“Victimhood is a Currency” – Why Society Has Become Soft

PBD, Konstantin Kisin, Adam, Tom, and Vinny discuss the origin of the victimhood mindset.

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This is you giving this message this is Where at Oxford Union and he's he's Invited and he's not necessarily Speaking to people that agree with what He has to say just go ahead and play it You'll see what I'm talking about I want To talk to those of you who are woke and Who are open to rational argument A small minority I accept Because one of the tenets of workness is Of course that your feelings matter more Than the truth but I believe in you I Believe there are those of you here who Are work who are open to rational Arguments so let me make one we are told That your generation cares more than any Other about one issue in particular and That issue is climate change We're told that many of you suffer from Climate anxiety You wish to save the planet and for Tonight and tonight only I will join you I will join you in worshiping at the Feet of Saint Greta of climate change Let us all accept right here right now That we are living through a climate Emergency and our stocks of polar bears Are running extremely low I join you in This view I truly do now what are we to Do about this huge problem facing Humanity What can we in Britain do We can only do one thing you know why This country is responsible for two

Percent of global carbon emissions which Means that if Britain was to sink into The sea right now it would make Absolutely no difference to the issue of Climate change you know why because the Future of the climate is going to be Decided in Asia and in Latin America by Poor people who couldn't give a About saving the planet No thank you No thank you It's going to be decided by poor people On the podcast thank you yes I love the Work you're doing love love the fact That you're going out there pushing the Envelope through logic through reason And forcing them to come back and say You don't make sense but you do so good To have you and for the audience that Doesn't know your background how did you Go from you know where you are today but How did you first get started maybe take A minute and share your background with Us okay so born late Soviet Union uh Most of my family had to flee or Escape For one reason or another mainly for Saying the wrong thing so it kind of Runs in the family with me Um and uh that informs a lot of My World Views because many of the things that Are happening now in in Western Societies in the UK and to some extent In America I see is parallel to what we Had in the Soviet Union so for example

Just give you one brief example Political correctness do you guys know Where it comes from political Correctness we had never had anything to Do with being nice to people not Offending anybody anything like that Political correctness was invented in The Soviet Union for one reason and one Reason only to say to people what you're Saying is factually correct but it's Politically Incorrect and that meant it Was inconvenient to the party line of The day it was a way of enforcing an Ideology and everybody else my Grandfather late uh late Soviet Union Said the wrong thing about the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan boom lost his Job his wife fired from her job again is That so unfamiliar to the world that we Increasingly live in now so that was the Thing but look you were right I started As a stand-up comedian in the UK I was Just doing stand-up didn't really care About any of this stuff And then in 2018 I was gigging at a Comedy club some students saw me uh they Invited me to help raise money for Charity at their college uh and when They invited me they sent me what they Called a behavioral agreement contract Which said that they had a zero Tolerance policy on racism sexism Classism ageism ableism homophobia by Far be a transferred by xenophobia

Islamophobia anti-religion anti-atheism And it also said that all jokes must be Respectful and kind before you go before You go this is 2018. this is pre-covered Okay the antithesis of what comedy is Supposed to be pushing the envelope Right and I look I'll be honest with you I thought this is kind of a weird thing That's happening in comedy because Comedy is a very kind of progressive Industry generally most people who go Into stand up are kind of more like on The creative side they're not business People and so they think in this kind of Left liberal way which is cool you know I've got no problem with that but I Thought it was just me that felt this Stuff was a bit weird I turned it down I Tweeted about it to like like a thousand Followers that I had at the time and This story goes Super viral around the World so give you an example on the day That this story went uh big it was the Second most read story on the BBC News Website the biggest News website in the UK the number one story was the Prime Minister of our country had nearly been Removed from office by her own party Right so that's the equivalent of Joe Biden like imagine this right now Joe Biden nearly gets impeached by the Democrats and the second biggest story In the country is no name comic turns Down underpaid charity gig from two-bit

