UBI Helps The Rich More Than The Poor

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Next president whoever they elect it Can't be a campaign of if you're like me I'm gonna send two thousand dollars a Month Ubi every month that message is Not going to sell because we know that Didn't work so let's just say Andrew Yang says that message you had him on The podcast I think what we need to do Is we need to send America a thousand Dollars a month every month to Ubi and I Had him on the podcast two months ago I Said okay you know what happened when You your plan we tested it out you know What happened with that what happened With that the rich got richer yeah You're handing the money over to the Rich people so you didn't help out the Poor you gave the money to them so we Have to eventually go back to real Policies because we've seen a lot of Stuff tested the last six months and Many of the stuff that we were all Hopeful about we know it doesn't work [Music] Thank you

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