Tyranny Through Weaponized Bureaucracy | Dr. Scott Jenson | EP 349

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Scott Jenson walk through his accomplished professional life in family medicine, as well as his successful run as a Minnesota senator, all before having his reputation in both fields dismantled for what may be purely political reasons. Six investigations across nearly five years and numerous allegations without cohesion, proof, or relation have amounted to nothing, save for the clarification of Dr. Jensen’s newest goal: to take on the medical board that had no justification for its actions. Given the parallels between Dr. Jenson and Dr. Peterson’s experiences, this interview was not only inevitable, but paramount.

Dr. Scott Jensen has practiced family medicine in Carver County, Minnesota, for 35 years. Jensen then served in the Minnesota Senate (2017-2021) and was vice-chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, as well as the Republican Governor candidate in the 2022 election.

He has served many organizations as a board member or chair including Waconia School Board, numerous Rotary and Lions clubs, several Chambers of Commerce, and bank boards. He is an avid pilot and writer, publishing his first book in 2015, “Relationship Matters” and his second book, “We’ve Been Played” in 2022. In 2001, he founded Catalyst Medical Clinic which now has offices located in Watertown and Chaska.

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Website: https://drscottjensen.com/

Read these books by Dr. Scott Jenson

“We’ve Been Played: Exposing the Triad of Terror”

“Relationship Matters”

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:35) Intro
(2:56) Dr. Jenson’s background
(5:05) Disillusioned with the senate
(5:59) Context, Covid 19
(6:25) Adjusting death certificates
(9:55) Why the CDC would push this
(11:37) Reliability of the federal registry
(13:14) Limelight, slings, and arrows
(19:49) Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, going through cancellation
(23:30) Due diligence, choosing to speak
(25:40) Medical boards, complaint obligations
(31:12) 6 investigations, patient records
(34:28) Why you get a lawyer
(38:24) Going public
(41:52) The line between professional practice and free speech
(44:17) Effect on Dr. Jenson’s bid for Governor
(47:40) Unknown standards until you breach them
(50:28) Trauma response
(53:24) The need for disagreeability
(55:55) Opposition and silent support
(58:30) Character denigration
(1:00:42) Abigail Shrier, accusatory power
(1:03:38) Painted as extreme
(1:05:54) The presumption of innocence
(1:09:43) Vague allegations
(1:14:44) Misinformation and disinformation
(1:16:16) No apologies, proof of targeting
(1:20:01) The weaponization of regulatory agencies
(1:23:13) The Great Barrington Declaration, 47,000 medical practitioners signed
(1:24:05) Dr. Peterson’s fight in Ontario
(1:26:47) Ivermectin is extremely safe
(1:28:55) The minimum standard of care
(1:31:53) This will find its way to you
(1:35:28) Importance of filming the proceedings
(1:38:40) Fighting on


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