College right it's crazy right and I got When that happened I got thousands of Messages from people all over different Industries different people different Places America the UK anglosphere Australia New Zealand who were all Telling me about stuff that's happening In their workplace and that's when I Realized like this culture that's going On right now it's not just me that's Crazy and thinks it's weird this is a Real thing out there in the world and so My YouTube show trigonometry my co-host And I we speaking to people you know the Douglas Murrays the Jordan Petersons They're a bunch of different people Trying to understand what is going on Why are people thinking like this why is This going on and that's kind of my Journey to where I am today so what Conclusion have you come up with with All these people you've been Interviewing why do you why do you think They're thinking the way they're Thinking it doesn't make a lot of a Logical sense just yesterday this uh the Guy from Star Wars what's his name There's been a Twitter award the last Four years He tweets this yesterday and I asked a Innocent question wanting to become Smarter as a guy that's not a scientist Hoping he can help me out but uh I Didn't hear back from him so George if

You're watching this please help me get A little bit more clear on this so he Posts yesterday on Twitter I am now Following Peter hotez and every decent Person who believes in signs not Quackery too and then I said George According to science how many genders Are out there I haven't gotten a Response back nothing right so I'm Wondering how do we get here like this Stuff is logical right it's common sense But it sounds like the other side is Creating a lot of momentum with things That make absolute no sense why is that Well I think if you look at the stats on What happens post 2014 when social media Really takes off yeah this is a disease Of social media this idea that there's An infinite number of genders because in The disembodied online world you can say That right so the more we go into living Online the easier it is to believe Things that aren't true because there's No hard test like if I pick up this Bottle of water and let it go we know What's going to happen because it Happens in the real world but how do you Falsify that how do you test that right So I think that part of this is It's a Disease of social media and then we've Also got to position and John Jonathan Height writes about this in the cuddling Of the American mind where we've created A generation successive generations of

People who've not been brought up Properly and victimhood is now currency Right again this is an online phenomenon If I you know I'm a first general Russian immigrant in the UK okay a dark Skin if I say well you know people have Been racist to me which they have right Therefore here's some things that are True people are much more likely to Listen to that even though there's no Reason to actually take out that my Opinion any more seriously than anybody Else's right so we've got ourselves into A position where people are rewarded for Being victims and their claims about Reality are given more credibility Because of that So you get recognition for being a Victim social media creates the eyeballs Let me get a little bit of attention and That's causing other people to do the Same because it's getting attention 100 That's simple 100 what about and the Problem with social media right is it Rewards ideas that sound good But aren't true and it punishes ideas That are true but don't sound good give You an example if you go online and you Say look you live in a systemic Patriarchy blah blah blah blah blah and That's why you are where you are well That's really reassuring because Nothing's my fault right what about you Go online and you say no one's coming to

Save you your life is your Responsibility oh I gotta I gotta take Responsibility for my life now I gotta Go out there and do stuff I gotta go out There and overcome things well I don't Want to hear that message it's much more Comfortable to hear that nothing is in You know I don't control anything I am Where I am because Society is this way What's going on in the UK these days Because I think I feel like the reason That you Have become so prominent is because of Your perspective born and raised in the Russia Jewish anti-Semitism I just came Back from Israel literally I landed a Handful of hours ago I was with a Russian girl friend of mine who's Basically saying that she was told her Entire life do not tell people you're Jewish do not tell people you're Jewish She came to Israel now she's like Screaming from the rooftops hey I'm Proud to be Jewish yada yada you moved To the UK you said you dealt with racism Anti-Semitism Um Never no no okay but look I'm not I'm Not I'm Jewish I'm like a quarter Jewish I'm not practicing so it's it's not a Figure yeah yeah but but being muzzled Is my question so you started the Conversation off about propaganda Basically started or not or political

