they're they're Paying them six and eighteen million a Year you're not even going to get any Playing time do you think Fox at all any Percentage that the strategy Fox is Playing right now is to keep them Benched for as long as possible to hurt Tucker Carlson do you think that's what A strategy Fox may be playing today I Don't think it's to hurt Tucker Carlson I think it's to keep him quiet through Potentially through maybe the next Election cycle I mean this guy is a Danger to the system this agenda goes Really deep this isn't just about Tucker This is about what Tucker's talking About this is about what he's putting From Center yeah so there was always This idea that you know if you were Battling the system you were battling The left left versus right that is not What happening that is not what's Happening these are regular people who Care about their freedom battling the System some people call it the system Some people call it the Matrix corporate Media is that system it's the censorship System it's the be quiet sit down shut Up do what I tell you and there's so

Many Talking Heads willing to play by That game so it's it's less about Tucker It's about what Tucker was shining a Light on it's about the powers that be That the people at Fox answer to who's Their boss who are they getting messages From so they report to but you think There is a possibility that they're Mentioning between yeah I do think that Well right now especially now because They are negotiating now typically what Will happen is there's two options Either they're going to bench him the Full duration of that contract and he's Going to get paid but he's not going to Be able to go anywhere which is a Horrible thing to do or they're going to Negotiate and exit and they will have to Do some type of payout but he will have Freedom to go find another position or Do whatever he wants and once he starts That then he will no longer get paid by Fox News but I did I mean they lose big Time if they silence this guy long term If they make a decision that they are Gonna cave to whoever they answer to in The system and we know there are people You answer to if they make that decision People are going to be aware that They've they've silenced this let me Throw a crazy thing out there crazy Thing out there and if there's anybody Qualified to speak on this guy's jeded I Just crossed 200 000 Subs if you're

Supportive or message let's get that Channel and her voice to a million Subs As soon we may even put a party together And do a jet event at 500 000 subs and We'll make some announcements on that What jet is up to but Jed there's two Guys you speak about a lot one is a guy Named Andrew Tate which I don't know if You've heard of this guy before he's a Very loud guy and another guy named Tucker Carlson is it fair to say you Respect both of these guys yes okay so I just got word from uh uh uh uh Andrews Camp literally right now the text just Came in and the text says the appeal Against the house arrest extension was Rejected today again so the boys will Remain under house arrest until the end Of May so here's another one that They're doing the last one they can do This on is June I want to jump on a call With these guys right after this right After I'm done with the Dream Team call So Um Okay I'm having a conversation with Their camp And the concern is every month Romania Extends this delay more and more and More and more and more the red pill Community That you know talks about what they talk About the cream of the crop at the top Of the Red Bull Community is one guy

Right now it's Andrew Tate okay when He's out there everybody's doing what They're doing and you know you're you're Able to drive that and I think Tucker Kind of plays to that at the cream of The crop of his space today where Tucker's at and where Tate is at right How crazy of a idea would it be that Those two names would be the two names That we don't want to do a lot of Talking right now for them to stay quiet Are you going in a direction where the Same way Romania is kind of maybe if There isn't anything because every month Is allegedly allegedly allegedly there's Nothing yeah no charges at all do you Think there is really the crazy strategy That the people that are the leaders of The Matrix are trying to silence a Tucker and a Andrew Well if there's a Possibility of that of course I mean These are two guys that again they're Not playing ball they they refuse to be Silenced I mean you see Andrew Tate he's Under house arrest but he's tweeting He's reaching so he's reaching more People on Twitter than people on cable News who get on TV every day get their Hair and makeup done and put on a big Show so they're still powerful and if You don't think that folks in the system The powers that be are looking and Saying we try to take this guy out he's He's not even able to go do interviews

Yet or anything for you know probably Legal reasons and look at his reach Tucker Carlson puts a tweet out and it Reaches more people than the guy who was Hosting in his old time slot on a Cable News Network that is the leader in cable News so of course they want these guys Silenced they and and what's deeply Threatening about the Andrew Tates and The Tucker Carlsons is that when you Take something away from them you know Putting Andrew Tate in jail look what You took away from him a lot he was away From his family sitting in a jail cell I Mean this is not this is not easy for People to go through you look what you Take away from Tucker Carlson amazing Platform you take something away from Them and they turn around and they say I'm not being quiet Andrew take combat Just as controversial saying what needs To be said in the same way as before Tucker Carlson puts a video out after Being fired and silenced talking about Silencing they're not messing around you Cannot shut these guys up that is the Golden ticket so they will continue to Be influential and do I think the system Is targeting both of them 100 do I think The system's gonna win nope no way so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here

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