“Under Achievers Are Bad For Society” – Epic Rant About Lazy People

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana have an epic rant about lazy people.

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Is this the end of male over Achievers Love affair would work a Bloomberg story In the U.S corporate life And the U.S corporate life is defined by Overwork and its reverence first of all Nobody says that but that's what Bloomberg says what higher up expected To work longer hours and receive high Rewards for and men tend to end up at The top of professionals that are most Demanding and lucrative while women get Shut out due to sexism just reading this Article is due to sexism and not having Enough time to dedicate to these types Of jobs which result in top earning men Making more than top earning women Evidence shows that pandemic may have Disrupted corporate American America's Love affair with workaholism between 2019 and 2022 men who were the biggest Earners and our clockers cut back on Work more than any other cohort how many Other cohorts are there it's men and Women that's it the average U.S worker Locked 1791 hours in 2021 which is hired In other countries such as Canada Japan UK France and Germany Overworked exasperated the gender gap by 10 but the pandemic may have delivered The shock needed to push that training To reverse so cohort they're talking Other countries So Adam what are your Thoughts on this so I I mean this as I'm Reading this I'm kind of like throwing

Up in my mouth a little bit right there Just it's just so far-fetched and so Ridiculous so it's It's basically saying women are getting Shut out of the workplace because of Sexism I mean I probably get canceled For saying this but if you go just to Human nature and human evolution Men were born to work and this used to Be known as hunter-gatherers right men Were the hunters women were the Gatherers men were men were out there Killing the saber-toothed tigers and Woolly mammoths and risking their life To put food on the table for their Family whereas the the mothers were Raising the children and creating homes And only in the last 30 40 years with Modern feminism has this has this sort Of been questioned and women work all You want please but part of the reason That you're talking about sexism and not Having enough time it's women have what Are those things that that women Typically have when they get pregnant oh Babies a lot of times when they have Babies they they don't work for a good Year two three four or five years Whereas the man continues to work men Were built to work if you see a man out There who doesn't work he's like yeah I'm just not feeling the work thing Right now just like what are you what Are you talking about that's an

Unacceptable thing to say as a man 100 As a woman if you're like well I'm not Really working right now I'm a maternity Leave my husband totally understand Where you're coming from and at the end Of the day for a man we have this debate Over work-life balance 40 around 40 hour Work weeks your input is equal to your Output what you put in is what you'll Get out if you want to work the bare Minimum just expect the bare minimum if You want to put in long hours and work Your ass off and build something and Create something and consistently Improve you'll get out what you put into It so at the end of the day when it Comes to investing it's risk and reward Yeah you're willing to risk it all What's the reward by the way when you're Saying maternity leave one year two Years three years five years it's 12 Weeks in America you're saying that some Choose to go spend that time with their Kid with their babies what you're Talking correct yeah for the most part Maternity leave is typically I'm not Saying four weeks according just to Clarify I'm not talking about corporate You know allotted time I'm saying a lot Of women are saying I'm not even going Back to work right for a year right and That's why I brought up Pete Buddha Judge because I mean he's out back at Work but he's not really working

Well he's just whatever I don't agree With him taking off months three months Or however long anyway Pat what's your Thoughts on this one right here since You're a male overachiever Yeah well do the opposite see what Happens to you go ahead yeah do the Opposite go be a male underachiever see How you feel about yourself why don't we Hey Bloomberg why don't we have more Male Underachievers according to the way You're judging male overachievers what Do you think will happen to society if We increase male Underachievers yeah Okay more male Underachievers they tend To not think highly of themselves they Tend to not get girls they tend to not Have their dreams become a reality and They tend to become a menace to society They ruin things in society when they Become Underachievers Underachievers are Not good for society and Bloomberg is Sitting here bashing overachievers let Me ask you a question when you celebrate Daniel Day Lewis winning how many Different Awards he's won the most Oscars I believe for what is it uh Leading the Mohicans My left foot my left foot these one Three or four of them right Oscars He went out there and lived in the woods To know what it feels like so he didn't Act he lived it right what an Overachiever terrible guy right oh my

Horrible guy on when when Johnny Depp Goes and plays Pirates of the Caribbean And he does such a good job that now Disney has to offer him 301 million Dollars and he's still not going to go Back what an overachiever or Underachiever guy what a bad thing he is To society one of Michael Jordan goals Practices or Kobe goes practices what a What a terrible overachiever we got if There's anything we need in America it's Not more Underachievers God knows we Need moral retrievers so overachievers Out there we salute you keep kicking ass We recognize you for your efforts for Your sacrifice because it's a lot of Work and FYI to me overachievers is not Just in work I see mothers who go above And beyond for their kids who are Overachievers I see CEOs I see sales People I see customer service I see a Person that works at McDonald's that's An overachiever I salute you I don't Care what your job is if you're going Above and beyond to do your job Eventually someone's going to take Notice and you're going to get a Promotion one of the best stories Ron Paul ever told me was the final one Ron Paul said I got addicted to this one Economist and I would go drive up this Guy was a he gave I don't know 4 000 Deliveries of babies what Ron Paul's Done he says so all of a sudden I'm

Starting reading these economy books and I'm addicted I can't stop reading so I Go back to the lecture and I said look I Can't stop reading this stuff what do I Do with all this material I'm learning About he says let me tell you how the World works you keep talking about what You believe in the right people will Show up and figure out a way to use you Effectively so if you are at any company Doing anything you can if you're an Overachiever don't worry about it Eventually someone's going to take Notice and you're going to get a massive Opportunity whether it's within the Company or outside the company power to Overachievers let me go to the next Story can you just point out one thing About this the the the irony of this Article this is written by Bloomberg Bloomberg okay Michael Bloomberg the Founder is the definition of an Overachiever he's the top 10 richest People in the world his net worth is Close to 100 billion dollars I mean the antithesis of of what you're Basically saying is Michael Bloomberg But but here's the thing yeah you're Right before even going go to this Article Rob I don't even know what the Author looks like okay what do you think This person does for a living okay it Makes sense is that is that her Beth Okay let's let's look her up let's click

On her link and let's go to her LinkedIn What school you think she went to maybe Colombia I don't know what school she Went let's let's look up her profile There she is actually go to her Professor I'm actually curious now Senior columnist uh okay is that her Cinema Bloomberg okay go go all the way Down to see what school she went to go All the way down go all the way so she Was at Fortune Magazine before Colombia Boom There you go and I guess I didn't even Have a clue I guess she went to Columbia University now of course they're Producing people like this wow that hate Capitalists wow no wonder is anybody Surprised hello folks the next time your Kid says I want to go to Columbia University this is New Age journalism This is New Age journalism not the stuff That we used to get years ago so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here [Music]

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