Correctly started in in Russia Propaganda yes propaganda too no problem One and the same exactly but what are You seeing going on in the UK these days Because essentially my question is this It used to be people on the right like I Grew up in Miami and um it was it it was Usually like Evangelical Christians Basically saying no that's that's that's Against the Bible you can't do this and I remember there was a supreme court Lawsuit against like my favorite rap Group of the time two Live Crew as nasty As they want to be they won the lawsuit And now it seems like it's coming from The left and the extreme left is Basically trying to Marginalize voices and silence voices When it used to be 20 30 years ago Coming from the right what are you Seeing in the UK is the same thing the United States give us your perspective You know what it's I'm so glad you made That point because this is the thing That I always say is like I grew up Watching Bill Hicks and George Carlin Make jokes about religion and then not Be allowed to perform or be in censored And whatever right and I keep saying I Long for the day when I can go back to Being like someone in the center Center Left where I'm railing against religious Conservatives again you can't say that You can't joke about that right like

That's how it used to be I'm really Comfortable in that world and it's Flipped because this as you say there's An ideology on on on the left now that Tells people that their feelings matter More than the truth you know and and It's I'm so grateful you played a clip Of my speech because uh right at the end There's something people actually don't Know about that speech and it's been Seen by like 300 million people or more Around the world is if you look closely Right at the end there's a guy uh who's Very physically disabled uh and he he Can only use one arm and I'm talking Right at the end of the speech about the Fact that I'm not saying what I'm saying Uh for any other reason that I want Young people to get stuck in to to lean Into something if you think climate Change is a big problem go fix it go Study go learn go build an organization Do whatever it is right and this guy uh With one arm he's clapping his own Shoulder right when I'm talking about Don't be a victim and he came up to me Afterwards and we had a conversation and I'm not gonna lie it was kind of hard to Understand that's how physically Difficult it is for him to communicate Right but this is a guy that believes That that you should never be a victim To What an incredible thing to see that I

Love that and right next to him is a Bunch of young people fully abled from Rich backgrounds at one of the best Universities in the world right who Think that they are oppressed I mean Give me a break guys yeah and you know You know what's amazing you say that if You listen to the whole speech uh uh I Love how you you keep taking I'm not Going to do this no I'm not gonna I'm Not gonna say I told you so and there's No way I'm gonna do this I mean it was Shots after shots zero did you have Notes when you gave this talk did you Have and I had them there but I didn't Use them okay so so I'm like he is not Looking at a teleprompter and it was What nine or ten minutes go go to the Part go to the clip of Um show the one with him and Bill Maher Because this part about Bill Maher I'm On Andrew Schultz podcast and we're Talking about America hmm And I said you know there's a lot of People that are confused they keep Talking about you know you be careful With nationalists be careful with Nationalists you got to be careful with Nationalists these nationalists are Terrible nationalists right like okay What is the antonym of nationalism it's Globalism right so would I rather be Proud of the country I represent or Globally now man I'm going to represent

The country I'm a part of I'm a proud American we're proud to be living in a Country like this and you go on Bill Martin you say this to him which is Incredibly powerful by the way this is By money smart Matt's Apollo posted this Can you play this clip real quick Rob People in other parts of the world are Not teaching their young children to Hate their own country [Music] To do this how is how is the West going To do in the Battle of civilizations Because that's what we're in right the Chinese want to thrive the Russians want To thrive and they are teaching their Children to be strong to be confident to Go out there to learn science instead of You know equity and diversity [Music] And a bridge doesn't work very well if It's building diversity instead of maths So Yeah How was this How is this not logical a reasonable Message Um how is this offensive to certain People you know it's amazing today when You look at uh well I went and gave a Talk at this school with uh it's a Christian School I'm giving this message And the guy that talks before me was the Dean

