“Twitter Will Be a Trillion Dollar Company!” – Patrick Bet-David

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Why do you think Elon Musk is going to Turn Twitter into a trillion dollar Company uh okay so let's go through a Few different things number one I think Tick Tock is going to be banned if a Joe Rogan who's known as a Centrist is Saying the Red Wave is coming like The Shining elevator opening up and he is Not a fan of tick tock just in the next Few years tick tock's gonna be banned When that happens that's a lot of users That have to find a home and they're not Going to go to Facebook because Facebook Has totally screwed it up they lost Valuation of uh this year alone when I Don't know if you know how much they Lost their evaluation he lost 100 Billion dollars of net worth but Facebook's valuation has dropped 800 Billion dollars Insane on how much valuation that is so Why did they lose that kind of valuation He's not trusted unfortunately it's Going to hurt him obviously Facebook's Not trusted they're you know throttling Instagram on who gets to see your post They do it with Facebook as well so the Audience from there it's not like Tick Tock audience is going to go to Instagram some of it will but they're Going to go to Twitter

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