Turning Down $1 Million When I Needed it

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You cannot compromise your Non-negotiables when I'm running a Company a guy came up and he says hey Pat let's do a deal on the side I'm Going to pay you a million dollars here And this is when I was smaller so I'm Gonna pay a million dollars here no One's going to know let's do a side Contract I say you know what's crazy Says what's this I said you have no idea How much I need that million he says I Said you have no idea how much I need That million right now I'm telling you I Need that million right now because I'm Bleeding yeah I said but do you know if One of my guys finds out who's loyal to Me that I did a side deal with them with You even though I've never known you Before we just started like six months Ago I said I lose trust with all I said I can't do that it's part of my Non-negotiable so I can't do it so I Appreciate the offer but I cannot take You on that he was blown away yeah Because everybody else said because one Of my non-negotiable was win your Existing loyal people over and never Disrespect them always protect them

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