And he goes up there and he says listen You know we we have to be careful with The way we talk about America because America has a history and it's not Perfect and it's not this but you know In in at the same time we are doing our Best and there's a lot of things we have To figure out and he's kind of almost Like apologizing about America So I get up there and I say first of all I want to thank you for giving me the Stage here to talk to these 600 kids in The audience fantastic I said but let me Start off with one thing here everybody Needs to know America is the greatest Country in the world The greatest country in the world you See certain people get uncomfortable and I kept saying it let me say it one more Time never apologize about the greatness Of America and how it positively Impacted the entire world you know what Was wild I had no idea what the reaction Was going to be everybody stood up These kids who are 12 13 14 15 16 17 Years old want to love their country Right they want to be proud of what They're representing right yet this is Controversial today right and this is Why I'm saying what I'm saying this is Why I wrote my book because you've got To understand like people keep saying to Me you know even when I turn down that Contract this is just some college kids

What are you you know this is no big Deal but college kids grow up right and Then they go into business and then they Implement a bunch of stuff and the Problem with with this ideology is it's Fundamentally anti-west it's anti-merit And it's anti-truth right and you put Those three things together you put that Into law you've got yourself a really Big problem so I think from my Perspective and this is how I think About it Patrick if you thought that Your country was bad okay Why would you defend it why would you Teach its values to your children okay Now play that movie Forward over Generations if we keep teaching people To hate their country if we keep uh you Know causing divisions between different Races between men and women and all of That what do you think is going to Happen you think the world is a vacuum In which as we get weaker nothing Changes that's not how the world works Right and so I think it's really Important that the West remains strong Because if if you're on the left and This is what I always say to people if You're one of these Progressive people You care about equality for gay people Where is a better place to be gay than The West yeah Where's a better place to be trans than The West yeah go be gay in Iran see what

Happens yeah where's a better place to Be a woman what are we comparing Ourselves to right and the same thing With our history and this is why the the Conversation about our history Western History is the number one conversation For me right because if we cannot change The way we talk about our history we Will not change the way that we are Going into the future and if we teach Children that our history's like to your Point wrong and bad oh you get to a dark Place very quickly with that yeah Where's the pride let me ask you one More thing this this like the sort of This ideology this apology tour that We're on in the west United States the UK the Western World Um we're basically coming to terms with Our sins of the past yes slavery racism Anti-Semitism the list goes on and on Homophobe But yet in the Far East or in Russia and China and the mulas in Iran Um they're they're proud to be where They're from but then let's go deeper You don't think they've done stuff to be Ashamed of How many tens of millions of Chinese Were killed under Mao how many tens of Millions of people were stuck in the Gulags Um with with Communism with Stalin and Lenin yet they're still able to be proud

And not teach their kids to be ashamed Of the past Germany has how many Um I mean you go to Auschwitz and you go To Poland and they they have remembrance Of the Holocaust basically owning the Sins of the past yet still being proud Of their Heritage and their future why Can't we do both in the United States Why can't we say listen there's some Things we've done in the past but we are Still the greatest country every country Has sins why does it have to be a binary Option of whether good or we're bad Every country has a history like this That's right and I think that context is Really really important actually right Because you've got to contextualize it's Like my buddy Francis always says what You think the Ottomans were woke yeah You know what I mean right and you know We talk about slavery and stuff it's not Like the British or the Americans in Invented slavery slavery was a universal Institution throughout human history and The British Empire actually ended Slavery it's the first the first time That that really happened right Um you know my ancestors were basically Slaves in the gulags in the middle of The 20th century so we've got to Contextualize our history and say and And you're right though we got to learn From it right we've got to say hold our Hands up we got this wrong because it's

The same on an individual level there's No one in this room who hasn't made Terrible mistakes in their life right But imagine you just focus on that and You never actually tried to get better You never actually tried to look into The future with hope and optimism just And sort of like Naval gazed about how You mess something up a long time ago Doesn't work and also this other point I'm making the book you cannot be held Responsible for the sins of your Ancestors you can only be responsible For things you yourself have done right Right so we got to make sure that in the Modern society we don't make the Mistakes that they made but we can't I Can't be held responsible for something My grandfather did right Um and and so we just we need to have a Healthier view of our societies while Learning the lessons of the past for Sure and how much of is it is this Victim culture monetizable oh meaning There's money in being a victim whether It's reparations whether it's um uh Ubi Whether it's stimulus checks just like The more of a victim mentality you had Ah there's more money uh Dylan Mulvaney I'm a trans guy let me go get a 10 Million contract from Bud Light all Right San Francisco certain places in California handing out five million Checks for California wasn't even a

