“United States Is Corrupted!” – The Russian-Ukrainian War Explained

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Jimmy Dore, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about the Russian-Ukrainen war.

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When Trump got in office and he Mentioned that there's a deep state They're like you can't say that what are You doing and when he said hey when they Asked him why are you leaving your Troops in Syria and he said for the oil Because no it's for the old no it's for Liberty it's for helping the people no It's for the oil it's our oil and so he Let the cat out of the bag and they Can't have that that's what he blew the Whistle on what's actually going on our Wars are for oil our Wars are economic Or Wars just like what's happening in Ukraine this is an economic War we're Trying to put a hurt and isolate Russia We're afraid of Russia and their natural Resources and their Manpower coming Together with Germany with their Technology and their capital and we've Been saying that for decades and so That's why we blew up the Nordstrom Pipeline and that's why this Ukraine war Is happening and people have no idea What's happening and what's worse is They have no idea that they have no idea What's happening that's the crazy part Can you play this clip it's so Interesting when you watch this the guy That's asking a questions is so common Poised and he gets rattled watch this To look at this and say the reason that The Russian army is on NATO uh the Russian army is at NATO's doorstep is

Because NATO has expanded Rather than the Russians expanding that In other words NATO has moved closer to Russia rather than Russia moving closer To Nato is that not an accurate way to Look at this I think that's the way President Putin probably looks at it Certainly not the way that we look at it You don't you don't think that NATO has Expanded Eastward toward Russia NATO has Expanded and the expansion has been a Good thing so the reason that the Russian army is at NATO's doorstep is Not the fault of the Russian R not the It's not the Russian army that's done it It's NATO has moved closer to movies Sure it wasn't NATO who was ordering you Know upwards of 15 Battalion tactical Groups to within 10 kilometers of the Border with Ukraine and I'm pretty sure It wasn't NATO who put Little Green Men Inside Ukraine to destabilize eastern City sure the Ukraine is not a member of NATO so unless that's true The movement by Russia If NATO has moved East the reason that The Russian army is closer or on NATO's Doorstep is because NATO NATO is not a Anti-russia Alliance NATO is a security System For 50 years it was an anti-soviet Alliance so would you not understand it Do you not understand how can you not Even see how the Russians who perceive

It as a as a threat and the fact that it Keeps getting closer to their border While their troops I mean the the places Where their troops are you say their Troops are and may have been in Ukraine And Georgia are not Native Americans I Don't have I'm not going to pretend to Know what goes in President Putin's mind Or Russian military commanders I mean I Barely got a history degree at the University of South Florida well I can Tell you what I can tell you is that NATO is a defensive Alliance it remains A defensive Alliance fair enough but it Has moved East correct I mean that's Just that's expanded absolutely exactly There's no reason for anybody to think The expansion is a hostile And we've been saying that throughout The last Week You're moving closer to Russia you're Blaming the Russians for being close to Nato that's exactly what we're blaming The Russians for violating the terrorist S which is not a NATO member which is Not a NATO I I see other countries feel Threatened nothing makes me happier than When you actually see a really good Reporter that has the balls to do stuff Like that and is in silence because They're scared about losing their job That's um I love things like that but That's a guy named Matt Lee that

Journalist Good Guys what are your Thoughts when you see that Well it's obvious that they don't want You to know the real history they don't Want you to know that when Germany was Allowed to reunify the promise from NATO To Russia was that we won't expand NATO And then of course it did I think There's 13 13 or something more Countries that they put into NATO and Now they wanted to put Ukraine into NATO Or threaten to do that that would be Like if Russia got into a military Alliance with Mexico and they wanted to Start putting military bases in Mexico We wouldn't allow that we wouldn't allow It and just like what happened with Cuba With the missile crisis in the 60s we Wouldn't allow stuff like that but we're Doing that and people don't they don't Want you to know that this NATO is not a Defensive it is offensive this is a this Is a war that was started and provoked By NATO and the West zielinski ran on Peace he brought on bringing the country Back together right the Russian speakers In the East the Don bass but he didn't Do it so why because he got threatened By NATO and the ultra right the Nazis in Uh Ukraine and so they'll they Threatened to kill he knows he's a dead Man if he does a peace deal with uh Russia so that's why he won't and when They had a peace deal in March and

