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Nate Evans Jr

Chris Ross

Dr. Jessica Houston
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Nathan Harmon

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[Music] Foreign This video in particular is for those Individuals who always feel like the World's against them or something Negative is always happening in their Life or you know it's always something Like that that's the famous quote right There it's always something it's always Something and they don't even realize That they're just speaking these things Into existence not only that but you're Just constantly being pessimistic and That's annoying I'm just gonna be honest It's annoying to be around individuals Like that Um to be around that kind of toxic Energy like if you're that individual Realize that it's annoying to be around You and that you're being very toxic and That you're speaking negative situations Into your life Think about it the best movies always Have some wild plot twists where Something negative is happening and then Somebody prevails that's your life That's the reality that's not just a Movie that's the reality you have to go Through some things you have to see some Things you have to experience some Things that you just don't want to Happen to you but it you know what it is What it is it's going to happen either Way are you going to pull something from

It are you going to continue to go Against that blessing right there and Complain and and be pessimistic about it And be toxic about it and be annoying to Be around realize that that you're Missing your own Blessing by not looking Within your struggles by By ignoring Those situations by constantly just Being a negative energy to those around You by always complaining stop Complaining All you're doing is complaining have you Ever sat back and reflected look in the Mirror and said you know what I got to Take full responsibility for whatever's Going on whatever situation I'm in how Can I get out of it how can I learn from It how can I grow from it because if not You're just being toxic it is being in a Way and nobody likes someone that's just In the way and being toxic people don't Want to be around that type of energy [Music] Before you ask God for anything else Work on the last idea that he gave you Right the one that you tucked away Because you think it's too big [Music] So if you have found yourself Being counterproductive doing things That repeal that repel Your manifestation instead of attracting It Then it's time for you to do that inner

Work And you've got to recognize when you've Taken yourself as far as you can You got to recognize when you Are the issue like and that's something That I've had to do and that's something That I continue to do I'm not teaching This out of arrogance it's because And I've said this before every time I'm Not hitting my goals it always comes Back to me It's something that I'm not doing [Music] It's a thought pattern it's a limiting Belief I can navigate my storm I can stand and Overcome why do I need people [Music] Because the truth You may be able to maintain and to Navigate this space but around the Corner The next chapter The next uncontrollable moment that you Didn't ask for and you didn't sign up For It comes knocking And even though yet on certain areas of My life I'm good I'm cool I can do this On my own I don't need anybody else but On certain areas and certain dreams and Certain things that you're trying to Achieve and become in certain Difficulties in life-altering challenges

And storms and hurricanes that you're Going to have to face this won't be the Biggest challenge that most of you ever Face there's going to be more hurdles More difficulties more life-altering Decisions that you're going to have to Make but if you develop the tools that Help you thrive and to be anchored now No matter what storm comes against you It won't move you and so what I've Learned about this man is this the Importance of horizontal relationships Peers my friends the people that I live Life with the ones I lock arms with Right and at the end of the day I may Not we may not always agree with each Other maybe we've came to blows before On the field because we were competitive Or made at the end of the day you've Hurt me I've hurt you but we grew up Together and my life has saw Consistently that I know when it's all Said and done and the smoke in the Mirrors are gone you're for me and I'm For you and when I'm willing to lock my Life with people that relate to each Other that under stand each other that I'm not just staying on the surface on Transaction but I'm willing to lock arms And community That's the effort you need to be great That's the sacrifice That you have to put in in order for you To get to the next level that you need

To be at But if you just sit down and think about Where you've been And you told yourself if you had the Opportunity that you would put in more Effort You'll put in more hard work You'll go that extra mile well now is The time Now is not the time to complain Now is the time to maintain that dream Open up your heart and be something that You've never been before That feeling you're feeling right now Of inspiration The feeling of dedication That feeling of not going back to where You came from That's what you need inside of you Every single day [Music] In order for you to be great In order for you to be remembered [Music] You got to change your energy change Your perspective on what's going on Around you and realize that you have to Go through some BS there's a lot of Situations I had to go through and I'm Still going through now That I don't want to go through but There's a lesson and there's a blessing In it I'm able to help other individuals Because I've been through that certain

Situation you know what I'm saying I've Been through that certain situation and I'm able to pass on what I've known to To better someone else's life and in Return bettering my own life by growing Through it but I can sit there and Complain and be and be negative about it And Be pessimistic about it and then watch My life go nowhere you know what I'm Saying just being around a bunch of People just complaining like oh this is Nine the third but nothing's happening And I'm not growing and then I look up a Year from now two years from now five Years from now ten years from now and I'm in the same place You have to go through some things man You have to go through some things in Order to grow stop complaining I'm so Tired of talking to individuals that as They crack their eyes they just want to Complain or they want to gossip like no I'm not for that man I don't need that Toxic energy I don't want to be around That you know what I'm saying I don't Want to be around that type of toxic Toxic energy I have things I need to do Man I'm trying to progress I want to be Around individuals who are learning from Their mistakes learning from their flaws Looking to grow Looking to build together looking to Spread positive energy together

Stop being a negative person man stop Complaining about your situation because Guess what somebody has it worse you Know what I'm saying and also there's no Way for you to avoid the BS that's about To come in your life you can just learn From it and grow from it so if it's Inevitable why sit there and complain About it Why be negative about it I'm not saying you shouldn't get upset You shouldn't get frustrated from time To time but you got to keep moving Forward man Moving forward Cut that negative energy out man [Music]

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