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Pastor Rick

Pastor John K. Jenkins

Joyce Meyer

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Foreign What's a blessing How do you define a blessing Would you know a blessing if it slapped You in the face there's a sometimes a Problem is a blessing and really what in The world is a blessing and if you pray For God to bless somebody how do you Even know if it's happened or not if you Don't know what a blessing is You don't know what it is to live a Blessed life till you've lived a blessed Life you don't know how wonderful the Blessed life is And to your experiences some people Think they're living a blessed life they Think their life is fabulous but they Don't really know how good it is until They tasted the blessed life [Music] The word blessed is the Greek word Makarias macarios and macarios is the Word for Happy It is the word for happiness to be Blessed is to be happy to have a Blessing is to have happiness in your Life so I'm extremely interested in how To receive the blessings of God Now as we study scripture we find that The problem isn't with God the problem Is with us God wants to bless your life You just have to get blessable And a lot of us don't live lives in ways

That God can bless God isn't going to Bless sin God isn't going to bless Arrogance God isn't going to bless Indifference there are a lot of things God will not bless [Music] Foreign It's not the happiness that the world Offers the world offers a happiness that Fades away comes and goes The happiness that the world offers is Conditional it's based on what's going On in your life this place is based on Conditions external conditions but the Scripture says here that God wants to Bless us and give us a blessed life Happy is the man who is having a blessed Life has happy and then he begins to Give us and walk us through this sixth Psalm and that this first Psalm these Six verses and that's what I want to do I want to go and look at these six Verses and and and see what Insight it Gives us because I've discovered that a Lot of people are longing for and Hungering for the blessed life thank you Blessed Are the poor in spirit For theirs is the kingdom of heaven now What does it mean to be poor in spirit Well he's not talking about physical Poverty he doesn't say blessed are the Poor he says blessed are the poor in Spirit he's not talking about economic

Poverty he's not talking about material Poverty he's not talking about physical Poverty he's talking about spiritual Poverty he's talking about maintaining a Certain kind of attitude A good verse helps clarify this is the Lord blesses everyone Trusts him and depends on him circle the Word trust and the word depend this is The first condition for God's blessing On your life you got to trust him you've Got to depend on him Much of what happens in our lives Is based on our level of obedience Now I'm not saying that every time you Have a problem in your life or I have a Problem in my life that I've been Disobeding in some way and it's open Door for the enemy It's it's not even worth going down Those rabbit tracks because all you do Is get yourself confused and messed up If I am having trouble in my life [Music] God if there is something I've done or If I've opened the door please show me But if he doesn't show me anything I Don't go on a digging Expedition trying To find something that I've done wrong Let's open the door believe me if God Wants to say something to you he will Make himself heard [Music] There is some connection between

Obedience and levels of blessing Right It's so obvious and just reading Proverbs That Only a fool will not receive correction And that Discipline Is something we need to love not Something that we need to resist And Hate And that the wise man Always ends up with a blessed life And The Fool always ends up in trouble And The Fool is the morally deficient In other words they're not making the Right choices that they should make so See when we're willing to Humble Ourselves to be obedient to do whatever God asks us to do rather we understand It or not whether we want to or not then Always will come the exaltation thank You He says blessed is a man who's made a Choice who's discerned and washed and Observed and he is not walking in the Council of the ungodly he is not walking That word walk means a course of Life a Way that you're living your life he says That man who is not listening to the Advice or the counsel of the ungodly Person The Sinner the morally wrong bad Person here's the problem that a lot of People have you are taking counsel from

People who don't know what who don't Know what they're talking about that's Problematic when you are getting advice On your finances from somebody who Doesn't file bankruptcy two or three Times it's problematic though if you're Going to give counsel from somebody for Your marriage and then I'm married three Or four times if you're gonna get Counsel find somebody who show who could Demonstrate who has demonstrated that They know how to manage their money or They know how to make their marriage Work whatever it is you need find Somebody who knows how to do it and the Writing him Psalm 1 says blessed is the Man who's not listening to the counsel Of ungodly people not listening to the Advice the suggestions the direction of Somebody who has not shown success or That they know how to do it themselves But you got to have enough courage you Have enough to have enough fortitude Enough insight to recognize that nothing Good ever came from you hanging out in The path or where the Sinners go You ain't gonna get a word from the Lord At the club or at the lounge hanging out With Sinners you ain't gonna get it at The party you ain't gonna get it there You want life you want joy you want Peace you want everything that God has For you but you keep staying connected And hooked to people who don't even know

God Foreign I humbly depend on God instead of myself Because I know I'm inadequate to handle All the problems that face me in life so If I want God's blessing on my [Music] Relationship to husband my wife or Anybody else then I've got to be Dependent upon God if I want God's Blessing on my work in my career in my Studies if I want God's blessing and my Finances and my health I have to humbly Depend on God Instead of myself [Music] [Music]

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