That's when Boris Johnson from the UK Flew there and said hey you better you Don't do this and he he killed the peace Deal so Russia is the one that wants Peace in this deal and Ukraine and NATO Do not they want to bleed Russia Economically and that's why they blew up The Nordstrom 2 Pipeline and they Allegedly yeah they've always said they Were going to do it and they did it uh And I don't what for the life of me I Can't get why the European nations are Going along with this uh they've said Stuff like uh there was the foreign Minister of Germany said I don't care About my people if they don't want this I care about the people of Ukraine What Leader of a country says they don't care About their own people but they care More about somebody else's country it's Crazy what's going on so people don't Realize that NATO has provoked this in Fact there was a peace agreement in 2014 The CIA helped overthrow the Ukraine Government and and then uh the people in The Don best didn't want to go along With this cude government right because The leader of Ukraine wanted to be Friendlier economically with Russia Instead of joined like the European Union and that they couldn't have that Right so that's why they did a coup and The people the Russian speakers and the Donbaths didn't want to go along with

That coup and so they kind of wanted to Break away Ukraine government started Shelling the Don bass and so they had a Peace agreement called the mints Agreements and that was supposed to give Them Independence they were supposed to Have their own elections and they were Going to stop shelling them they never Did they ended up killing like 14 or 15 000 people in the Don bass over the last Eight years and now it's been revealed That that peace agreement was never real The uh a Merkel the former prime Minister of Germany just admitted that The only reason they did that peace Agreement was to give Ukraine enough Time to build up its military so when They finally did provoke an invasion Which is what they did that they would Have a military ready to fight uh Russia And so people don't know this is what Happened and so they just think that one Day Putin woke up and said I want to go Invade Ukraine because I'm a maniac and They think that he's the bad guy they Think that he's he's acting rationally He's acting we always knew he would do This in fact we were counting on him Doing this that's why we did what we did And they don't know that Ukraine ramped Up their bombing right before the war Started last year they like doubled Their bombing they were really trying to Provoke it and they did and they got

They provoked it and the Russian would Rather have a peace agreement uh at the Rest of the world would rather have a Peace agreement not NATO not Joe Biden Not the military-industrial complex and So that's where we are uh and people Don't know that and that's what that is That guy's saying hey NATO's the ones Expanding the reason why uh he just he Said it the reason why that NATO's Army Is on the doorstep of Russia is because We moved not Russia and it's just Obvious that we're the Bad Guys the United States is the world's terrorists We have a thousand military but you know We have 400 military bases surrounding China since the Korean War we just added Three new military bases in the Philippines they just announced two Weeks ago this is how all Empires end We're ending we're overextending Militarily while we have people living Under every bridge people don't have Health care a living wage half the Country can't afford a 500 emergency 80 Percent of workers live paycheck to Paycheck 50 of wage earners earn thirty Thousand dollars or less people go Bankrupt when they get sick in this Country we have homeless people Everywhere and that's because our Government is a hundred percent Corrupted it's the people think that's Corrupted like oh Joe Biden gave his kid

A no-show job in a Ukraine energy border Donald Trump gave his kid a deal with The South no no no that's regular Corruption I'm talking about 100 percent Everything the government does it only Does it because of corruption and that's The only way the wheels get greased is Through corruption that's why we can Send a hundred billion dollars to Ukraine without any oversight and we Still won't send it to our own cities to Fix our homelessness or our bridges that Those homeless people are living under We won't even fix our own goddamn Country so people don't realize that This is pretty much a Banana Republic We're we're at the end this is the end Of this Empire uh we're basically Brazil With a couple of big cities that are Keeping it afloat uh you think so yeah You believe that yes yeah well when when Half the country can't afford a 500 more This is what I like to say what do you Call a system that takes the richest Country the face of the Earth has ever Seen and renders half of its population Poor low income you call that a failed System and that's what we're living in And people think we're going to be able To vote our way out of this what we have To do is get people in the streets so When someone like AOC has 13 million Twitter followers and Bernie Sanders Says they're supposed to tell people to

Get in the streets shut stuff down Protest and take our government back but They won't because they're part of the System and that's what I'm trying to Wake people up and it's worse off having People like Bernie Sanders and AOC in The Democratic party in government even Though Bernie claims is an independent He's a Democrat and why is it worse Because it gives people the false Impression that there's somebody Actually fighting for you in government So there isn't so so okay the only way You can have change you get people into The streets is when they lose faith in The system and we have to get them we Have to disabuse them of the idea that There is somebody fighting for them in This system and there isn't so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign [Music]

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