Slave state like so it's like it's Monetizable victimhood where I don't Know how it works in other countries Like that how much of it is just there's A money play here well the big one isn't To me like you know diddle Mulvaney is An idiot and whatever let him uh crack On with whatever he wants to do but what About the core Pro world where you've Got these people coming in doing d-i-e I Call it die training right for people 20 Grand for an hour seminar telling white People that they're guilty like that What's the value in that what are we Doing how are we improving the world and By the way the all the evidence is down You can look this up all the studies Show diversity inclusion and Equity Training makes people more racist That's great that's true expound upon That please because that's a that's a Major point someone comes in and just Goes oh this is your skin color you must Be bad how does that make you feel right It kind of works like that and look it Up if you want I mean that that's a fact Right the studies are showing that this Ideology being pushed on to people just Makes them more resentful it's not Actually healing and divides in society And that's what I'm about I I'm like Look people especially in America man Like this is a country that people from All over the world come to and they buy

Into one idea one idea this is the American dream we can all have some Things that we share and then we're free To live our lives as much as possible The way we want right why antagonize People against each other I just don't It doesn't make any sense to me well I Don't I don't think that that's anything New though right divide and conquer Art Of War yeah but but the point is what is The outcome I mean is the outcome to Destroy the West well that's been a Vision for a lot of people for a long Time it's not like it's anything new you Know if if you look at it just purely From competitive standpoint you want to Beat the other guy right in the NBA you Know uh they would they would do things And they would say Hey you know that guy Doesn't like you and he did this with This and he did this with your girl to Create a lot of trauma you know before Game that's coming up and then boom they Don't know how to play with each other Game is over right you know this happens In sports this happens in politics There's somebody in the Trump campaign That's leaking information there's Somebody in this campaign that's leaking You keep saying this now nobody trusts Nobody because you'll want to this is a Very effective strategy that's been Around for a very very long time Confucius divide and conquer but for

What is it purely for America to fall And what is at the cost of that the Other day I'm at uh Bermuda three days Ago I'm getting a massage and this lady I said so where are you from she says uh I'm from Hungary so you're from Hungary Yeah I said okay what do you think about This guy George Soros he's from your Country no and she stops she gets angry What the sweetest lady he is Do you know how bad of a man he is he is Evil tell me you don't like him so I'm Like well I don't know much about now I'm just kind of playing along I'm Trying to find out yeah why is he evil What did he do to you do you know what He did when he was 14 years old he was Helping the Nazis and he said it was Okay now she's feeding me all this stuff Right but what is the outcome is the Outcome just to destroy America and if Yes who wins because some of the people That are destroying America are not from The outside they're destroying from the Inside and they're living here Bingo and This is what I was gonna say I don't Know if you guys are familiar familiar With Yuri besmanov this is a KGB course Yes absolutely so this is the point that He made you cannot destabilize a society That doesn't want to destabilize itself Right and this is my point let other People try to indoctrinate Americans Into this way of thinking but if we have

A strong immune system it's like a virus You're gonna be fine right so that's why You got to teach people yes these are The things that happen in our history Let that's how we and now we got over it Now we don't have slavery now we don't We we of the least racist places in the West in the history of the world we're Working to get better all the time That's why we should be proud of Ourselves right if we can do that it Doesn't matter what anyone else is Trying to do I mean you said it yourself America and the West together the Greatest civilization in the history of The world right and if if we want to Maintain that we've got to be Comfortable with being the most powerful And the greatest civilization in the History of the world so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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