“Ukraine Has No Chance” – Military Colonel


“Ukraine Has No Chance” – Military Colonel

They're trying to get you to believe That Ukraine is winning Ukraine has Never been winning Ukraine cannot win no Chance for the ukrainians to win at all Anybody's on the ground over there knows The truth they're finished the Russians Haven't lost that that kind of numbers They've lost maybe 40 000 dead maybe Colonel normally you know you'll say People are 50 50 on this I don't even Know if people are 50 50. listen to Mark Levin give a uh emotional speech about This himself about how he feels about Putin I think this is an argument where 80 percent of the population I may be Wrong the number may be closer to 70 Percent closer defending Ukraine and They see Russia as the bully in America It's very easy to make people think that Because as I said from the very Beginning The Hangover from the cold war And remember that the population in New York City of which Mr Levin has won is Very much in favor of everything from Open borders to endless war with Russia To permanent war in the Middle East Against whomever so I mean I I don't Take anything that comes out of New York City very seriously

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