Unveiling the Truth: MSNBC Reveals Trump Didn’t Initiate the Obama Birther Story, It All Started with Hillary Clinton

Title: “Unveiling the Truth: MSNBC Exposes the Origins of the Obama Birther Story”

In the realm of American politics, the Obama birther conspiracy has been a topic of intense debate and speculation. For years, it was widely believed that President Donald Trump was the instigator of this controversy. However, a recent revelation from MSNBC has shed new light on this contentious issue. Astonishingly, it appears that the origin of the Obama birther narrative can be traced back to none other than Hillary Clinton herself. Let’s explore these astonishing findings and delve deeper into this complex web of political intrigue.

Unveiling the Truth: MSNBC Reveals Trump Didn’t Initiate the Obama Birther Story, It All Started with Hillary Clinton


In recent years, the political landscape has been filled with controversies, rumors, and scandals. One such controversy is the Obama birther story, which gained significant attention during the 2016 presidential election. The mainstream media had long portrayed Donald Trump as the man who initiated the birther movement, accusing him of spreading unfounded rumors about President Obama’s birthplace. However, an unexpected turn of events revealed a different truth altogether. In a captivating interview on MSNBC, Patrick Bet-David and Larry Elder shed light on the real culprit behind the birther story: Hillary Clinton.

The Revelation: Hillary Clinton’s Role in the Birther Story

Patrick Bet-David, the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media, and Larry Elder, a renowned political commentator, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the birther story. During the conversation, Elder raised an interesting point that stunned viewers: it was Hillary Clinton who started the rumor about President Obama’s birthplace during her 2008 presidential campaign against him.

Exploring the Accusations: Juanita Broderick’s Allegations

The interview further delved into another suspicious aspect of Hillary Clinton’s character. Larry Elder accused Clinton of threatening Juanita Broderick, a woman who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. The accusations raised serious concerns about Clinton’s integrity and the lengths she was willing to go to protect her political interests.

Media Bias and No-Fly Zones in Protecting Left-wing Figures

The discussion touched upon the existence of no-fly zones in the media, particularly when it comes to protecting individuals on the left. Several incidents, such as the birther story, highlight the media’s biased reporting that shields left-wing politicians from scrutiny. In the case of Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media conveniently ignored her role in starting the birther rumors, allowing the false narrative to persist.

The Truth About Donald Trump’s Involvement

Contrary to popular belief, Donald Trump did not initiate the birther movement. It was Hillary Clinton’s campaign team that initially raised questions about Obama’s birthplace. Trump, being the astute businessman and politician he is, capitalized on the situation and publicly questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate. Despite the media’s relentless attacks on Trump, he merely amplified an existing controversy, partly fueled by Clinton’s own campaign.

Misinformation and Trump’s Public Perception

The portrayal of Donald Trump in the media has been shaped by false information and narratives that discredit him. The mainstream media consistently highlights his involvement in starting the birther movement, perpetuating the notion that he is a racist and a conspiracy theorist. However, as Bet-David and Elder elucidated, the narrative surrounding Trump’s involvement in the birther story is far from accurate. This highlights the media’s power to shape public perception and the need for viewers to critically evaluate the information they receive.

Trump’s Battle against Media Bias

Donald Trump has never shied away from combating media bias. He often takes to Twitter or holds press conferences to counter false narratives and set the record straight. By telling the truth and standing his ground, Trump has been successful in challenging the mainstream media’s biased reporting. This approach has resonated with many of his supporters, who appreciate his unfiltered communication style and refusal to succumb to the media’s narrative.

Unveiling the Truth: Conclusion

The revelation made in the MSNBC interview between Patrick Bet-David and Larry Elder offers a fresh perspective on the Obama birther story. It unveils the fact that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, initiated the rumors about Obama’s birthplace. This revelation challenges the mainstream media’s portrayal of Trump and reminds us of the media’s tendency to protect left-wing figures at the expense of truth and unbiased reporting.


  1. Q: Did Patrick Bet-David and Larry Elder prove that Hillary Clinton started the birther rumors about Obama?

    • A: Yes, during their interview on MSNBC, Bet-David and Elder shed light on Clinton’s role in starting the birther rumors against Obama.
  2. Q: How did the media react to the revelation about Clinton’s involvement in the birther story?

    • A: The mainstream media largely ignored or downplayed the revelation, choosing not to highlight Clinton’s role.
  3. Q: What impact did the false narrative about Trump’s involvement in the birther movement have on his public perception?

    • A: The false narrative portrayed Trump as a racist and conspiracy theorist, tarnishing his public image.
  4. Q: How does Donald Trump combat media bias?

    • A: Trump combats media bias by using social media platforms and press conferences to deliver his message directly to the public.
  5. Q: What does the revelation about the birther story teach us about media bias?

    • A: The revelation exposes the biased reporting of the media, which often protects left-wing figures and promotes false narratives.

In conclusion, the MSNBC interview with Patrick Bet-David and Larry Elder reveals a truth that challenges the mainstream media’s portrayal of the Obama birther story. Hillary Clinton’s role as the initiator and perpetuator of the rumors offers a fresh perspective on the controversy. This revelation highlights the media’s bias and the need for individuals to critically evaluate the information they consume. Donald Trump’s battle against the media proves his commitment to truth and transparency, despite the media’s attempts to shape public perception.

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